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Dear Customers

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and its worldwide impact, most of our Employees will be working from home. We apologize for any inconvenience and if your call has not been answered please try again. We have outsourced some activities to 3rd party call centers to make sure we will be available for all customers.

We encourage everybody to stay at home and wait until the situation is under control. Our store will remain closed for the public and since you will not be able to visit us, we will be hosting daily live events online on our social media channels to answer questions, give you a tour through our showroom and keep you updated on all things Sofadreams.

We also have implemented new safety procedures to make sure, all of our imported items will be safe to handle and not become a safety issues for our employees and customers that have previously ordered.

Since recent studies showed that the Corona virus will not survive on certain surfaces for more than 3 days, we have added one more week in quarantine for every single item that arrives in our warehouse in addition to the 3 weeks our items already spend traveling to get to the US.

We ask for your understanding if that new safety procedure might delay the shipping of your order by one week.

Furthermore , all our distribution center employees and drivers will take extra precautions and wear face masks and rubber gloves at all time. And will work on small independent teams of 2 to guarantee their safety and the safety of our customers.

Our distribution center will remain open and will continue to ship orders as long as we are permitted to do so. The same goes for our sales department. We have restocked our top selling items and have them available for you. We will offer further discounts to encourage our loyal customers to continue shopping with us.

With the new Sofadreams App you can even put your desired sectional right in your living room Due to the new AR technology you can see how it would look like in different colors or Sizes Test it out ! This is the new way of buying furniture online.

We all can help to stop the virus from spreading. Please stay at home and practice social distancing and let’s close this difficult chapter of our lives as soon as possible. Be responsible and do the right thing. Please stay safe and please stay healthy.

Thank you.