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  • Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    As every pet owner knows, a house just doesn’t feel like a home without your furry friend right there beside you. At the same time, however, the majority of pet parents will probably admit that they really could do without some pet issues, like pet hair shedding or sofas and sectionals that look old before their time due to cat scratching. On the other hand, maybe you made the mistake of choosing furniture in the past that just can't stand up to pet-friendly living.

    Don't Cover It Up

    Have you ever been one of the many pet owners who has considered leaving your sofa covered with a sheet indefinitely? Many people do because their sofa or sectional just isn't the least bit pet-friendly. If this sounds familiar, then it just might be time to start considering a sofa or even a sectional that is not just people-friendly but pet-friendly as well.

    The Best Couch For Cat Owners

    Whether you're furnishing your newly-purchased home or just redecorating, at Sofadreams we have plenty of amazingly comfortable pet-friendly couches to suit all of your needs. Here at Sofadreams, we know that your pets are your family, so decorating with them in mind by shopping our sofa and sectional collection should be at the top of your to-do list.

    Pet-Friendly Sectionals

    If you're one of the many cat owners who want to have a beautiful sectional but are afraid of choosing one that won't stand up to the rigors of life with a cat, don't worry. Our extensive line of pet-friendly microfiber couches and sectionals of all configurations are the perfect match for your kitty.

    Unleash the Pet-Lover in You

    Getting ready for unleashing your inner pet-lover is easy when you have pet-friendly furniture. After all, you can't possibly let your pet lay on just any old sofa. Right? She deserves the very best and that's a sofa or sectional from Sofadreams. That's because we understand fine furniture and we also understand how to make it stand up to your pets as well.

    Spoil Your Furry Friends

    Our line of sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds gives you the opportunity for spoiling the furry little members of your family in a way that they truly deserve. You can do that with pet-friendly furniture that will easily fit into your current decor as seamlessly as can be. For many of our Sofadreams customers, beloved pets play a very important role in their idea of what home and family mean. In fact, their furry friends often spend as much time on their furniture as they do. That's why we’re so excited to be offering furniture solutions that are both fun and affordable for making your home a lot more pet-friendly for you both.

    About Sofadreams

    Just in case you haven't heard about us yet, is what you could call a futuristic furniture company. We're very proud that all of our furniture is anything but ordinary and reflects the European way of exciting yet functional furniture design. We manufacture and distribute an entire line of our own unique and decidedly ultra-modern upholstered furniture. This includes sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds that are all made in Germany. We also offer complimentary pieces to go with them, like sleek LED-lit coffee tables. Our furniture is custom made and, in fact, we are proud to offer furniture that is not just European inspired but also made there, unlike a lot of furniture today that's manufactured in China. We sell living room solutions as well as outdoor living and seating that is made for configuring in a variety of ways. Much of our amazing furniture comes complete with:

    1. Built-in storage areas that are extremely practical
    2. Integrated LED lighting that changes and is also remote controlled,
    3. Reconfigurable modules (to configure exactly as you please),
    4. A wide range of fabrics and color choices.

    Call Today for More

    Now that you know a little something about our selection of pet-friendly furniture, perhaps you might want to order one. On the other hand, if you still have questions about our line of pet-friendly sofas, you can contact us at Sofadreams (954) 762-7744 for more information. We're always happy to provide answers to your questions and help you with the task of ordering the perfect pet-friendly furniture, whether it's a sofa, a sectional, or even a sleeper sofa for your home with cats.

  • Contemporary Furniture Stores in South Florida

    Contemporary Furniture Stores in South FloridaSofa Dreams is your ideal South Florida furniture company that is not just modern but delightfully futuristic as well. We have a beautiful showroom that is among the finest of contemporary furniture stores in South Florida. Inside, you'll find the ultimate modern sofas and sectionals of all sizes, colors, and in top-of-the-line materials from luxury fabrics to supple leather, for you to choose from. If your home is an open concept, then you'll undoubtedly want your living room sofa or sectional to complement your dining room furnishings like your dining table and dining chairs. Sofa Dreams is the furniture store where you'll get the help you need in decorating any area of your home.

    See Our Amazing Sofas

    We know that there are numerous South Florida contemporary furniture stores out there. While some are contemporary and some are traditional, there's only one ultra-modern showroom like Sofa Dreams in Dania Beach. We are proud to carry only the very best in modern sofa designs in the South Florida area. While big furniture stores in the area may have a little something for everyone, our showroom has something that’s specially designed for state-of-the-art for individuals. It has style, comfort, and convenience all wrapped into one for our amazing sofa collection.

    Sophisticated Looks

    Sofa Dreams is South Florida's top local contemporary furniture store where we blend our LED-lighted designer furniture style with everything that's trending and modern. The result is a sofa line that offers the best clean and sophisticated looks. Sofa Dreams is the designer furniture brand that you can see in all of its glory at our beautiful well-appointed Dania Beach showroom, where we also stock an eclectic mix of beautiful lifestyle accessories for your home.

    It’s Your Choice

    That's because it's your personal lifestyle and your home is your personal space for you to decorate your way. With our wide selection of luxurious contemporary furniture and accessories, Sofa Dreams is ready, willing, and able to help you with the creation of that singular look that is uniquely yours and yours alone. A visit to our showroom can show you how you can explore the nearly limitless sofa possibilities and special features that are an exciting representation of the future of smart homes. Our sofas are not only ultra-modern but also unique, just like you and your home are.

    Sofas We Love

    As you can probably tell, we are extremely passionate about sofas and how they anchor your interior design. Our goal is to help you with bringing your decor visions to life and tips to help you create a stylish sofa of your choice, whether it is tasteful or outrageous.  We cater to our clients and always deliver outstanding customer service and truly custom made sofas and sectionals.

    Getting Inspired

    The philosophy behind our Sofa Dreams Dania Beach showroom and our website is captivating, exciting, and inspiring all of our customers. We do that by offering you everything from fine finishes to luxurious materials for fabulous furniture designs. We will also assist in helping you find the essential features of every living room.  Get inspired and let your imagination run wild because we can custom design anything that you can dream of. Get started by exploring the very latest in superior finishes, craftsmanship, functionality, and quality from Sofa Dreams.

    Furnishing Your Dream Home

    Here at Sofa Dreams, we have an endless selection of custom sofa options available for you to choose from. Why not let us assist you in achieving your design goals? We use only the very finest upholstery materials, from fabric to leather, for sofas and sectionals that last. These sofas are works of art for your living room, family room, or home office. Every sofa is crafted for maximum comfort, style, and longevity. That goes double when you see the built-in LED lighting in our sofas and even in our coffee and side tables.

    Call or Visit Sofa Dreams Today

    If you would like to see our sectionals in person, visit our showroom. We are located in the Stirling Design Center at 1249 Stirling Road in Dania Beach. We would love to meet you in person and answer any questions that you may have so that we can assist you with ordering the custom sofa or sectional of your dreams. If you have any questions now, feel free to contact us on our website.

  • Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas for Your Home

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas for Your HomeWhat could possibly be better for anchoring your living room than a deep oversized sectional sofa? Here at Sofa Dreams, we carry some amazing modern sectionals and we know that one of them is sure to strike your fancy.

    Buy the Very Best

    Of course, you also want to ensure that you’re buying your sectional sofa from a well-known reputable company that you can count on to stand behind every single sofa sold. That is what Sofa Dreams is all about and we’re here for helping you in any way that we can to start exploring some of the many deep oversized sectional sofa options available. When you shop for your sectional here for your living room, we promise that you’ll be buying the very best. Here are a few examples:

    LED-Lit Seattle U

    Our massive Seattle U-Shaped sofa is perfect for allowing the entire family to snuggle together on movie night. Get out the popcorn and enjoy the sumptuousness of this amazing sectional It’s available in a number of highly attractive designer fabrics as well as in soft supple leather. You will also love the special remote-controlled LED lighting, which is something you really do not find in many sectional sofas. This sectional also features a handy illuminated glass shelf, flexible backrests, and an optional built-in bed for when out-of-town guests come for a visit. You can also get a matching coffee table with built-in LED lighting for the perfect accompaniment to your sectional.

    New York XL

    Maybe you would prefer the New York XL modular sectional sofa with space to spare for all of your family and friends. That’s because this sectional sofa offers you more than enough space even for multiple individuals to stretch out for an afternoon nap. For those who are seated on this amazing sectional, the adjustable headrests offer the ultimate in deep seating comfort. It also offers the first-class suspension for preventing the depressions that can form over time. In addition, if you have kids who use this sectional as their playground, no problem, as it can take it. If you need a sofa with a bed, the New York XL also includes an optional sleep function, giving you a sectional sofa and a place to sleep all in one beautiful piece of furniture.

    Our sectional sofa with modern design is made in Germany and features:

    1. Remote-controlled LED lights
    2. A number of storage spaces in the sofa
    3. Decorative wooden panels
    4. Adjustable headrests
    5. Optional sofa bed
    6. Solid hardwood frame
    7. High density and high resiliency foam seat cushions with sinuous springs

    Not only do we offer a wide range of designer fabrics and beautiful leather for this sectional but also it’s also available in a number of configurations, including:

    1. The Sofa New York L-Shape
    2. The Sofa New York U-Shape
    3. The Sofa New York C-Shape
    4. The Sofa New York CL-Shape

    Palm Beach XL

    Our Palm Beach XL fabric sectional sofa is our largest version in this particular series. This is one of those designer sofas where everyone can find a seat. It is true that this XL version is exceptionally impressive in design. Its Chesterfield pattern is perfect for harmonizing beautifully with its curves, which give it an appearance of pure elegance. In addition, we definitely didn’t skimp on the number of amazing functions. For starters, charge your mobile devices from your ottoman and its integrated USB port. Chill your soda or beer in the built-in cooling cup holder. You also have the ability for ordering this sectional sofa in a choice of three distinct


    A few of the other amazing features of the Palm Beach XL include:

    1. Distinctly modern design that is made in Germany
    2. Storage spaces in the sofa
    3. LED lights that are remote controlled and change colors
    4. Handy cup holder to keep your favorite beverage cold
    5. Wood panels that are decoratively varnished to a high shine
    6. Multi-function headrests
    7. Roomy reclining area
    8. Included throw pillows
    9. Optional sofa bed
    10. Optional coordinating coffee table
    11. Solid hardwood construction

    Call Sofa Dreams Today

    Now that you know a bit more about our selection of deep oversized sectional sofas, perhaps you are ready to order one. On the other hand, you may still have some questions about them which is fine too. Either way, contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you to order the perfect custom sectional for your home.

  • Top 4 Sectional Leather Couches for Apartments

    Top 4 Sectional Leather Couches for ApartmentsApartment dwellers everywhere (and especially in South Florida) will tell you that decorating an apartment certainly has its challenges. The biggest one, of course, is space or the lack of it. The truth is, however, that you do not have to sacrifice amazing style and comfort just because you live in an apartment or a condo. In fact, you can even have a leather sectional for your living room if you wish. That’s because, at Sofa Dreams, we make sumptuous leather sectionals in a number of styles and sizes.

    Size vs. Beach Proximity

    South Florida real estate brokers will tell you that many people who move here are more than willing to sacrifice overall apartment size for proximity to the gorgeous Florida beaches. That does not mean they are happy about it nor does it mean that they want to skimp on their interior decor. That is especially true when it comes to leather sectionals. Since we want you to have the comfortable and stylish leather sectional of your dreams, here are the top four sectional leather couches for apartments that you can choose from.

    Leather Corner Sofa Columbia: L-shaped

    Our trendy, designer Columbia leather sofa is just as elegant as it is modern. The only thing that surpasses its style is the amazing comfort when you sit on it and wish that you didn’t ever have to get back up again. It offers Chesterfield-like padded quilting that’s oh-so-soft and comfortable.

    Adjustable Headrests & LED Lights

    In addition, the Columbia sofa also offers adjustable headrests for even more comfort. The side shelves will allow you more than ample space for placing drinks or even your smartphone. The best part of this sumptuous sectional sofa is the remote-controlled color-changing LED lighting.

    Unlimited Color Combos

    This fantastic L-shaped corner sofa is available in a number of striking colors, both main and secondary. The color combination is up to you and you can choose from beige, black, blue, brown, orange, red, and white. With its modern European design from Germany, this one just might be exactly what you’ve been looking for to furnish your apartment or condo. You can also specify a right-hand or left-hand configuration and it is available in your choice of three grades of leather.

    Boston L-shaped Leather & Fabric Sectional Couch with LED lighting

    The Boston L-shaped is a modern compact leather sectional with fantastic bi-colored design. It could be the perfect addition to your apartment living room with its elegant looks and L shape. It offers you superior comfort and plenty of styles to go with it.

    High-Quality Leather & More

    Crafted of high-quality leather, you get a number of amazing color choices and there’s also an optional bed function as well as a coffee table to match for the ultimate it usefulness. Also, the wide reclining areas and multifunctional headrests provide total relaxation. This modern European designed sectional from Germany also includes storage spaces, remote-controlled LED lights, and decorative wood panels on a sturdy frame of solid hardwood. Its compact size will only require minimal space at only 124 inches long and 37.4 inches wide.

    Leather Corner Sofa Daytona L short

    The Daytona L short is a small work of art that offers everything needed for cool comfort in a smaller sectional. It’s a corner sofa that’s space saving with some serious modern design and includes a generously styled ottoman that’s the perfect size for this leather couch. For the best in beautiful ambiance, this L shaped corner sectional sofa has built-in color-changing remote-controlled LED lighting.

    Charging Station & Color Combos

    In addition, it features an integrated USB port for charging your mobile devices. You also have your choice between two grades of leather along with a wide range of color combinations for putting together the individualized sofa of your dreams. It also carries a two-year warranty and is manufactured according to EU directives.

    Leather Couch Concept L-shaped with LED Lighting

    Nothing works quite like small modular leather sectional in a space-challenged apartment and this one is definitely one of a kind. It offers not only unique design but also numerous variations with its long L-shape, chaise, and a large two-seater.

    Leather & Lights

    It also has LED lights that are both color changing and remote-controlled in the armrests. The rounded shape and seductive curves of this leather sectional give it unmistakably individual design, making it the perfect accent piece for your living room. It’s available in three grades of leather, including buffalo leather for incomparable softness. All in all, it offers the very best in comfortable seating experiences for you, your family, and your guests.

    Call Today

    Just in case your apartment needs a well-placed decorator touch with the help of a gorgeous leather sectional that is the epitome of style and comfort, then it is time to contact us at Sofa Dreams.

  • Where to Buy Outdoor Modern Furniture in Miami, Florida

    Where to Buy Outdoor Modern Furniture in Miami, FloridaWhen the weather turns beautiful and sunny outside, do your first thoughts revolve around a barbecue or pool party with friends and family? Those are some great ideas for some activities in the outdoors. The only problem is that although you may have the yard and a sparkling swimming pool for it, you might be missing the proper outdoor furniture. 

    Toss Your Old Patio Furniture

    Everybody at your outdoor event will be looking for a comfortable place to sit down and relax after all of that swimming, sunning, and of course, eating. That means that your old outdoor furniture, if you have any, just won’t do it. What you really need right now is the knowledge of where to buy modern outdoor furniture in Miami, Florida.

    The Miami Way of Life

    Outdoor living is a way of life in South Florida, especially in Miami. The weather here is perfect for the entire year and that means staying inside on a gorgeous day is not an option! However, no one wants to spend their gorgeous days sitting on old, tattered, and faded outdoor sofas and lounge furniture. You want to wow your guests with furnishings in your outdoor space that provide not only style but comfort.

    The Sofa Dreams Outdoor Collection

    That's where our outdoor furniture collection comes in. Here at Sofa Dreams, we carry everything to make your deck or patio look fabulous. From outdoor living to modern outdoor dining furniture, our products are stylish and comfortable. After all, you want your guests to be comfortable as they can be and for them to come back again for your next outdoor event.

    Good Times Outdoors

    No matter what the weather may bring, our outdoor lounge collection is meticulously manufactured for the purpose of effectively resisting even the most challenging of outdoor elements. You can fully enjoy the outdoors with our wide range of customizable and modern patio furniture. During the summer months especially, your yard should be the perfect place for having good times outdoors. To facilitate that fresh-air-fun, you need modern comfortable patio furniture that looks as good as it feels.

    Complete With LED Lighting

    In addition to dining tables, outdoor benches, and ceiling fans, one of the most important outdoor lounge furniture pieces is a beautiful wicker and fabric Sofa Dreams sofa with signature LED lighting. Your guests will be amazed by the sofa's color changing light show, which is completely remote-controlled. We also carry matching coffee tables for each of our outdoor sofa choices and they even have LED lighting too. Add some floor lamps on each side and you have the perfect outdoor living room area for entertaining.

    Who Are We?

    Sofa Dreams crafts all sorts of modern furniture from sofas to beds that are both unique and customizable. We serve as the furniture store of the future, as we continue to manufacture and distribute the best in unique furniture made in Germany. Our valued clientele consists mainly of above average income individuals as well as business owners. Our furniture collections also include customizable European inspired pieces made for gracing your yard in style.

    Class and Comfort

    Speaking of style, it can be found in our amazing outdoor wicker sofas that offer the ultimate class and comfort for every backyard celebration. One of our most popular sofas is the U-Shaped Wicker Patio Sofa Jacksonville with LED lighting. It offers lightweight construction with its aluminum frame and poly rattan netting.

    This roomy outdoor sofa also offers UV-resistant textile seat cushions made to hold their vibrant color for years to come. In addition, this sofa has an optional matching coffee table to boot, so get out the marshmallows for roasting and the margaritas for toasting and let the good times roll!

    Contact Us Today

    If you're ready to get your patio or deck outdoor-event-ready with one (or more) of our sofas, lounge chairs, and coffee tables, contact us today and get your outdoor space looking great. If you have any additional questions about our outdoor furniture collection you can contact us online or visit our showroom to see our modern outdoor sofas and accessories in person.

  • Which Modern Leather Sofa Should I Choose for my Living Room?

    Which Modern Leather Sofa Should I Choose for my Living Room?Choosing the perfect modern leather sofa for your living room can be an especially daunting task. You want one that suits both your personal style and your lifestyle as well. Maybe you also want a leather sofa that wears well and will look beautiful for years to come. You may not have ever even bought a leather sofa for your home before this and do not know too much about them. That is OK because we are here at Sofa Dreams to answer any questions that you might have. 

    Sofas For Small Spaces

    If you live in an apartment, condo, or small home with minimal space available for a large sofa, no problem. You do not have to give up your dream of having a beautiful leather sofa in your living room just because you are short on space. We carry a wide range of amazing leather sofas to fit your home perfectly. 

    Two-Seater vs. Three-Seater

    Maybe a lush leather two-seater sofa would work perfectly for your living room space. On the other hand, if you have enough room for a three-seater, that might be even better. Either way, you can relax in style in any one of our space-saving leather sofas. 

    Sofa Orlando

    For example, you might find that the trendy yet always elegant two-seater leather sofa Orlando with optional LED lighting just might ignite your passion for leather sofas. It offers a two-tone design that personifies modern and is available in your choice of premium synthetic leather, Italian Nappa leather, or exceptionally exclusive buffalo leather. It is also available in six beautiful colors of white, black, red, grey, beige, and ivory for both the main color and the secondary color. That means that you can get creative in choosing your ideal color combination for the two-tone design. Never has leather looked so good!

    Other Options for the Sofa Orlando

    With optional battery-powered LED lights in the armrests that change colors and include a remote control with a touch wheel for easy adjustment, as well as multifunctional headrests, this small-sized sofa could be the star of your living room. It also has storage space and a few optional features you might love, too, like the optional bed or relax functions. Don't need them? No problem, just order your Orlando sofa in your own customizable way. 

    Three-Seater Leather Sofa Atlanta 

    If you are lucky enough to have a bit more room in your living room, the luxurious three-seater sofa Atlanta is definitely for you. It is big enough and yet still the perfect alternative to our largest sectionals. Use it alone or accompany it with one or two of our matching armchairs. Add a beautiful coffee table and you will have a very chic room indeed. This choice is truly elegant and ultra-modern with decorative striping and curved armrests. It is available in three grades of leather and in a number of amazing colors from subtle to vibrant. This three-seater also has optional LED lights, relax function, and bed function.

    Big Leather Sofa San Diego

    If what you really need is a really large sofa to fill that big empty space in your living room, then the leather sofa San Diego is it. Not only is it 114.2 inches long and 53.1 inches wide but it is also made of sheer leather luxury! It is available with LED lights and in three amazing grades of leather, as well as a wealth of amazing colors from black to white and everything in-between. This massive elegant leather sofa is also available with an optional bed that is the perfect size for when those out-of-town guests show up at your home. 

    Smart Homes Are Here!

    These days everything is about smart technology and our line of smart home furniture is the perfect way to turn your leather sofa into a smart sofa. You can even connect it to your Google Home device or Amazon Alexa via integrated USB ports. It also includes a wireless phone charger and amazing LED lights in the armrests. This is the future of leather sofas and it is only available here at Sofa Dreams.

    Other Leather Sofas and Couches

    Relaxing in elegance on our modern leather sofas gives you the utmost in design and comfort. We sell many of the hottest leather sofas and sectionals with unique modern designs from Europe. Take one look at our wide range of leather sofas that are designed to help you create the exact look you desire for your living room and you will be hooked. Everyone usually has a spot in his or her living room that cries out for something really striking to fill it up. We have a leather sofa or maybe even a leather sectional that would be a perfect fit for that. 

    Contact Us Today

    If you think that you are ready to get started with choosing a modern leather sofa for your living room, contact us today for help. 

  • U Shaped Couches | Clever Tips to Achieve A Tastefully Styled Sofa

    So you finally bought those U shaped couches you have been eyeing on for months. Now that you have them in your living room you realize that they don’t look as appealing as the first time you saw them. Do you know why? It’s because you didn’t decorate them. Yes, you can style your couches to make them look more appealing.

    Choose U Shaped Couches in Neutral Colors

    Styling, in general, can give you a headache what with all the variety of styles, colors and textures to choose from. To make your styling journey less difficult we suggest you go for neutral color couches like black, brown, white or gray. Neutral and plain colored-couches are easier to style compared to those that come in complex patterns.

    Choose the Right Number of Pillows

    The number of pillows you choose to decorate your couch will determine if it will look classy or tacky. As a rule, odd numbers make it look more natural. Go for three throw pillows for a small couch and go for five for a bigger one.

    Find the Right Pattern and Texture

    You can play around with patterns and shapes as long as the color scheme blends beautifully with your base. One of the ways to know if it will look nice is by placing it against the color of your couch to see if the color combination complements each other. The type of material for your throw pillows won’t matter so whether it’s wool or velvet or cotton, it’s okay.

    where are the best u shaped couches?

    Looking for U Shaped Couches?

    With the right throw pillows, you can decorate your U shaped couches to make them look fabulous. At Sofa Dreams, we provide a wide array of furniture pieces that combine aesthetics with functionality. You can be sure to find furniture pieces that will fit your home no matter what the theme is. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

  • U Shaped Sofa | Budget-Friendly Bedroom Decorating Tips

    Have you always wanted to give your bedroom a hotel-like ambiance but don’t have the budget to do it? You don’t have to win the lottery to transform the look of your bedroom. Despite your meager funds, you can still radically change your bedroom just by relying on your creativity. Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t spend a single cent. However, it also doesn’t mean that redesigning requires you to break the bank. You’ll be surprised that just by adding a planter, a U shaped sofa and investing in good lighting can make a huge difference in how your bedroom looks. Here’s how to do it.

    Get a Planter

    Adding planters in your bedroom will instantly give it life regardless if it’s a real plant or a fake one. It also breaks the monotony of your room. It’s a decorative material that will go well with anything so regardless of the theme of your room, you can be confident that adding a planter will not ruin the motif.

    Add U Shaped Sofa

    Who says adding a sofa only applies in living rooms? Bend the rules a bit by adding a sofa in your bedroom. If the room has enough space to accommodate a sofa, get one! Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can place it in one corner of the room next to a planter or a lampshade. Aside from aesthetics, it’s also functional.

    Get Good Lights

    You will never go wrong with good lighting. Adding warm white lights will complete the look of your bedroom giving it a hotel-like vibe. You don’t have to install a gazillion lights on your ceiling. A tastefully designed floor lamp will do or you could add two bedside lamps.

    where are good u shaped sofa?

    Looking for U Shaped Sofa?

    You don’t need a major renovation to change your bedroom. Adding planters, a U Shaped Sofa and getting good lights are a great start. At Sofa Dreams, we provide a wide array of furniture pieces that combine aesthetics with functionality. You can be sure to find furniture pieces that will fit your home no matter what the theme is. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

  • Buy Modern Couch | Should You Buy A Modern Couch?

    Is it going to be worth your money if you buy modern couch? If you value long-term use, functionality and aesthetics then yes, we believe that investing in a modern couch is a decision you won’t regret. Here’s why.

    Modern Design Fits Well With Everything

    Take a look at modern couch designs, what do you notice? What makes modern furniture stand out is their subtle sophistication. The design is unbelievably simple yet it exudes an unexplainable class that will, without doubt, upgrade the look of any home. And because of its modest features, it can blend well with everything. Regardless of your theme, you can be confident that your modern couch will blend right in.

    The Size Is An Advantage

    Compared to traditional pieces of furniture that have bulky designs, modern sofas are simple and space saving. Despite its small size, it never compromises on functionality. One main advantage of this feature is that you can use up the space for other purposes like a coffee area. 

    Buy Modern Couch Because Of Durability

    Over the years, furniture makers have gathered all the necessary information on how to design and create comfortable sofas that are built to last. Thankfully, we are lucky to be able to choose a wide array of modern sofas that come in various sizes, shapes, and colors to suit our taste. Not only are these modern sofas plush and stylish, but they are also very durable.

    where can I buy modern couch?

    Where to Buy Modern Couch?

    Don’t settle for cheap furniture but instead buy modern couch that is stylish, comfortable, durable and affordable. At Sofa Dreams, we provide a wide array of furniture pieces that combine aesthetics with functionality. You can be sure to find furniture pieces that will fit your home no matter what the theme is. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

  • Modern Corner Sofas | Important Features For Every Living Room

    Do you know what’s the most challenging part about moving to a new home? It’s not the actual move that’s hard because once you’re all settled in, you will soon realize that the hardest part is really the decorating. Unless you can afford an interior decorator, you should have nothing to worry about but if it’s just up to you, you can learn a thing or two from this post.

    Decorative Rugs

    Your living room is a great place to relax so you should make sure that it’s cozy. Hardwood or tiled floors don’t spell cozy. To soften it up, try adding a decorative rug or a carpet as a base layer for your living room. Not only does it make it a lot comfortable to step on, it also adds flare to your living space. Make sure you choose a high quality rug that is durable. We also advise that you opt for monochromatic colors since it works with any style and theme.

    Coffee Tables

    Coffee tables aren’t compulsory but it would make an excellent feature to your living room. You can use it as a footstool, a table for your coffee or drinks or you can just use it as a piece of accent furniture.  Here’s a tip, find a coffee table that will complement your sofa. Today, chest-style coffee tables are in high demand. You may want to consider getting one for your living room since it matches any theme.

    Modern Corner Sofas

    A living room isn’t considered a living room without a sofa. When it comes to choosing sofas, aside from aesthetics, you also need to consider functionality. If you want to make your living room look bigger, opt for a modern corner sofa. With a sofa placed in a corner, you’ll have enough room for other decorative pieces.

    who sells modern corner sofas?

    Looking for Some Modern Corner Sofas

    If you want to make your living room stand out, make sure you include decorative rugs, coffee tables and modern corner sofas. At Sofa Dreams, we provide a wide array of furniture pieces that combine aesthetics with functionality. You can be sure to find furniture pieces that will fit your home no matter what the theme is. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

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