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  • Modern Sofas vs Mid Century Modern Sofas

    If you were to walk into a home today, would you be able to distinguish mid century modern living room furniture? For those who study the history of design, this would be pretty easy: Mid-century modern furniture was very prominent from about 1930 to 1960, and it largely preferred form over function. This is a style that eschews ornamentation that does not contribute to functionality, but it is designed in a highly aesthetic fashion nonetheless. A good example in this regard is the Eames chair and ottoman, which were introduced in 1956 by American designers.

    Learning About Mid Century Modern Living Room Furniture

    The mid-century modern living room was designed by students who followed the style philosophy of Staatliches Bauhaus, the acclaimed and highly influential German school that combined art with crafts, architecture, and industrial design. During the Third Reich, designers who fled Germany and settled in the United States for ideological and socioeconomic reasons brought along their design philosophy, thus creating a new and uncompromising style that would last for many decades.

    If you browse through the SofaDreams catalog, you will see that our design team is clearly influenced by mid-century modern sofa styles; however, we have also incorporated certain elements that reflect modern sensibilities.

    The Mid Century Modern Living Room

    The three-piece living room of a sofa, love seat and armchair is part of the mid-century style, but this configuration started falling out of favor in the 1970s when designers began to focus more on larger sofas and sectionals as centerpieces. The mid-century modern sofa styles favor cleaner lines, bold colors, sleek profiles, technology, luxury, and comfort. When you browse through mid-century modern furniture websites, you will notice that home theaters, media centers, and living rooms are now dominated by regal sofas, and this is how mid-century design has evolved.

    Modern Sofas by Sofa Dreams

    Mid-century design transitioned into the Space Age trend, which would later be enhanced by futuristic design. SofaDreams combines elements of mid-century style with a few details that emerged in the 1980s; the idea is to create luxurious furniture with gorgeous lines, nice color combinations, plenty of comfort, and modern touches such as LED lighting, USB charging, and beverage cooling.

    The Modern Hollywood Sofa

    This L-shape sectional is the only furniture piece you need in the living room; it looks as if it belongs in the screening room of a Hollywood film studio.

    The Atlanta Sofa Set

    If you prefer a more traditional two and three-seat sofa arrangement, our Atlanta model will become the focal point of your living room.

    The Detroit Sectional Sofa

    Inspired by the interior of American sports cars such as the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Corvette, this luxury sectional with LED lights is one of our most popular models.

    Questions About Modern Sofas?

    SofaDreams is a furniture design studio that started in Berlin, the final home of Bauhaus, and now ships furniture around the world. If you have questions about our products or the ordering process, please contact our South Florida office today.

  • Top Four Sofa Styles for 2021

    Interior Design Trends 2021

    Similar to fashion, interior design goes through periods in which certain trends emerge, return, or go out of style. If you do some online research on living room trends 2021, you will notice that decorating with natural elements will continue to be popular, and the same goes for bedroom furniture trends 2021, which means that you will want to look for nice plants for your home or office spaces. With regard to colors, expect to see more gray and black along with navy blue; this is in line with the “dark mode” color scheme for many desktop and mobile apps. Other furniture trends 2021 that will likely be with us for a while include Modernist design and larger pieces instead of sets.

    A Look at Modern Sofas 2021

    As has been the case in recent years, clean lines and geometric shapes will still be preferred for sofas 2021. Technology features and a touch of retro styling will also be strong furniture trends 2021 for sofas. When we look at living room furniture trends 2021, we see more homeowners choosing large sectionals as focal points of attention, especially if they are equipped with decorative LED lighting.

    With all the above in mind, here are four SofaDreams models to look for in 2021:

    Detroit U-Shape Sectional

    Classic American sports cars such as the Chevy Corvette and the Ford Mustang are the inspiration behind this large sofa, which is equipped with LED mood lighting elements that resemble racing stripes.

    San Antonio L-Shape Sectional

    The furniture color trends 2021 look better when they present a sharp contrast. Choosing a black and white leather San Antonio sofa will always be a smart choice.

    Hollywood U-Shape Sectional

    USB charging ports, LED lights, and fine leather are all part of the living room trends 2021. Our Hollywood sofa model ticks all boxes, and it is one of our finest designs.

    Palm Beach U-Shape Sectional

    Light colors with slight pastel highlights are part of the stylish furniture color trends 2021. Many of our clients prefer the Palm Beach model in white with LED mood lights that glow in pastel colors.

    Wood Furniture Trends 2021

    When it comes to bedroom furniture trends in 2021, you can completely forget about metal frames. Modern bedroom sets are strictly being made of wood. We invite you to browse our bedroom catalog to see how wood furniture trends in 2021 are shaping up.

    Learn More About Interior Design Trends 2021

    If you would like to see how our furniture pieces will look in your home or commercial space, please take advantage of our Sofa Design Studio App, which utilizes augmented reality for visualization; plus, it lets you build your own sofa and request a price quote from your smartphone or tablet. Should you have questions about any of our products, do not hesitate to get in touch with our office.

  • Contemporary vs. Modern Sofa Design: What's the Difference?

    Architecture, interior design, and furniture all go through trends and style periods; to a certain extent, they are similar to fashion, but they do not experience such frequent changes. When we talk about modern interior design, we are talking about a period that is already in the past, but which can still be seen and experienced because of its lasting influence. Contemporary design is always in the present and in the near future; one example would be office cubicles with plexiglass partitions designed to prevent contagion during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

    Modern contemporary interior design is a style that recognizes trends that were prevalent from the end of World War I until the late 1970s; in other words, modern design is now historical, but it is still deeply influential for various reasons.

    Modern Contemporary Design

    At SofaDreams, our furniture pieces follow the school of modern contemporary design, which stresses function over form while stressing the importance of aesthetics. A crucial principle of modern design, which is often referred to as mid-century style, is that everything should have a purpose; for example, a large sectional sofa that replaces the traditional couch, love seat, and armchair living room set actually takes up less space and can seat more people.

    When you look at modern interior design applied to a living room, you see that it is more comfortable and makes more sense than a Victorian parlor. Modern design has been upgraded through the decades with contemporary elements to make it more convenient, comfortable, and attractive; this is what we know as modern contemporary design, and it is the style we like to work with at SofaDreams.

    Here are three examples of modern contemporary style in our furniture pieces:

    Bedroom Set Verona

    This premium bedroom set is handcrafted by skilled furniture makers in Portugal, and it combines natural wood materials with highly durable German hardware. The design lines are clean and simple, but the overall effect is geometrically stylish.

    Big Sofa Couch Concept

    The futuristic design of this furniture piece makes it look as if it belongs in the lobby of a space tourism agency. This is a modular sofa in a half circular shape where people can seat very comfortably and hold conversations without having to turn their heads. As one of our most striking pieces, the Big Sofa Couch includes LED lighting to set a decorative mood.

    Charlotte U-Shape Sectional Sofa

    The fine Chesterfield upholstery of this stylish sofa features premium leather and LED lighting for the ultimate in style and comfort.

    Learn More About Modern Contemporary Furniture

    Please feel free to browse through our catalog of modern contemporary furniture and let us know if you have any questions. Don’t forget to check out our Sofa Design Studio app, which lets you see how our designs will look in your home or office through the magic of augmented reality.

  • Sofa Feng Shui: Where To Place Your Living Room Couch

    You might be of the opinion that an extremely traditional practice has no place in the world of ultramodern furniture. That’s not true. Feng Shui is a trusted technique by many people who want to ensure that their sofa is positioned just right to harmonize all of the individual elements of their home with one another. With sofa feng shui, you’ll know where to place your living room couch.

    We’ve heard time and time again to position sofas in such a way that you can see the entrance of the room. This is the source of energy that tends to come into a location. This is also a practical consideration, as it provides an easy way to get into and out of your couch from.

    Some people have suggested that U-shaped sectionals may be best for this kind of arrangement. That, however, depends on the floor plan of the room in which you’re trying to put up a couch. Several other simple tips can help you to improve the overall Feng Shui of the layout of your room.

    Improving Feng Shui Energy Centers Through Couch Placement And Living Room Design

    At times, people have attempted to make living room spaces look larger by positioning mirrors behind their furniture. Feng Shui experts have occasionally warned against putting one behind a couch, however, because it could reflect negativity. Practical considerations, again, might dictate otherwise anyway as people might lean back and get fingerprints all over it. Wall units might also take up a portion of your space anyway.

    That being said, there are Feng Shui practitioners who prefer to use at least some sort of mirror in their layouts to reflect positive energy. They seldom place these behind a couch. Focal points can help.

    Placing the couch into a central location is always a good idea, since it can draw both people as well as their ideas and energy to a single place in your room. This will offer you and your guests an opportunity to further reflect on things and face news of all types.

    Pay close attention to the layout of windows and other various entryways. Being able to see these while you’re seated is an excellent way to encourage further relaxation. On top of this, they can help to bring in energy from the outside natural world.

    Even if you’re an aficionado of ultramodern furniture, you’re going to want to ensure a way to commune with an exterior environment. You may even consider positioning it in such a way as to provide additional fresh air for your guests.

    Apply Feng Shui Principles Living Room Couch From SofaDreams

    Depending on the size of your dwelling, you’ll also need to consider the physical dimensions of a couch. Even a small one shouldn’t be placed under beams or overhangs, which again could dampen the effect of certain forces and therefore make for an inauspicious position.
    If you’re having a rough time finding a couch of just the right size, then make sure to contact SofaDreams online. See what kinds of sofas and sectionals are in stock for good feng shui or small living spaces. Furniture placement can make all the difference.

  • Top 5 Modern Conversation Sofas For Luxury Style Homes

    Homeowners who have luxurious furnishings won’t want to miss the opportunity to add a decorative yet functional conversation sofa to the mix. Many such pieces have a sort of traditional look to them, so we rounded up the five best options for those who’d prefer to deck out their whole entire home with ultramodern furnishings that won’t soon go out of style.

    Best Conversation Sofas For Home Offices And Living Rooms

    1. & 2. – The Concept Sofa Series

    While it might seem like we’re cheating a little here, and we probably are, we counted the Concept sofas twice because they’re probably the closest that ultramodern furniture designers have ever come to the traditional concept of a conversation sofa. They’re a great choice for those who want a rounded sofa that invites everyone to relax on and have a quiet conversation while resting after a meal or even the big game.

    Perhaps most importantly, they come in both fabric as well as a neat leather verison, so you have your pick of what kind of sofa you’d prefer. The curved appearance and overall look is quite futuristic, so you can be sure that it won’t go out of style for years to come.

    3. Severo Italian Fabric Sectional

    Consider this piece if you’d like a classic tufted look without sacrificing anything in the way of ultramodern styling. The Severo Italian has a bit of traditional charm while still maintaining an almost futuristic look that isn’t likely to be matched by any other piece of furniture you might have in your collection.

    If you’re looking for something more than just a conversation sofa, then you might be interested in the optional matching pouf that features a glass top. You can use it as a coffee table or as a neat piece of end furniture. Some homeowners might even wish to periodically rearrange their furniture, which would allow them to change its function based on whether or not they had guests at the time.

    4. Austin Sectional with LED Lighting

    Those who aren’t afraid to move further away from traditional pieces of furniture or set their own trends will love the Austin. This features a lighting set along with a practical amount of storage space tucked into the armrest.

    Seat cushions on the Austin sofa are made out of higher density highly resilient foam, which is then supported by a set of sinuous springs. That makes it extremely durable, so it should stay solid through countless conversations.

    5. Big Fabric New York Sofa

    Those who are among the most adventurous might want to try out the New York. This furniture piece is more of a giant straight couch as opposed to an actual conversation sofa.

    Nevertheless, it provides more than enough space for you and your buddies to sit and talk after meals and other major gatherings. That should be great news for those who don’t mind bucking the current trend and setting their own with a truly ultramodern couch.

    Follow Modern Sofa Design Trends At SofaDreams

    Whether you want to add style to a family room or let a modern office at home pop, SofaDreams has an eye on modern interior design. We pair appropriate leather and fabric with pops of color and suitable accent chairs.
    If you want some more ideas, then don’t hesitate to contact us online at SofaDreams. We are ready to add stylish curved sofas to your sitting room or other interiors.

  • What Is A Conversation Sofa?

    You might think that any sofa is perfect for encouraging your guests

    to relax and engage in an interesting conversation with you, but those who entertain friends and family on a regular basis will want to invest in something special for the occasion. Of course, you may ask, “what is a conversation sofa?” A genuine conversation sofa is a curved piece that offers more seating than a traditional couch.

    Over time, interior decorators have designed more complex couches, which has further blurred the lines between what constitutes a conversation sofa and other pieces of furniture. Depending on the type of home you live in and how much floor space you want to devote to your couch, you might be able to find a conversation couch that can serve as a bed or home theater seating as well.

    Conversation Sofas With Advanced Features

    While some people have made conversation sofas that look and feel much like any other couch, ultramodern furniture aficionados have taken them to the next level with advanced features like LED lighting and integrated beds. You can find large U-shaped sectionals that work as conversation sofas and can also serve as a very comfy place to let you take a nap.

    Technically, a true conversation sofa always has a gentle curve to it that allows people to face one another and talk. These sectionals may not have the original shape common to conversation sofas, but they serve this purpose very well.

    Those who are trying to maintain a classic style of decoration in their living rooms might want to look at the Concept series of couches, which blend a mix of tradition with the features of a completely modern piece of furniture. The

    y have a partitioned and tufted look that certainly won’t compete with anything else you might have in your home.

    Matching Sofas With Living Spaces And Accent Pillows

    For that matter, these won’t look like many other conversation sofas that you’re likely to come across. Some people might want to be sure that they have a piece that’s unique looking and unlike anything your friends have. You might find that quite a few conversations start simply because you have such a notable piece of furniture in your living room!

    Consider taking down the dimensions of any empty space on the floor. This helps if you were looking at possibly getting one of these couches for your own home. They can easily transform an unused area into a miniature version of a drawing room that helps bring your guests to a single place.

    Picking Out A Conversation Couch As Home Furniture At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams knows how to leverage room furniture to improve social gatherings and home life. Drawing colors from your current paint scheme or perhaps a favored existing piece of furniture might be a good way to pick the right conversation sofa for your living room.
    Regardless of which kind you prefer, make sure to contact us online at SofaDreams. Then we can help you find the best piece of furniture for your own dwelling. Some types of fabric and leather couches should prove to be neutral-looking in almost any setting, and they have quite a professional flair to them that should be attractive to those trying to go for a more luxurious appearance.

  • How to Clean a Black Leather Sofa: Maintenance and Stain Removal

    Leather has a tendency to be much easier to clean than many other materials. Assuming that you have a well-made couch or sectional, you shouldn’t have any difficulty keeping it clean by employing just a few basic tips.

    Wipe down your couch with a microfiber cloth on a regular basis. This is an excellent way to get rid of dirt and especially crumbs. Some people like to cover their couches with a piece of fabric and periodically launder the fabric in order to protect the underlying leather, but this shouldn’t be necessary for anyone who invests in a high-quality leather couch like those we have at SofaDreams.

    Beyond this basic type of cleaning, though, there are a few things you’ll want to do regularly to make sure that your black leather couch stays looking like new for many years to come.

    Regular Cleaning Instructions for a Leather Couch

    Depending on the type of leather couch you have, there’s a good chance that your cushions can physically come out of the frame. If that’s the case, then make sure to periodically take them out and clean any debris that’s underneath them. You might be able to simply clean them out with a very gentle brush or even your hand. Otherwise, you’ll want to try the crevice tool on your vacuum.

    The time will come when you need to do a more complete cleaning. When that day comes, you might want to use a very mild dish detergent or another soft solvent. Dip a clean cloth into some warm water and then wring it out so it isn’t soaking. Gently rub around small stains until they’re buffed out. You don’t want to rub back and forth, since this can cause additional wear on the leather surface.

    Grease stains can be especially difficult to get out. While they usually won’t stick to leather, it’s hard to get them off once they do. Try a little baking soda if you’ve been having this problem. Don’t use too much but make sure to work it into the water that you would otherwise use for cleaning up your couch.

    Regardless of which technique you tried, make sure to dry the area with another very soft cloth. Once again, you don’t want to actually use a vigorous back and forth motion because doing so can cause damage.

    Take a few moments to look for any care instructions on the tag of your couch as well. When you get a new leather sectional, there’s a good chance that the manufacturer put some care instructions on the tag to encourage owners to clean them the right way.

    Keeping a Leather Couch Looking Sharp

    Those who have one of our pieces of furniture but might not be sure about the best way to clean it are encouraged to visit our online contact page. Our knowledgeable associates will be more than happy to help you care for your furniture and ensure that it looks great for years to come.

  • Replacing Your Sofa: How Long Should You Wait?

    Similar to home appliances, you can’t reasonably expect all pieces of furniture to last a lifetime. A sofa that gets frequent use, for example, will not last more than eight years if it is of average quality. There are some households where the living room is located immediately next to the foyer but the family room is set up next to the kitchen; in these households with two sofas, the busy one in front of the television set will start to lose structural integrity within five years.

    In general, if the cushions are sagging too much and the frame creaks or fills wobbly, there will come a time when your sofa will simply give up; this tends to happen around the 15 year mark. When this happens, you can forget about reupholstering because what you need is a complete rebuild that may cost more than a new sofa. In other cases, homeowners want to change their furniture because they move into a new place or simply because they follow their interior design instincts.

    Choosing Long-Lasting Sofas

    When a company sets up headquarters in a building secured by a 20-year lease, office managers will look for office furniture and equipment that will last even longer than that. SofaDreams designs and builds sofas that will retain their artful look for many decades even if they get frequent use. Our leather sectionals can be seen in the lobbies of luxury hotels in the United Arab Emirates and in the VIP sections of upscale nightclubs. With a large sectional sofa such as our Chicago model, you will get more than just a durable piece of furniture; you also get retro-futuristic styling that never goes out of style.

    Replacing a Living Room Set With a Sectional

    When you have a sofa, love seat, and armchair combo that has gone out of style, we recommend looking into L-shape sectionals such as our Orlando model, which can fit against a corner and create lots of space.

    Sleeper Sofas Last Longer

    Taking frequent naps on sofas that are not rated for heavy use will shorten their lifespan; the same goes when relatives and friends often spend the night. With a durable sofa such as our Severo Sleeper, which transforms into a full bed, your furniture investment will be protected for years.

    What to Do With Your Old Sofas

    If the sofa is salvageable through reupholstering, you can donate it to charities such as the Salvation Army in the United States; simply call them up for pick up and they will give you a receipt that you can use as a tax deduction. If it is a couch in excellent shape but you need to make room for one of our Hollywood sectional sofas, consider setting up a den, playroom, or lounge for relocation.

    Learn More About Our Sofas

    Accidents can always happen, and sometimes they may involve your sofa. Contact our office to learn more about our five-year Gold Plus Protection Plan in case you expect your sofa will be subject to heavy and frequent use.

  • 4 Best Sofas With LED Lights

    Advances in LED technology have inspired more interior designers to incorporate lighting in their projects. Backlit panels, recessed lamps, and light strips are increasingly being recommended by architects and designers of living spaces; there is also the matter of programmable lighting sequences that let you play with colors, brightness, and patterns. At SofaDreams, our designers have also been inspired by LED lights, which are now a feature included in many of our luxury sofas.

    The Idea Behind LED Lighting in Furniture

    Light art has been around since the days of the Bauhaus School; at that time, decorative lighting sculptures relied on incandescent devices. In the 1980s, there was an explosion of fluorescent and neon light designs inspired by architecture in cities such as New York and Tokyo. Since LED technology is more advanced and energy-efficient, it is more suitable for decoration purposes. At SofaDreams, some of our most luxurious furniture pieces feature LED mood lighting because they are designed and manufactured as works of art.

    Hollywood U-Shape Sectional Sofa

    When you think of classic Ferrari models such as the Testarossa and California, you tend to envision a red exterior that nicely combines with a flat black leather interior. The red and black color scheme of our Hollywood sectional is the one most requested by our customers because it reminds them of a Ferrari. The LED lighting details on this sofa include striping for a more streamlined look.

    Jacksonville L-Shape Sectional Sofa

    This elegant fabric sectional sofa has LED elements below the armrest in a space where you can keep books or decorative items. The lights are arranged in a way that resembles the lighting system of an art gallery.

    Chicago Big Sectional Sofa

    With this large sofa, you will not need any other furniture pieces in your living room. The spacious shelving spaces on the back of the ottoman section are ideal for placing small sculptures, books, or framed photographs. The LED lighting package is large enough to illuminate a corner or an accent wall.

    Detroit L-Shape Sectional Sofa

    Detroit is the city where dream cars such as the Chevy Corvette, the Ford Mustang, and the Pontiac TransAm were designed, and this sectional sofa borrows some of the design aesthetic from those classic sports cars. The LED lighting feature in our Detroit sofa evokes the design of automotive racing stripes.

    Learn More About SofaDreams and Our Luxury Furniture Collection

    SofaDreams is a furniture design studio that started doing business in Berlin and later expanded its collection across Europe and the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in making our luxury sofas the best pieces of furniture for your residential or commercial spaces. Every step of the process, from drafting to choosing materials and from manufacturing to testing, is subject to strict quality control. If you have questions about our furniture or about the ordering process, please fill out our online contact form.

  • The 4 Best Modern Luxury Accent Sofas

    Furniture and interior design trends usually move faster than architecture. Whereas architectural floor plans set the scene for living spaces, the feeling, and the ambiance can be set with furniture pieces; it is better to choose other factors such as colors and textures in accordance with the style and looks of the furniture pieces. It is important to remember that furniture is never secondary in the eyes of interior designers.

    Our Most Luxurious and Futuristic Sofas

    At SofaDreams, our design team lives by the philosophy of making furniture the main focal point of any space. Whether it is a living room, a home theater, a corporate lobby, or the VIP section of a trendy nightclub, our sofas make the space. The four sofas below represent our best ideas in terms of modern luxury, and we explain the inspiration behind them:

    The Hollywood XL Leather Sofa

    If you are familiar with the vaporwave and synthwave styles of music that have been trending since 2010, you know that they are inspired by the aesthetic design of the 1980s, which was highly angular, futuristic, and luminous. The 80s were a decade of clean lines, primary colors, pastel tones, and a sense that the future was always around the corner. The Hollywood film and television industry can be credited with spreading 1980s design sensibilities around the world, hence our choice for naming this very large U-shape leather sectional that includes LED lighting similar to the one used in the 1982 classic science fiction film “Tron.” In addition to LED lights, this sofa includes USB or wireless charging pads for your mobile devices plus cooling cup holders.

    The Big Sofa Couch Concept

    Remember the classic Stanley Kubrick film “2001: A Space Odyssey?” A lot of things stand out from that masterful movie, and one of them is the gorgeous furniture. Our Sofa Couch Concept looks like it could have been placed in that film’s space station, and we are particularly proud to have designed it with plenty of comfort in mind.

    The Charlotte Leather Sectional

    This sofa design is more modern than futuristic; it is the favorite living room piece of Kimbella Vanderhee from the hit reality television show “Love and Hip-Hop,” and it reflects her style sensibility. Compared to the Hollywood sofa, this one is softer and curvier. The Noble Chesterfield quilting style looks great on dark leather, and it also includes LED mood lighting.

    The Detroit Sofa Sectional

    Each new Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette model manages to look retro and futuristic at the same time, and this is exactly the kind of effect you get from our Detroit U-shape leather sectional, which even features parallel LED lights that resemble racing stripes.

    Learn More About Our Furniture

    For any questions about our products and the ordering process, contact SofaDreams through our online contact form. You can also install our Sofa Design Studio App on your smartphone to see how our furniture will fit in your home.

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