5 Elements of Modern Furniture Design

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    Modern furniture design is striking more than anything else. You want to be able to look at a piece of furniture and place its design lineage even if you might not know the provenance of the piece.

    Specialists from Sofa Dreams are always following the latest trends and came up with this list of elements for those attempting to adhere to a modern design ethos.


    1. Negative Space

    You might not think that a lack of material could be a feature, but negative space is one of the elements most emphasized by modern designers. Form, as Louis H. Sullivan put it, should follow function. Any unnecessary shapes are taking up more room than they need to and therefore things like rigid lines are being phased out in favor of curves and rounded edges. Take one look at the San Antonio U-shaped sectional and you’ll see this in practice with its variety of curved lines and lack of visual detail. That makes it an excellent choice for those who want to avoid appearing dated.

    2. The Ability to Blend In

    Chances are that you saw this subheading and thought to yourself that blending into the background goes against a striking appearance and the idea of standing out. However, a truly great piece of modern furniture is going to stand out because of the fact that it fits in so well with its surroundings rather than in spite of that fact. Well-designed furniture is made to be functional first and attractive second, so people will always recognize what it’s there to do.

    3. Removal of Ornamentation

    Considering how many different pieces of modern furniture, like the Detroit sectional sofa, have attractive LED lighting it can be hard to grasp the fact that removing ornamentation is actually very important to those who are promoting modern furniture. By reducing everything that’s unnecessary, modern pieces are able to never go out of style.

    4. Size & Space

    Bigger may not always be better, but it’s certainly impressive. Interior designers are increasingly focused on the size of spaces and how they’re used. That’s why you see such large sectionals like the big version of the Chicago series. Designers appreciate their ability to turn unused floor locations into something practical by giving people the option of turning them directly into seating areas.

    5. Integration Features

    Whether you pair a piece of furniture with a matching coffee table or a USB-equipped nightstand, the fact that you’re able to pair it with something is of special importance. By ensuring that every piece of furniture goes together, modern interior designers have been able to avoid the eclectic look that people end up with when they use mismatched sets or otherwise don’t assemble their pieces in any logical way. Once again, this reduces the risk of furniture later ending up as dated-looking.

    Our team is always doing their best to keep up with developments, so make sure to contact us online for more information about modern furniture.

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