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  • Large Sectional Sofas for Small Living Spaces

    Four Modern Sectional Sofa Design Inspiration Ideas

    Small home and apartment dwellers often think that they don’t have the option of enjoying luxury. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, since there are a number of large sectional sofas that should fit perfectly into their current living arrangements. At SofaDreams, we’ve worked to bring in authentic European-inspired furniture that’s actually made to EU specifications, which means once you do find a piece that fits you won’t have to worry about it wearing out at any point soon either.

    Larger Sectionals for Smaller Places

    Just take a few minutes to jot down the dimensions of the space that you’re willing to fill. You might want to make a small allowance in one direction or another. Once you have the dimensions down, you’ll be ready to shop.

    Las Vegas U-shaped Fabric Sectional

    With a beechwood frame and modern chrome feet, the Las Vegas U-shaped fabric sectional is an excellently stable piece of furniture that has a 95.6-inch footprint on one side. While that makes it quite large, it also means that it isn’t impossible to fit into a small area. Those who want to use their floor space in the most efficient way possible will appreciate this design feature. They could move a Las Vegas sectional sofa into their room and then take advantage of the optional features like dual USB ports and a storage compartment. That makes it even more efficient when dealing with a relatively cramped living arrangement.

    Charlotte Fabric Sectional Sofa

    Those who want to enjoy a wraparound experience complete with an optional ottoman in between it all might find that the Charlotte fits their rooms perfectly. Say you live in a loft or condo that doesn’t allow you to have much in the way of furniture. This is an excellent choice for that sort of scenario since you’re free to use it in multiple different types of circumstances. Many people might love to take a casual nap on the sofa while also using it for television viewing and even entertaining. In a way, that means the Charlotte could replace a number of other pieces of furniture you currently have taking up room.

    Jacksonville Leather Design Sectional

    Imagine that you live in some kind of apartment where you were only allowed one piece of living room furniture to sit on. If that piece was a Jacksonville sectional covered with genuine commercial-grade leather, then you wouldn’t have to worry about the fact that you don’t have a love seat or any other piece of furniture to work with. Guests can recline on the Jacksonville and you can even relax on the integrated curved chaise lounge that’s included with it built right in.

    Finding a Large Sectional Sofa that’s Right for Your Living Space

    Once you’ve found a piece that fits your floor plan, all you have to do is contact us online to get the ball rolling. There are many additional options available even if you happen to be dealing with a relatively small living space, so our experienced sales team should be able to help you find the sectional of your dreams without any difficulty.

  • Best Quality Leather Sectional Sofas Available Online

    One of the biggest decisions when redoing your living space is the choice of furniture you plan on putting in a new room. Fortunately, SofaDreams has an entire collection of European-inspired ultramodern pieces for you to pick from. Take a few moments to write down the dimensions of the area you want to fill and then you’ll be ready for the best sofa you’ve ever used for relaxing or hosting.

    Leather Sectionals To Relax On

    If you’re looking to change out any of the furniture in your living room, then check out any of the following pieces. The reason that the quality is so high is because all of our pieces are genuinely made to European Union-standards, which requires them to fulfill a number of requirements. As a result, you can be sure your new quality leather sectional sofa will last for quite some time.

    In most cases, you won’t have to worry about sagging or any of the other problems many people associate with sectionals as long as you care for your piece and treat it with love.

    Luxury San Antonio U-shaped Sectional Sofa

    Those who want a truly updated experience that’s not going to sacrifice anything in the way of comfort will certainly enjoy the San Antonio model. It boasts a dynamic design that brings energy to any room.

    The San Antonio sofa features high-quality spring core upholstery that offers you a large lying surface. Such a feature makes the sofa an ideal match for anyone who wants something that they can relax on even if they have company.

    Jacksonville L-shaped Luxury Sectional

    Since the Jacksonville sectional is such a flexible and customizable piece of furniture, you can be sure yours won’t look like sofas that your friends have. It is designed to impress, making your living room great for hosting.

    On top of comfort, it offers you a number of smart modern design features like storage compartments and integrated LED lights located in both armrests. The addition of USB ports makes the piece of furniture all that much easier to work with at night or for entertainment.

    Denver Leather XL-Sized Sofa

    Those who dwell in smaller living rooms might think that they don’t have much room. There are a number of creative ways that you could fit XL-sized sectionals into them depending on your floor plan. The Denver is one such option.

    Those who might have a large amount of room to cover will, on the other hand, certainly want to consider one of these so they can take full advantage of great features like the adjustable headrests and the polished decorative panels.

    New York Luxury Sectional Sofa

    Interior designers have sometimes looked to apartments in the city of New York for inspiration on how to drastically redesign their furniture. They want to take advantage of smaller spaces. The New York sectional been sized up from these designs to XL levels.

    Nevertheless, it still incorporates many of the unique features that have come around because of these size restrictions. For instance, the layout of the piece of furniture as well as its curvy armrests are rather unique and should please anyone who has been on the lookout for something very different.

    Find Your Ideal Leather Sofa At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams is ready to provide furniture that matches your home decor. See which sofa beds are perfect for your guest room, or which will make interior design pop. You can get real leather within a sleeper sofa.

    When you’ve found some furniture you’ve really fallen in love with, make sure to contact us online with our form. Then we can help you get the perfect piece to go with your seat cushions.

  • 5 Most Comfortable Modern Leather Sectional Sofas With Recliners

    Curtsey of Sofadreams

    Take a moment to picture a different sofa right in the middle of your living room. Wouldn’t you like something that’s got modern styling and features with the comfort you’d expect from a vintage piece? Fortunately, there’s a way you can have both in a single package.

    SofaDreams brings authentic European-inspired furniture to the market that’s actually made to adhere to all relevant EU specifications. That means it’ll last longer and continue to provide a comfortable experience for its full lifespan. Best of all, these five modern leather sectionals are so trendy-looking that they won’t end up looking dated no matter how long you decide to keep them.

    Contemporary Designs For Your Sectional Sofas

    1. Ajax Italian Top Grain Leather Sofa

    Along with the power reclining feature, these Ajax couches feature three adjustable headrests that provide an even greater level of comfort. The leather covering is provided on an all around basis. You won’t find any splits, which helps to improve the durability and ensures you won’t catch on anything. Underneath it all is a solid hardwood frame that supports resilient foam and sinuous springs for an unparalleled reclining experience.

    2. Pisa Sofa Recliner

    With its visually clean lines and generous seats, the Pisa gives the feeling of a very large couch that can fit in a relatively tight space. It’s an iconic sectional that’s built around modular design themes, so you can fit it into almost any type of environment then proceed to pair it with an eclectic mix of other furniture choices. It comes as a six piece sectional that offers homeowners a convenient pair of cup holders as well as a console and a plush corner cushion.

    3. Adoni Motion Recliner Sofa

    When you first take a look at the Adoni, you’ll notice its eye-catching design and genuine Italian leather covering. What you won’t see, however, is the powerful solid hardwood inner frame along with high-density foam that’s underneath. Those features ensure that this couch isn’t going to sag, which is great news for those who plan on entertaining on a regular basis.

    4. Alba Reclining Sofa

    Some people want a solid hardwood couch with spongy seat cushions, but they don’t have the space for it. That’s where the Alba motion recliner sofa comes into play. It’s a premium leather sectional that’s a smaller version of the original Agata, thus it’s able to fit into a wider variety of situations while still providing a set of three different adjustable headrests and all the features you’d expect from a powered recliner.

    5. Marcus 3-seater Motion Recliner

    By combining durable solid wood construction with premium thick Italian leather, the Marcus is an example of what you can do when you want to pay attention to every single detail. Unusual design features like the lightly tufted arm accent pieces and the low-profile silhouette are all supposed to help put a modern twist on a very classic looking design. Best of all, it features high quality stitching on all joints.

    Add Stylish Sectional Features From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we want to create lavish living spaces with the right furniture. We have modern shaped sectionals meant to fit any room, drawn from newest European designs.

    Once you’ve checked out these sofas, make sure to contact us online. Let us know more about what types of ultramodern European furniture you’d like to see in your home today. From large to small spaces, SofaDreams has you covered.

  • Modern Family Room Sofa Ideas, Designs, and Inspiration

    Leather Sectional Sofa Nashville U Shaped

    Interior design trends are very dynamic; they can come and go on a whim, but they also go through cycles. In North America, for example, kitchens became the focal point of interior design from the late 1990s until about 2015, but this trend has shifted towards family rooms, media rooms, and home theaters in recent years.

    Modern Designs and Technology Integration

    What we are seeing in 2020 is greater attention being placed on sofas as centerpieces of living spaces. The inspiration is coming from retro-futuristic design as well as stylish hardware devices. Homeowners want luxury, comfort, and technology; these are the three principles that guide the furniture design team at Sofa Dreams.

    Leather Sectional Sofas

    Sectional and modular furniture has been around since the 1960s; it was originally designed to match the sensibility of the nascent modular building boom in Europe, and it remained very popular around the world until the late 1980s. Sofa Dreams has augmented the functionality of sectional sofas with luxury and technology. Our Chicago and Hollywood sofa models are inspired by decorative gaming PC cases, and they feature LED lighting designs as well as USB ports to charge mobile and portable devices.

    Recamiere Big Sofa Concept XL

    This modular and dynamic piece of furniture has a large LED decorative module complete with adjustable mood lighting. If your idea of interior design involves making a bold statement, this concept sofa will not disappoint, particularly if you choose a red leather version. You know how most interior design projects start with choosing paint colors? With this elegant piece of furniture, you will want to design the living space around it.

    Traditional Fabric Sofas

    Homeowners who appreciate classic styling will love our Severo Italian fabric sectional sofa. You really cannot go wrong with this sofa in your living room, especially if your idea of interior design is more aligned with the Victorian and Renaissance styles. The Severo does not feature technology integration; it really does not need it because its gorgeous looks are enough. This is a sofa that begs to be accented with the right carpet, tables, curtains, drapes, throw pillows, lamps, and room decorations.

    Contact Sofa Dreams for More Interior Design Ideas

    As a furniture design studio, Sofa Dreams is always eager to help clients choose the best solution for their living spaces. Whether you need sofas for a living room, home theater, media room, or corporate lobby, we can make your design dreams come true. We invite you to install our Sofa Design Studio App for iOS and Android devices; this is an augmented reality design tool that lets you see how out sofas will look in your living spaces. Should you have any questions about our furniture pieces, our design philosophy, warranties, or financing options, please feel free to get in touch with our office today.

  • Fabric Sofas vs Leather Sofas: Pros & Cons

    Charlotte Luxury Furniture

    Interior designers know that a single piece of furniture can define an entire living space, and this is particularly the case with larger sofas and sectionals. A sofa can either “make or break” the living room or office where it is placed, which is why you should think carefully about its various characteristics from size to style and from color to material.

    Choosing Between Fabric and Leather Sofas

    The deciding factors in terms of sofa surface material boil down to purpose, budget, who will actually be lounging on the surface, the overall interior design concept, and personal preference. Let’s get the monetary factor out of the way now: High-quality leather cured in the regions along the Mediterranean will always be more expensive than the majority of sofa fabrics, and this has a lot to do with specialized cattle raising as well as the handcrafting processes.

    Pros and Cons of Leather Sofas

    The most luxurious pieces of living room furniture are invariably made with leather. This is a tradition that dates back several centuries, and it is heavily centered on the Italian leather industry. At Sofa Dreams, most of our sofas are made with leathers because we are a luxury furniture design studio, but there is also the matter of durability. With occasional maintenance and by keeping sharp objects away, a leather sofa can last you a lifetime, and this is why we can issue extended warranties to our leather furniture pieces.

    With regard to thermal comfort, leather is known to absorb warmth; this mostly happens when the interior room temperature rises to uncomfortable levels. The only other disadvantage of a leather sofa is related to the cost of total upholstery, which can be costly when it involves very large sections.

    Pros and Cons of Fabric Sofas

    You actually have more material choices with fabric sofas, especially if you are looking for patterns and prints. Many fabric sofas will remain cool to the touch even in hot climates, but not all materials. Some fine fabrics feel great to the touch, and most will be softer than leather.

    The problem with fabric sofas is that they will stain more easily than leather even if they are treated with specialized coatings. Fabric is less resistant than leather, thus increasing the potential of having to reupholster more often than desired. When it comes to durability, fabric will always be more fragile than leather.

    Fabric and Leather Sofas from Sofa Dreams

    Since 2006, Sofa Dreams has been designing and manufacturing quality furniture pieces for luxurious living spaces. Over the years, we have grown from a boutique furniture design studio in Germany to an international company that distributes products across Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Should you have any questions about our sofas and furniture collections, please feel free to contact our office. When you are in the South Florida region, you can come visit our design center not far from the beach.

  • 5 Best Modern Curved Leather Sectional Sofas

    Curved Contemporary Sofa Buying Guide

    When it comes to your living room or home theater, you might say that your sectional is the most important piece of furniture because it’s the most functional. You’re going to need somewhere for everyone to sit down and enjoy the ambiance you’ve worked on setting up with the rest of the room.

    As a result, you’ll want to consider some authentic European-inspired pieces from SofaDreams when you redo or remodel your surroundings. See what will serve as ideal living room furniture.

    Ultra Modern Curved Sectionals Made from Leather

    While you shop, keep an open mind because you never know when something might just click. For instance, take a look at these following designs.

    1. Charlotte XL-sized Leather Sectional

    Interior designers who want to fit a healthy amount of straight lines as will as curves into their surroundings will certainly want to look into the Charlotte design, which is curved along the back but offers a straight elongated area and optional bed function. You’re free to include an integrated ottoman, which gives the design an even bigger dose of curves along with a comfortable place to fit your feet in the process.

    2. Boston U-Shaped XL-sized Sectional

    While it still features some straight lines as well as adjustable headrests, the Boston sectional is even more curved in many ways and offered in a choice of colors that helps to further accent this unique design decision. Homeowners can order it covered with commercial grade ultra leather or premium genuine or top grain styles depending on their personal preferences. That makes it an especially attractive option for those who are trying to drastically upgrade their furniture and want to make sure that they’re only getting the highest quality materials on the market.

    3. Concept Leather Couch

    While it’s technically not a sectional, you’re not going to find a curvier design than the Concept leather couch. It’s almost a half circle, which makes it every bit as visually striking as it does useful. You can opt for one of several different colors, so you’ll have the freedom of pairing this piece with almost any other bit of furniture you can find for it. You might want to consider investing in a leather coffee table to pair it with, for instance.

    4. Modular Concept C-Shape Sofa

    Those who are looking for a modular sectional that includes such features as stylish MDF shelving units and LED lighting in the armrests should certainly look into this model, which is offered in genuine Italian leather as well as other options. It’s curved around a central focal point, which should certainly help to draw visitors’ eyes to the middle of your room. You may want to consider it if you do a great deal of entertaining, since it’s perfect for playing host to multiple guests.

    5. Cesar Motion Recliner Sofa

    From its Italian top grain leather upholstery to its reclining motion, the Cesar is an interesting piece that offers a number of features without sacrificing anything in the way of classic visuals in the process. It looks like a traditional sectional piece, but it still has everything you’d expect from an ultramodern piece of furniture on top of an authentic oak frame.

    Select Your Ideal Home Decor From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, our sectional couches and sofa sets are designed to impress. Match high-quality leather with coffee tables and hardwood frames.

    When you’ve found a piece you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to contact us online. Tell us more about the furniture you want to match your interior design.

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  • 4 Best Modern Sectional Reclining Sofas for Home Theater Seating


    Did you finally put in the home theater system of your dreams? Many people have to satisfy themselves with nothing more than planning for years before they have the chance to finally put in a real home theater. Then they have to think about cup holders and seating to go with movie nights.

    At Sofadreams, our representatives do everything they can to help ensure that people get the kind of seating to really make this a special experience. Check out the following ideas and think about which one might fit your home theater the best.

    Modern Sectionals For Theater Seating

    1. Motion Recliner Marcus 3 Seater

    If you want something that looks and feels like an actual high-end cinema seat, then you’ll want to try out this Italian recliner. It offers two reclining seats that come with a dual motor recliner, and could easily be run in tandem like a traditional sectional to add additional seating to a home theater room. Best of all, the color of its premium top grade leather will look great even when your theater equipment is off and you’re just leaning back with a book.

    2. Maggio Motion Recliner Sofa Set

    Something of a hybrid, the Maggio is both like a sofa set and a more typical sectional so you can get the best of both worlds out of this very unique piece. Due to its shape, you can easily position it around a screen or stereo system for the best movie viewing experience. It’s even reasonably easy to clean in the event that someone gets frightened during a horror flick and spills all of their popcorn.

    3. Michele Motion Recliner Sectional

    Condominium and apartment dwellers were told for years that they couldn’t have a dedicated home theater because of the size of the layout of their domiciles. The Michele motion recliner sectional along with its attached ottoman put pay to this idea and give anyone the option of installing a great theater room. Those who live in studios will find that it doubles as an everyday piece of furniture while still boasting the kind of ultramodern flair they prefer. Each of the seat cushions on this couch is made with high-density resilient foam that’s supported by strong springs.

    4. Aurelio Recliner Sofa Set

    Crafted out of genuine microfiber fabric in a gorgeous chalk color, the Aurelio offers durable stainless steel legs that come in a matte grey finish along with no less than three different adjustable headrests that are there to maximize comfort even when you’re sitting through a double feature. Since it offers a wall-hugging power recliner design, you can have it set up against a wall and still be able to recline without much in the way of difficulty.

    Arrange Modern Seats for You Home Theater With Sofadreams

    SofaDreams believes in creating an ideal relaxing atmosphere with sectional seating in your media room. Planning a home theater can be rather difficult since you have to position seats in just the right way for your guests to enjoy the screen as well as the stereo or surround sound system you’ve installed.

    Get in touch with us by using our online contact form and our seasoned representatives will make sure to get you the kind of couch you need to enjoy your home theater. Let us refine storage consoles to add a nice touch and European flair.

  • How To Condition Your Leather Couch

    Massimo Contemporary Recliner Sofa

    Some people say that buying a fine piece of furniture is like buying a super exotic sports car. European-inspired couches that are actually made overseas deserve a certain level of care so that they can stay neat and clean for years to come. That being said, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t need to put nearly as much work into the process as many people think.

    We asked the experts at Sofadreams for their favorite leather couch conditioning tips.

    Conditioning Steps For A Leather Couch

    Perhaps the easiest way to keep your couch in great condition is to clean it off periodically. Make sure to keep your leather nice and free from debris. If you ever have to clean it, then you’ll want to first possibly use a vacuum cleaner with a relatively gentle brush attachment to get rid of any crumbs or other buildup that’s gotten on it from all the time you’ve had fun with it.

    Commercial leather conditioner can be applied on a regular basis, as long as the leather surface itself is clean. Some homeowners like to use this once a week or so, depending on the level of humidity in their home as well as how much they sit on their couch. Use the product only as directed and make sure to never apply more conditioner than is recommended. You could end up with a weird or greasy texture in this manner that you don’t want to have to mess with.

    Eventually, you may have to clean your couch more intensely due to a variety of reasons. If this is the case, then things shouldn’t be too much harder.

    Cleaning An Ultramodern Leather Couch

    Water and leather couches aren’t normally the best of friends, so only ever use distilled water if you have to in order to keep the surface clean. A neutral pH cleaner is recommended if you have to use one, though in many cases you can get any caked-on debris off with a simple microfiber cloth. Immediately clean spills with this or another type of dry cloth to prevent any damage.

    Of course, a better option might be to position a place for people to set down their drinks that aren’t immediately attached to their seats. Some couches come with integrated cup holders while other homeowners would prefer a nice coffee table in order to prevent any unfortunate spills.

    Keep in mind that leather care instructions are ever so different depending on the type of couch you’re working with. Sofadreams provides couches in three different styles:

    • Commercial-grade Ultra Leather
    • Premium Genuine Leather
    • Premium Top Grain Leather

    Each of these will have slightly different requirements, but they shouldn’t be too difficult to keep looking sharp once you get into the simplest routines.

    Learn About Leather Couch Conditioning From Sofadreams

    SofaDreams wants to deliver luxury leather furniture to your doorstep. We want to ensure that the pieces you get from us will handle grease stains and potentially damaging heat sources.

    If you have any more questions about the best way to care for your new leather couch, then don’t hesitate to contact us with our online form. Our experienced representatives will be happy to give you pointers and help you find out the best way to care for your furniture so you’ll have it around for a very long time.

  • 5 Best Contemporary Sofa Sets for Luxury Homes (2020 Edition)

    Design sectional sofa with LED

    Tastes are always changing, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in a piece of furniture that’s going to go out of style any time soon. At SofaDreams, we’re always looking into long-lasting furniture that’s going to stay fashionable for as long as it holds up. Check out these five contemporary sets, which are European-inspired pieces genuinely made overseas so you can trust they’re as durable as they sound.

    1) Julio Chesterfield

    Perhaps one of the more timeless, rather than ultramodern, contemporary looks that are in vogue is displayed by the interesting almost quilted texture of the Julio Chesterfield set. It includes a couch, love seat, and an armchair that all match.

    Since it features such a dramatic style that you’re unlikely to see with any other piece of furniture, this set will certainly never look dated no matter how much tastes change in the future. It boasts a majestic velour covering that comes in royal blue as well as imperial purple. Each seat cushion is made with high-density resilient foam that’s supported by sinuous springs so you won’t have to worry about it wearing out any time soon either.

    2) 2 & 3 Seater Atlanta Sets

    Those who might want something with leather covering that looks more like a traditional piece of ultramodern furniture would certainly do well to look into the Atlanta. It is designed for flexible living room arrangements. Lean back and watch a movie with adjustable headsets.

    Those who opt for the two-seater version of the sofa set can even get one with an integrated bed function, which makes an already very flexible piece of furniture even more so. The storage equipment can hold any personal items that you’d like, for any occasion.

    3) Tasso Sofa Set

    Divina Fabric furniture from Italy is made with a solid hardwood inner frame and comes with an optional matching coffee table so you can really finish off any room you lay a Tasso set down in. These pieces are made using only the best materials to ensure long-term comfort and durability. That should prove to be good news for anyone who falls in love with a piece and wants to ensure that it stays around for the long-haul.

    Rather than go for an ultramodern feel, the Tasso sofa set has taken a cue from the Julio Chesterfield’s book and opted for an offbeat yet traditional look that will stay looking up to date no matter what people’s tastes may end up like in the future.

    4) 3 & 2 Seater Orlando Sets

    Those who might like a piece like the Atlanta but would prefer a fabric covering will certainly want to look into the Orlando. This model offers many of the same options in the same sort of arrangements. Fabric is good when you want a material that is easy to clean and can handle the wear and tear from kids or pets.

    The two-seater version even comes with an optional bed function for those who would prefer it, just as the Atlanta series did. You can also add a recliner for additional relaxing.

    5) 3-2-1 Tampa Set

    With a recliner and a relaxer option, the 3-2-1 Tampa set might very well be one of the most flexible options on this list. Considering the other choices, that’s saying quite a bit. Homeowners can specify their preferred colors and coverings too.

    The Tampa is designed for a futuristic home. Use the LED lights and beverage cooler to hone an ideal home entertainment experience.

    Find The Perfect Room Furniture At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams is ready to improve your living space with the right couch. We draw from a wide variety of European styles to deliver on modern interior design.

    Just contact us today with any ideas you might have for a custom piece, and we’ll make sure to put you on the track to get furniture that’s as luxurious as your home is.

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