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Leather Armchairs
Leather Armchairs
Modern leather lounge chairs built to last

Modern Leather Armchairs

  1. Leather Armchair Orlando with Relax Function
    Absolutely comfortable and a real eye-catcher is our armchair Orlando which is available in Italian leather and buffalo leather. The recliner armchair can be ordered with relaxation ...
    $2,699.00 $1,699.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
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  2. Leather Armchair Atlanta with LED Lights
    Modern Leather Armchair Atlanta with LED ...
    $2,699.00 $1,699.00
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
  3. Leather Theatre Seat Relax
    Theatre armchair in leather with cooling cup holders and electric relax ...
    Delivery Time: 10-14 weeks
    Financing possible with (Select at Checkout)
  4. 5 Year Gold Plus Protection Plan

    Protect your new SofaDreams furniture against household ...

    Delivery Time: Instant
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  5. Inside Service
    White glove service includes the in-home ...
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Leather Armchairs

When you’re choosing what kind of furniture to include in your home or business, it can be easy to get caught up in interior design. What’s trendy now may not be the case next year or even a few months from now. When planning furniture, it’s important to choose pieces that are timeless or bold enough to stand the test of time.

That’s exactly what these leather armchairs from Sofadreams do. They have a bold design from Europe that completely transcends interior design. It draws from a little bit of all different design trends. You have the sleekness of modernity, the geometric angles of mid-century revival, the bold color choice of retro, and even your choice of the gold of vintage or the muted colors of rustic chic.

Not only does this mean that the armchairs are timeless, but it also means that they can be easily matched with the aesthetic of the room that you’re placing it in. For many individuals, choosing furniture can be difficult because you can’t always fit it into the aesthetic that has already been established in the room. Yet at Sofadream, we offer armchairs made of leather that are customizable just enough to ensure that it flows well with the rest of your room.

Designing for Life-long, Iconic Pieces

One of the models that you might want to include in either your home or business is the Atlanta model armchair. This is a perfect example of Sofadream’s ability to match different interior trends with one another. You can easily spot the sleek design that runs along the base of the armchair.

Yet it also offers the hard angles from the geometric interior trend. This is primarily spotted with its use of the hard-angled headrest that is often an offset of color in the different color selections. The Atlanta model also comes with a shelf that rests behind a transparent wall.

This makes the shelf function as both a storage unit but also as a display case.

Another armchair that you cannot be without if you happen to have a theater room in your home is this pair of theater seats. Again, the rich leather makes the seat incredibly comfortable. It has leather padded strips that run along the back and top to ensure that your back is supported no matter how low you recline.

This pair of theater seats also have incredibly cool LED light functionality that rests just under the armrests. Not only does this allow you to see the floor in the event that you need to leave the room while the movie is running, but it also makes for a great showcase before and after the movie.

Statement Furniture Pieces For Life

With SofaDreams you can always be certain that we present not only “European inspired designs”, we actually present authentic European Designs – made in Germany – manufactured under highly controlled quality standards. Because we strongly believe that details like this make a big difference when it comes to the quality, comfort, and longevity of your furniture and the satisfaction of our customers.

It’s easy to impress your family, friends, and clients with these armchairs from Sofadream. Contact us today to see what other armchairs we offer and the numerous customization options that you can enjoy when selecting your new favorite armchair with us.