Contemporary vs. Modern Sofa Design: What’s the Difference?

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    Architecture, interior design, and furniture all go through trends and style periods; to a certain extent, they are similar to fashion, but they do not experience such frequent changes. When we talk about modern interior design, we are talking about a period that is already in the past, but which can still be seen and experienced because of its lasting influence. Contemporary design is always in the present and in the near future; one example would be office cubicles with plexiglass partitions designed to prevent contagion during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

    Modern contemporary interior design is a style that recognizes trends that were prevalent from the end of World War I until the late 1970s; in other words, modern design is now historical, but it is still deeply influential for various reasons.

    Modern Contemporary Design

    At Sofa Dreams, our furniture pieces follow the school of modern contemporary design, which stresses function over form while stressing the importance of aesthetics. A crucial principle of modern design, which is often referred to as mid-century style, is that everything should have a purpose; for example, a large sectional sofa that replaces the traditional couch, love seat, and armchair living room set actually takes up less space and can seat more people.

    When you look at modern interior design applied to a living room, you see that it is more comfortable and makes more sense than a Victorian parlor. Modern design has been upgraded through the decades with contemporary elements to make it more convenient, comfortable, and attractive; this is what we know as modern contemporary design, and it is the style we like to work with at Sofa Dreams.

    Here are three examples of modern contemporary style in our furniture pieces:

    Bedroom Set Verona

    This premium bedroom set is handcrafted by skilled furniture makers in Portugal, and it combines natural wood materials with highly durable German hardware. The design lines are clean and simple, but the overall effect is geometrically stylish.

    Big Sofa Couch Concept

    The futuristic design of this furniture piece makes it look as if it belongs in the lobby of a space tourism agency. This is a modular sofa in a half circular shape where people can seat very comfortably and hold conversations without having to turn their heads. As one of our most striking pieces, the Big Sofa Couch includes LED lighting to set a decorative mood.

    Charlotte U-Shape Sectional Sofa

    The fine Chesterfield upholstery of this stylish sofa features premium leather and LED lighting for the ultimate in style and comfort.

    Learn More About Modern Contemporary Furniture

    Please feel free to browse through our catalog of modern contemporary furniture and let us know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to check out our Sofa Design Studio app, which lets you see how our designs will look in your home or office through the magic of augmented reality.

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