Sofa Feng Shui - Where to place your living room couch

Sofa Feng Shui: Where To Place Your Living Room Couch

Traditionally, people have always been comfortable with their living room couches placed in the middle of the area where they are sitting. That being said, there are some Feng Shui techniques to look out for.

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Top 5 Best Modern Conversation Sofas for Luxury Style Homes

Top 5 Modern Conversation Sofas For Luxury Style Homes

Most luxury style homes decorate their living rooms with sofas that match the interior style of their house. Here are some of the best modern conversation sofas to serve as a focal point for your living room.

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What is a conversation sofa?

What is a Conversation Sofa?

If you have to ask, that means you haven’t seen one. Conversation sofas are perfect for the engagement of social interaction in the center of your living room. But there’s even more to it.

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How To Clean a Black Leather Sofa - Maintenance and Stain Removal

How to Clean a Black Leather Sofa: Maintenance and Stain Removal

If the surface of your black leather sofa looks dull, it’s time to spring into action and take some good care of it. Here’s a guide to help you keep your couch looking sleek, without causing any additional wear.

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Replacing your sofa - How long should you wait?

Replacing Your Sofa: How Long Should You Wait?

If your sofa has seen better days, it’s time to upgrade. But, how long should you wait before buying a new one? And what else should you look out for?

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Top 4 Best Sofas with LED Lights (RGB)

4 Best Sofas With LED Lights

LED’s are all the rage these days, and many people are replacing their traditional light bulbs with the new technology. Here are some of the best sofas with LED lights.

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Top 4 Best Modern Luxury Accent Sofas

The 4 Best Modern Luxury Accent Sofas

Whether you’re looking for a modern luxury accent sofa to tie the whole room together, or a couch to add a pop of colour, the four luxury sofas featured in this article are perfect for any home.

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Ultra Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Ultra-Modern Living Room Design Ideas

A living room is the most public space in a house. It makes a statement about the people who live there, and in turn, about who they are as a family. Here are some ultra-modern living room design ideas.

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5 Best Contemporary White Sectional Sofas

5 Best Contemporary White Sectional Sofas of 2021

Contemporary white sectionals are all the rage. Regal, European designs are a breath of fresh air from the colors that are typically found in home design.

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How To Arrange Two Sofas in a Living Room

How to Arrange Two Sofas in a Living Room

Sofas are an important part of living rooms, but they often don’t fit nicely next to each other. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to arrange two sofas in a living room.

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