Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Sets

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    Is your current bed too old? They say that you should change your mattress and other evening accouterments once every 7-10 years, but some people need to do so much more often.

    Unfortunately, this is because many people are using poorer quality bedding that wears out quickly. You can remedy this situation with any of the following high-quality bedroom sets that come with all of the latest features. Also, browse sets that include extra furniture pieces.

    Modern Bedroom Furniture

    1. Novara Leone

    Like all of the bedroom sets from Sofa Dreams, the Novara Leone is made of only the highest-quality hand-selected woods and all of the work is done in the European Union. It’s available as both a complete set or as a standalone bed.

    Use to furnish your larger master bedrooms. The set also provides elegance for smaller houses or condominium complexes. If you want to enjoy a taste of genuine European luxury, then choose this one.

    2. Monza Leone

    Those who like the look of the Novara but wanted something lighter should be more than pleased with the luxurious look of the Monza Leone set. The set comes in both the US king and queen sizes.

    You can even add other pieces to it, which makes it a great option for those that want to completely refinish their entire rooms. If you work in the hospitality industry, you can outfit luxury suites with the latest furniture.

    3. Asti Grey

    Futuristic and formal don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The Asti Grey bedroom set offers all of the curves that you’d expect from a thoroughly ultramodern European bedroom set.

    The look of all the furniture is every bit as good as its fit and finish. These aspects should please those who are looking to invest in durable gear that’s going to last for a very long period of time.

    4. Catania Bedroom

    Whether you prefer lacquer or chrome, the Catania bedroom set has you covered. It features a patented design that’s only available from Sofa Dreams.

    Rest assured that you’ll have a bedroom that’s unique and fashionable. Considering the futuristic yet neutral feel that it exudes, you should find that it fits into almost any type of existing decor without requiring you to change things up too much.

    5. Casoria Grey

    Many European design boutiques have switched over to gray tones. Casoria bedroom sets are no exception, which gives new homeowners a huge advantage. This neutral color will continue to look good for many years. Thus, it will not necessitate future replacement simply to make your home fashionable.

    You’ll never find that it’s gone out of style no matter how long you have it. Best of all, since it’s available in standard sizes you’ll be able to easily replace the mattress in the future.

    Furnish Your Living Room With Offerings From Sofa Dreams

    Sofa Dreams wants you to have furniture that reflects furniture and comforts. From coffee accent tables to couches and sets with comfortable bed frames, we deliver the latest European designs.

    Once you’ve found a set you like, don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced representatives will help you customize your choices so that it fits your master bedroom perfectly no matter what kind of dimensions you happen to be working with.

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