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Leather Sectional Sofas
Leather Sectional Sofas
The hottest modern design leather sectionals and sofas from europe

Modern luxury leather sectional sofas

  1. Leather Sectional Sofa Bel Air L Shape
    With its spacious corner to relax and chill out, the Bel Air leather corner sofa is the latest model from Sofa Dreams. This noble leather sectional sofa is available in different covers and ...
    $5,899.00 $4,699.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  2. Leather Sectional Sofa Bel Air U Shape
    The smaller version of the Bel Air leather sofa is the U shape. Choose the leather cover of your choice from the 3 different cover fabrics and design the sofa in your favorite ...
    $6,299.00 $5,399.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  3. Leather Sectional Sofa Bel Air C Shape
    This large leather sofa leaves nothing to be desired. The Bel Air C shape has 2 relaxation corners and plenty of space for the whole family. You can determine the cover color and the type ...
    $6,899.00 $5,999.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  4. Leather Corner Sofa Palm Beach L Shape
    Leather Corner Sofa Palm Beach L Shape with wireless phone ...
    $5,599.00 $4,499.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  5. Leather Sectional Sofa Palm Beach U Shape
    Leather Secional Sofa Palm Beach U Shape with USB connection and cooling ...
    $5,999.00 $5,099.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  6. XL Leather Sectional Sofa Palm Beach
    XL Leather Sectional Sofa Palm Beach with wireless phone ...
    $6,399.00 $5,499.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  7. Sectional Leather Sofa Hollywood L Shape
    Luxury Sectional Sofa Hollywood L Shape with optional LED and ...
    $5,599.00 $4,499.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  8. Leather Sectional Sofa Hollywood U Shape
    Design Sectional Sofa Hollywood U ...
    $5,999.00 $5,099.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  9. Modern Leather Sofa Hollywood XL
    Modern sectional leather Sofa Hollywood ...
    $6,599.00 $5,499.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  10. Sectional Leather Sofa Reno U Shape
    Multi function sofa with movable backrests and big seat areas. Elegant chrome feets and illuminated corner with ...
    $5,999.00 $5,199.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  11. Fabric Sectional Sofa Reno U Shape
    Multi functional sofa with movable backrests and big seat areas. With elegant chrome feets and storage ...
    $5,999.00 $4,999.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock
  12. XL Leather Sectional Sofa Reno
    Design leather sectional sofa Reno XL with great highlights and optional Smart Space Console. Available in many colors and 3 leather ...
    $6,599.00 $5,699.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
    Out of stock

Modern Leather Sofas and Sectionals from Europe

The best thing about our modern lazy boy armchairs is that you can customize them to your own specific needs. You can place the ottoman on your right or left arm side as you like. During the course of the order, you will be given the following options depending on your sofa model of choice:

  • A range of top-of-the-line leather sofa covers
  • A variety of sizes from loveseat to XL corner sofa
  • A wide array of comfort options (including LED lighting, storage space, adjustable headrests, etc.)
  • A variety of sharp, modern design options

True leather connoisseurs won’t be disappointed in our range of modern leather sectionals. Our sharp leather living area solutions are unique, and they offer a plethora of room for homeowners to play. Fit them into a corner framed by floating shelves, a coffee table, and maybe a plant or two. Or, use the sectional as a room divider, sectioning off a part of the living room as a reading or homework area. The possibilities are endless, and we have an option for any living room decor. Spice things up with an LED lighting addition. Become a master of your living room’s lighting and mood. Amaze your guests by controlling your living room’s range of color, brightness, and lighting pattern, all from the comfort of your new leather couch! Because light switches can only do so much.

Modern Leather Sectional Sofa Style Options

For living rooms that could use the extra seating room but don’t have the open space for a new couch, a simple sectional is a perfect solution for filling in an empty corner. Take a close look at your living room, and see if it can’t use a good sectional upgrade! They come in different sizes of course, from two-seaters to extra large corner units. It all comes down to how many guests you have (and how many guests you want to be ready to accommodate). You can choose among our various leather materials, from genuine leather to premium imitation leather, to a mix of a variety of other materials. In any configuration, our living room furniture solutions are comfortable to lounge in, easy on the eyes, and made to last. They also come with a leather recliner option. Our sectionals feature a combination of clear lines and bowed corners, with adjustable headrests and a state-of-the-art suspension for ultimate relaxation. Find maximum comfort in staying perfectly still for hours on end. You deserve it.

We have corner sofas available in a combination of white and other colors that you can use to box in a homework area. Scatter some plants around the area to liven the air, and have some relaxing music playing to help the young scholar concentrate. In terms of applications, our living room units are fit for all living areas. Whichever format you go with, you can rest assured knowing that these units were built to last. The versatility of our sofas and sectionals will likely come in handy years down the line when a change in format is needed to freshen things up. Find the piece of furniture that will tie your living area together in our collection of modern living room units.

Luxury Sectional Sofas By Sofadreams

Contact us and take advantage of our customizable solutions and start building the living room of your dreams. Your ideal modern corner sofa unit or loveseat will depend entirely on your own living room vision. Perhaps the living room you’re imagining is sharp and oblique, layered with sharp lines and accent colors scattered along a black and white base. A lush black and white three-seater might make the cut as its centerpiece. You could also be decorating a more contemporary, laid back living area that could really use a loveseat for those afternoon naps. Or, perhaps you have a large living area that might be worth sectioning off.

The Top Modern Sectional Leather Sofas For Bachelor Pad

Art brightens up any home, and furniture is its own art form. The perfect furniture is devised with both comfort and beauty in mind, and this is the core value of Sofadreams. So, if you are looking to make your bachelor pad a price of art to be surrounded by, a modern sectional sofa is what you need to start with.

Worried? Well, don’t be because we have some excellent designs that are both modern and comfortable to make your living space heaven.

So, let’s start

White Leather Sectional

Our first category is white leather sectional for a bachelor pad. Why? Well, white is the color of modernity and sophistication combined in one. At SofaDreams, you can get many options to decide from.

Moreover, genuine leather will provide you with more sitting comfort. Our leather is stain-resistant, UV-resistant, and is very helpful for pet owners. Our leather sectional sofas are environment friendly and easy to clean.

Sectional Leather Sofa Abramo White

In this category, this increasingly stylish white leather sectional is our first pick. The beautiful leather white sectional is made up of the finest Italian leather. The glossy design with excellent construction quality makes this beauty even more special. Sure, you can get it customized in any color you like, but our money is on the white.

The sofa features robust hardwood construction with superior quality stainless steel and high density and resilience foam, making it purely a sight to see. With adjustable armrest and headrest, the white leather sectional sofa will provide you with a comfortable environment to enjoy and make a valuable addition to your living room.


Now, when we come to this little beauty, we can quickly see how L shaped sectional leather couch gives you a small version of large sectionals with enough room to stretch your legs.

It is an excellent consideration if you want to have something that has a bit more color. Though you can select from different colors, our pick is this white and black color leather. You can choose the fabric depending on your budget and choice. Few companies provide this facility.

The best part is that you can customize it according to your comfort. You can have all the crucial parts like seats and backrests made in 100% genuine Italian leather, and other parts of the sofa made with the premium eco-leather in matching or different colors. It will save you money and will provide you with a beautifully designed piece.

The armrests on both sides have LED lights, which you can control with the included remote. You can change the color of lights, their intensity, or light patterns using a mobile app or touch wheel remote control. You can also adjust the headrests as per your preferences, both in angle and height.

Modern Leather Sectional

When we talk about modern leather sectional, we talk about something out of the box, just like the following pieces.

Design Sectional Sofa Hollywood U Shape With LED and USB

The best thing about this Modern Sectional Sofa is that you can customize it according to your choice. During your order, you have the following options:

  • A variety of top-quality leather to choose from
  • The collection of comfort options
  • A wide array of sharp, modern color options

It is a bestseller product and offers much space for the bachelors to play, party, and relax. You can place this sofa in its designated corner surrounded by shelves, a coffee table, or plants. Or you can also use the sectional as a divider allowing you to get more out of your living space.

You can choose from five gorgeous colors to revamp your decor. And not to forget the attractive by LED lights, you can control your living room lights and colors and surprise your guests by changing the color, intensity, brightness, and lighting pattern of your lights.

Leather Sectional Sofa Brooklyn U Shape

If you wish to add drama to your bachelor pad, then this leather sectional sofa in red is the piece to have. It is large, futuristic, and colorful and supports amazing looks. You can enjoy sufficient space with comfortable seating with flexible backrests and ample reclining area.

This sectional is significant when it comes to the equipment. It can accommodate a friend's meetup or family gathering. If you order this couch with sleep function, you can get an incredible overnight accommodation. Getting the optional coffee table will seal the deal and complete your space with no designer needed.

You can also customize the leather and color. The LED lights fixed in the sides ensure that this couch is productive in the dark, especially in those party nights. It also supports modern technology. If you want to work in your living area, then simply connect the laptop or mobile to USB ports integrated into the sofa. In this way, you can charge your laptop or mobile without getting up. This leather sectional sofa is how luxury feels.

Leather Sectional Sofa With Chaise

Our next category is sectionals with chaise because we know how important they are for a bachelor pad.

Leather Sectional Sofa Nashville L Shaped

This L-shaped leather sectional sofa with chaise is simply an outstanding product by Sofadreams. The sofa is extremely comfortable, has a modern design, and is suitable even in smaller places. It is an excellent choice for relaxing between work and having meetups with friends. The built-in LED light makes it unique and fun for parties and night use.

The sofa also has USB ports so that you can charge your mobile and other electronic devices while sitting on the couch. The adjustable headrest makes this leather sectional sofa with chaise extra comforting.

It also comes in different sizes to give you more options, and you can use its little storage spaces to keep all your essentials nearby or use them for décor. The beautiful yet functional sectional is made from solid hardwood and high density and resilient form to make it last for years.

Moreover, if you are looking for a small sofa sectional with chaise, this might be it for you.

Leather Sectional Sofa Palm Beach U Shape

If you wish to have a bigger sofa with chaise, then this U shaped leather sectional with chaise is our pick for you. This couch has a very glossy latest design and offers sufficient space for family and friends to enjoy their hangout.

Technology is the most prominent feature of this leather sectional with chaise. First, it keeps your drinks cool. What? Yes, it does with it’s integrated cooling cupholders. So, its party or you just don't want to get up while enjoying a chat session or a movie; it has got you covered.

Secondly, you have a wireless integrated charger (optional) to charge your phone in no time if it supports wireless charging. If it does not, you can easily charge your phone and devices with one of the many USB ports integrated into this smart sofa.

Now, when it comes to comfort, it headrests support multiple functions while you get to relax with its ample reclining area. You can dazzle your company with multicolored LED lights, and sleek shelves on its sides give you a great place to put your remote or books here.

Modern Leather Sofa

Some people think that you cannot combine modern and leather into one product, but they are wrong because SofaDreams have plenty of them. SofaDreams have different choices from a two-seater to extra-large leather sofas. You can select according to your preference.

Leather Sofa San Diego with LED

This one here is a beauty when it comes to a modern leather sofa. This sofa is the best option for you if you do not have much space for a big sectional in your living room. Available in five different colors, the sofa has it all from ample reclining area to dramatic multi-color LED lights to several storage spaces to the adjustable headrest and not to forget the chaise.

Two people can easily sleep on this leather modern sofa because in any condition, our furniture is comfortable to use, pleasing to the eyes and have a lasting life span. Thanks to the premium materials including superior quality leather, solid hardwood frame and high density and high resilience foam, the beautiful modern leather sofa checks all the boxes.

So, you can rest assured that this sofa will provide you with perfect comfort and will stay in use for many years to come.

Design Leather Sofa San Francisco U shape

Now coming to this modern leather sofa, you can enjoy many charming features like a USB port to charge your mobile or laptop and attractive LED lights. You can change the color, brightness, and intensity of these lights using a mobile app or Touch Wheel remote control.

It has an adaptable headrest, and you can modify them in height and angle so that so can have a perfect head position. It also has a high gloss shelf fixed in the armrest. So, you can place your drinks on the armrest.

Besides having numerous storage places in the armrest, it also offers sufficient space for books and magazines. This modern leather sectional sofa has high-quality leather and robust hardwood inner frame, and it is one of the latest products of SofaDreams.

White Sectional Sofa

Getting a high-quality white sofa sectional may be challenging for many but not with SofaDreams. Why? The company has plenty of beautiful white sectional sofas. Check out the below options.

Leather sectional sofa Frederico

looking to make your living space enchanting? Here you go, the beautiful and elegant white sofa sectional is surely inspiring. Featuring premium white Italian grain leather and solid hardwood frame, the sofa supports the ultra-contemporary looks and comfort with its contrasting bold gunmetal grey legs.

The statement sofa has two adjustable arms with three adjustable headrests to provide extra comfort with seat crafted from high resilience and foam supported by sinuous springs.

Premium leather sectional Arturo

Sofadreams are proud to have introduced the Arturo Premium Leather Sectional sofa. It is made from the thick premium grain Italian leather. The white sofa sectional combines the comfort and modern aesthetic in one.

Apart from the adjustable ratchet headrests, the legs and armrest are featured in chrome for a sleek and glossy look and will ensure that your investment is safe for years to come.

With a plentiful seating area, solid hardwood frame, and comfortable seating cushions made of premium quality foam, this white leather sectional sofa makes sure that your guests compliment your living space for the elegance and quality the sofa brings.

Last but not least, if you are decorating your bachelor pad, then you must consider Sofadreams. We offer modern furniture so that you can relax in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. These styles are the latest, ultra-modern, and minimal that looks very elegant.