5 Living Room Furniture Trends (2021)

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    Perhaps the single biggest trend in the living room furniture industry today isn’t really a trend at all. Rather, it’s the continued push for a greater level of customization, which means that everyone’s furniture can look rather different. These are the five living room furniture trends in 2021. 

    If you’re at all even remotely interested in ultramodern European influenced furniture, then you’re going to want to consider a rather unique set of colors. Even other material can stand out.

    Decorative Trends For Your Home

    1. Sturdy Wall Units

    One look at the Aruba wall unit is enough to showcase the fact that these sturdy pieces of furniture are quickly replacing the dated entertainment center. If you still have a simulated wood grain stand for your media center, then 2021 is the year to finally make an upgrade.

    2. LED Lighting Options

    While some form of LED lighting has been a theme in terms of ultramodern European influenced furniture, it’s really going to take off on it’s own in the next year. Additional color choices and the ability to change them at will has helped to bring even those who might otherwise have been reluctant to invest in them over to the side of LED lighting. A futuristic couch with this built-in is a perfect choice for those who want a genuinely modern piece of furniture.

    3. Matching Coffee Tables

    As if these sofas weren’t already futuristic enough, you can find entire sets of coffee tables that feature leather or fabric designs much like the couches themselves. These have really started to take off, yet their color choice options ensure that anyone who invests in them would be able to get something that looks quite unique. There’s also choices like the glass top Chicago table, which are different enough that they defy definition.

    4. Extra Large Sectionals

    Gainesville XL sectional owners are well aware of the fact that their preferred piece of furniture is large enough to become the focus of a room by itself. This sectional, along with the many other extra large pieces like it, are sure to become a focus of many rooms in the next year or so.

    5. Using the Living Room as an Office

    While this might not seem like an independent furniture trend by itself, more and more people are working from home than ever before. That means that they’re going to be using their couches as a workspace.

    Furniture designers are starting to really step up the way that they design pieces as a result. Futuristic choices are every bit as comfortable as they are great looking. Those who may find themselves working or studying from home may want to consider a collection like the 3-2-1 Houston couch set so they can be sure there’s always enough seating to go around.

    Follow Interior Design Trends With Sofa Dreams

    Take a look at some of the other sectional sofas and couches we’ve come across at Sofa Dreams. You’ll find a contemporary furniture trend on the market today that you really like.

    Those who want a few more ideas for their living room can always feel free to contact us online today. When you spend more time at home, you want to update your color schemes.

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