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  • 7 Futuristic Coffee Tables to Complete Your Modern Apartment Design

    Futuristic Coffee Tables to Complete Your Modern Apartment

    When most people think of coffee tables, they think of the wood and metal designs that are available from most commercial stores. At, we want you to know that there are alternatives out there. 

    Our futuristic coffee tables look like furniture from another world or those that you see on the screen in some of your favorite films and television shows. When you choose one of our top leather or fabric options, you'll get a unique coffee table that your guests love as much as you do.

    Leather Coffee Tables

    Many of our leather coffee tables feature leather accents around the edges and a large glass plate in the center. The open space beneath that glass is the perfect place to display some of your favorite artwork or other pieces, though you can also add some new decorations to your designated space. 

    While the Los Angeles table has a larger design with sharp lines and thick edges, the San Diego is more basic. The latter has a square shape that takes up less space and a large glass center. Many customers also like the leather Hollywood table because it has unique lines to create a table that supports the glass top.

    Fabric Coffee Tables

    Whether you pick a U-shaped couch or an L-shaped sectional, you might like the look of one of our smaller fabric coffee tables. You can place it right in the center of the couch and have space for your items and the belongings of your guests. 

    The Detroit table has a great look that features geometric shapes below a glass top. With the New York model, you'll have more space than you might need. This coffee table looks great when paired with a U-shaped sectional or any other type of couch. Not only does it have space below for decorations and other items, but it has a large glass surface for your drinks, snacks, and games.

    Add Fun and Style

    All of our futuristic coffee tables let you add both fun and style at the same time. With the Charlotte, you get a round table with designs around the sides and a top that you can remove as needed. The interior provides some extra storage too. When you choose the leather or fabric San Francisco, you get the elegant styling that you want and the sharp lines that make the room look more contemporary and modern.

    Our Coffee Tables

    The biggest benefit of choosing one of our coffee tables is that you can customise the design you like the best. Not only do we offer different colours for those tables, but you can add LED lights to some designs. This gives you more light in the room and adds to the futuristic look you want to create. 

    For the best in futuristic coffee tables, turn to Contact us today to get an idea about how you can customise one of our futuristic coffee tables to better fit with the modern design of your apartment.

  • Best Modern Outdoor Furniture for Deck and Patios

    Whether your home has an attached patio or deck, you have some valuable outdoor space. Those spaces are perfect for entertaining the guests who come over and for relaxing at home on your own. You can take advantage of outdoor lighting with weather-resistant furniture and other accessories.

    You might add a porch swing that lets you rock as you read or watch the kids play, but there are some modern pieces available that let you update the look of your outdoor space. At, we make it easy for you to find European inspired modern furniture that will look great on any patio or deck.

    U-Shaped vs. L-Shaped Patio Couches

    As you browse our selection of outdoor furniture, you'll notice that we offer sectionals and couches in both U-shapes and L-shapes. The best type for you depends on where you want to use that couch. 

    If you want to place the couch on the side of the patio and set one side against an exterior wall, you can go with an L-shape. We offer options that place the lounger on the right and left sides. When you have a larger space to fill and love entertaining, choose one of our U-shaped sectionals with more space.

    Top L-Designs

    One of our top L-designs is easily the Jacksonville sofa. It uses a contemporary form of wicker that lets others know there aren't any “Golden Girls” in your home. We highly recommend the design that includes deep red cushions with black wicker. 

    The Hollywood sofa lets you bring home a touch of old school Hollywood charm. Though we only offer this model in a black wicker design, you can choose from colors such as cream and cappuccino for the cushions. Those sleek colors lend a contemporary edge to this otherwise traditional patio couch.

    U-Designs for Outdoor Use

    Thanks to our U-Shaped outdoor sofas, you can now get all the room that you need when entertaining guests at a last-minute backyard BBQ or a planned birthday party. These models include the Los Angeles sectional, which features loads of seating. 

    Not only can you sit five or more people across the back, but each end can hold another one to two people. You get both a lounger and extra seating on each end. Our Hollywood sectional has a similar design but includes a larger lounge area that is perfect for napping.

    Modern Furniture for Outdoor Spaces

    At, we believe that you deserve the ultimate outdoor space, which is why we offer so many modern furniture pieces. Inspired by the best European designers, all of our furniture comes directly from Europe and can come to your home, no matter where you live. 

     To find the right couch for your deck or patio and to learn about all the other modern outdoor furniture available from, contact us over the phone or online. Not only can you choose from great outdoor sectionals and couches, but you can add one or more coffee tables to create a complete look. Create a living room on your patio, that allows you to bask in the sun.

  • 2 Best Gaming Recliners and Couches

    Have Fun With The Best Gaming Recliners And Couches

    Those who love video games know how uncomfortable they can feel the next morning after a late-night session. Especially if you stream for a hobby or career, lumbar support is the key. When you buy a brand new game and have some time off work, you might spend the whole night playing to beat the big bosses and get through the last level. Or you may navigate puzzles to decide what birds or dragons need hatching. 

    Not only may you feel some discomfort in your hands, but also you can experience some pain in your back and shoulders too. An easy way to enjoy your favorite games without any discomfort is with a top recliner or couch from

    What To Look For In Gaming Furniture

    As you shop for gaming furniture, you need to think about where you like playing and how much space you have. If you find yourself cooped up in a den with limited space, a small recliner or even an office chair designed for gaming can help. A pair of armrests makes all the difference.

    If you have a room dedicated to great gaming or like playing in a living or family room, consider a couch with a reclining feature. This lets you put your feet up and take the pressure off your back as you push through the game. You'll even have extra space that is perfect for your gaming friends.

    Go For Charlotte

    One of the ultimate gaming couches available today is the Charlotte sectional. The U-shape model comes in a deep green color with black cushions that mimics the design of your favorite action and military games. As the U-design may not fit in your gaming room, you can go for the l-shaped design that is a little smaller but available in that same color combination. 

    We also offer the Charlotte couch. Get an extra-large size that has enough space for your entire gaming clan. If you aren't a fan of dark colors, you can choose this couch in a different shade too.

    Play In The Orlando Recliner

    A popular choice for gamers is the Orlando recliner, which helps you stay comfortable when gaming or just watching television. Covered in real Italian leather, it's also available in a buffalo leather option

    You can choose from a variety of neutral colors to help the recliner blend with your other living room furniture and add lights that will sit on the attached table. Take advantage of the power recline and armrests. That table gives you space for your controller and other gaming accessories. When you add the recliner function, you can lean back and let the base pop out to put your feet up as you play.

    Treat Yourself

    Gamers today play on everything from television sets with attached consoles to modern computers. No matter how you play, you want to feel comfortable as you fight the bad guys and race across levels. 

    Contact us to order all the furniture that you need for an ideal gaming experience. offers all the comfortable high-quality supports that you need, including modern couches and recliners. Not only can you add lights to your furniture, but you can pick colors that match your favorite games. 

  • 2 Contemporary Leather Sofas That Will Blow Your Mind

    It has been said that style and sophistication are the cornerstones of modern society. We would like to see both in our home when enjoying our personal time or hosting parties. Well if that is true, then what else can we say about the two sofas that we are going to talk about here? All contain style and sophistication. They also will assist in changing your perspective. 

    When you decorate your living room, you want a nice balance between comfort and neat presentation. You want to have a good atmosphere for entertaining guests. The right furniture can assist you with entertaining. It can also set the right psychological presence, to invite discussion and talking about the world.

    These two sofas are our top choices for mind-blowing style and elegance. All of these pieces are available for delivery in as little as 8 to 12 weeks and you can finance your purchases through Affinity. They are so mind-blowing that the conversations that start will never end. 

    San Diego Big Leather Sofa

    The San Diego Big Leather Sofa is one of our largest and most comfortable single unit sofas. Savor the extra-deep seating surface and oversized chaise lounge. Both are ideal for the whole family cuddling up together. Enjoy changing colors from LED lights, to set the mood for movie night or when you have trouble sleeping.

     The matching ottoman/coffee table is a beautiful compliment to the sofa. You can rest your favorite coffee table book, or drinks with coasters here easily. The oversized showcase arms are ideal for sitting snacks or a beverage. The display cases underarms are perfect for books or collectibles. 

    Starting at $3199 you can have this beautiful sofa in your home easily in as little as 8 weeks. Plan for the long winter months, when everyone will want to curl up and enjoy the indoor heating. 

    Orlando Two-Seater Sofa

    Our Orlando two-seater sofa is the perfect ultra-luxury leather sofa for smaller rooms and studios. This sofa features a glass showcase armrest with the option for LED lights. Fully adjustable headrests make it exceedingly comfortable to sit on and relax.

    Choose if you want a pull-out bed or recliners. These are perfect for when you have to host people overnight. Host with comfort, and turn any living room into a comfortable guest room.

    The price for the Orlando 2-seater starts at $1999. The Orlando is also available in a 3-seater as well as a full living seating suite.

    Find Out More From SofaDreams

    These two great sofas are just the beginnings of the amazing offerings that we have at SofaDreams. We invite you to take as long as you need to look over the whole site and choose which of our awesome furniture pieces would work best in your home. 

    If you need assistance deciding, please feel free to contact us. Let one of our expert furniture associates help you make the right choice. You can also order via phone if you desire or use our convenient and secure online ordering system. 

  • Top 3 Home Theater Couches, Sectionals, and Recliners

    Long gone are the days of everyone sitting in front of the TV in the family living room and watching a movie rented on VHS. We’d rent from the local video shop and use an impressive 45-inch projection screen TV. Today it’s all about comfort, immersive experiences, and theater-quality presentations of mega screens. There’s a reason we like high-quality furniture to go to the home cinema.

    Today is the era of the home theater. One of the most important parts of your home theater, is equally important to the audio and video equipment that you install. You have to choose theater seating carefully. 

    No matter how great the show, the family cannot enjoy it if they do not have any comfortable and stylish seating solution. Here at SofaDreams, we carry a broad selection of luxurious and comfortable leather home theater seating. Choose from a wide array of stylish designs.

    New York Leather Sectional

    Our famous New York Leather Sectional is one of our best-selling items of all time. Functional, comfortable, and perfectly balanced with style and sophistication, the New York in the CL configuration is the ideal sectional sofa for your home theater.

    Starting at only $4499, this sectional is available on our online store. You can have this gorgeous leather sectional now! The sofa features a chaise lounge, several available recliners, and even the option for a pull out bed. Host in your home in as fast as 8 weeks.

    Atlanta 3-Seater Sofa

    For a smaller theater space, why not choose our Atlanta 3 seater sofa. This designer inspired sofa features storage under the two pillow roll sidearms. The Atlanta has an extra deep seating surface from cuddling up with your favorite movie. Enjoy with family, thanks to three oversized fully adjustable headrests. 

    LED lights, the option for recliner functions, and the availability of a full suite to match make this the ideal choice for those who want all of the luxury and comfort of a home theater setup but wish to have more traditional style seating. Starting at $2299 you can enjoy this sofa in your home in as fast as 8 weeks. Pay less than $220 a month with financing.

    Relax Leather Theater Seating

    For the ultimate in-home theater seating luxury, the Relax Leather Theater Seating unit is the top choice in our offerings. This duel recliner features an extra-large center armrest, twin oversized cup holders, LED courtesy lighting, and full-motion power recline and relaxation options. The Relax Leather Home Theater Seating system starts at only $2999 and is deliverable in as fast as 8 weeks.

    Reach Out To SofaDreams Today

    Are you ready to start your order? Or would you like one of our luxury seating experts to assist you with making the best choice for your needs? SofaDreams wants to add some luxury to your home with select furniture.

    Please contact us. You can also get in touch with us via our on-site live chat, or via email. We look forward to working with you to select the best home theater seating for your needs. 

  • 2 Luxury Man Cave Couches and Sofas

    When it comes to finding the right sofa or sectional for your man cave, it’s not only important to find the one that fits your space the best, but also one that feels right for you and your buddies. Yet another one has the right type of upholstery to stand up to the rigors of game day activities. Here at we have a wide selection of premium top quality leather and fabric sofas that would be the perfect addition to your man cave.

    It doesn’t matter if it's boxing, hockey, football, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, auto racing, professional wrestling, video gaming, movies, or other pastimes that drive your passions, or even if it’s a mix of all of the above. We have the perfect sectional or couch for you and your friends to kick back and enjoy every minute.

    With upscale features like LED lighting systems, USB ports, and on some model’s heat, massage, and power motion options we can help you craft the perfect seating space for your man cave. In addition, we can help make you the captain of your own team.


    The Hollywood sectional is a great mid-sized luxury fabric sofa that would look great in any man cave or den. This sofa has a flexible arrangement system that includes an ottoman/coffee table and an oversized chaise lounge. The end caps are LED-lit side tables with book storage underneath. 

    This sofa is unique in the fact that it is both fabric (for the main upholstery) and leather (for the accents) giving you the look and feel of both. Starting at only $3499 with the option of additional white glove in-home installation for only $199, this sofa is a great choice for everyone, especially with low monthly payments of only $325 with financing by Affirm.

    San Antonio

    The San Antonio brings a modern flair to the traditional L shaped sectional while adding sophisticated styling to the classic Texas-style that is so popular these days for man caves and dens. This great looking sectional is as comfortable to relax on as it is to look at. The superior fabrics we have available for your upholstery choices are stain-resistant and easy to clean, not to mention extremely durable. 

    You can rest assured that they will stand up to even the rowdiest bunch of guys you could invite over for the game. The equilateral sides of the L mean this sofa could be set at a 45-degree angle easily so everyone has a great view of the big screen (other configurations also available see our full site listing for details). USB ports and Led lighting are included, as is the option for a perfectly matched coffee table.

    Add Comfort To Your Man Cave Setting

    These are just two of the great sectionals that we have available that are perfect for your man cave, den, or gaming room. In most cases, your new custom-built sofa can be in your home in as little as 8 weeks, and with financing, through Affirm you can enjoy your new furniture easier no matter what your budget. 

    Contact us today or use our convenient on-site chat system. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you to choose and order the perfect premium luxury sofa and accessories for your needs. We have dozens more here on our site, and invite you to take a look around to find the one that is perfect for you.

  • Modular Sectionals for Luxurious Living Spaces

    Your living room is one of the first places that guests see when they come over. It sets the tone for the rest of your house and lets guests know what to expect. One way you can make an impression and also add more entertaining space is with a modular sectional. 

    While traditional sections can look drab and even boring, modular sectionals have the modern look that you want. You can choose from a wide range of styles here at and find furniture for the other rooms in your home.

    Leather Sectionals

    Depending on the look and feel that you want to create, you may opt for one of our leather sectional sofas. The sectionals are available in small sizes for smaller rooms and both large and extra-large sizes for larger spaces. These sofas come in different designs named after some of the most popular cities in the world. 

    The Houston sofa is a U-shaped sofa that has sharp angles and a bold design that makes any room look futuristic and modern. If you go with the New York model, you'll a lounger on one end that is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Some of our smaller options have an L-shape with a lounge placed on either end such as the Orlando and Palm Beach.

    Fabric Sectionals

    If you have kids running around your house or one or more pets, you might consider one of our fabric sectionals instead. They are easier to clean and show less damage from climbing or claws. Balance comfort and style with this. 

    Our New York comes in a small design that features curved arms and a comfortable seating area, but you can also choose the New York sectional in a large or extra-large size. If you go choose our Seattle model, you'll love all the extra seating that you get and the bright LED lights that shine along the bottom. Some prefer our Atlanta model, which can seat up to three people.

    Modular Sofas for Outdoor Use

    The furniture that you use outside is just as important as the furniture you choose for inside your home. That is why we offer a number of modular patio sofas that can stand up to the bright sunshine and the rapid temperature changes that can occur. 

    You can mix and match pieces from different lines to create a custom design and have all the storage space that you need. One of our more popular sofas is Jacksonville, which has multiple storage areas and LED lights. Some prefer the L-shape of our Houston patio sofa.


    Here at, we specialize in creating modern and luxurious furniture with a European design. We give you different options when you buy any of our sectionals that let you customize your next sofa. You can choose one color for the cushions and another for the main part of the couch and add accents and lights too. 

    Use the contact form to give us your contact information. Then one of our reps to contact you, and give you the perfect sectional for your living space.

  • Top Modern Furniture From Sofa Dreams

    Choosing the perfect modern leather sofa for your living room can be an especially daunting task. You want one that suits both your personal style and your lifestyle as well. You also want a leather sofa that wears well and will look beautiful for years to come. You may not have ever bought a leather sofa for your home before this and don’t know too much about them. That's OK because we're here at Sofa Dreams to answer any questions you might have.

    Sofas For Small Spaces

    If you live in an apartment, condo, or small home with minimal space available for a large sofa, no problem. You don’t have to give up your dream of having a beautiful leather sofa in your living room just because you’re short on space. We carry a wide range of amazing pieces of furniture to fit your home perfectly.

    Two-Seater vs. Three-Seater

    Maybe a lush leather two-seater sofa would work perfectly for your living room space. On the other hand, if you have enough room for a three-seater, that might be even better. Either way, you can relax in style in any one of our space-saving modern furniture.

    Sofa Orlando

    For example, you might find that the trendy yet always elegant 2 seater leather sofa Orlando with optional LED lighting just might ignite your passion for leather sofas. It offers a two-tone design that personifies modern and is available in your choice of premium synthetic leather, Italian Nappa leather, or exceptionally exclusive buffalo leather. It’s also available in six beautiful colors of white, black, red, grey, beige, and ivory for both the main color and the secondary color. That means that you can get creative in choosing your ideal color combination for the two-tone design. Never has leather looked so good!

    Other Options for the Sofa Orlando

    With optional battery-powered LED lights in the armrests that change colors and include a remote control with a touch wheel for easy adjustment, as well as multifunctional headrests, this small-sized sofa could be the star of your living room. It also has storage space and a few optional features you might love, too, like the optional bed or relax functions. Don't need them? No problem, just order your Orlando sofa your way.

    Three-Seater Leather Sofa Atlanta

    If you’re lucky enough to have a bit more room in your living room, the luxurious 3 seater sofa Atlanta is definitely for you. It’s big enough and yet it’s the perfect alternative to larger sectionals. Use it alone or accompanied by one or two of our matching armchairs. Add a beautiful coffee table and you will have a very chic room indeed. This choice is truly elegant and ultra-modern with decorative striping and curved armrests. It’s available in three grades of leather and in a number of amazing colors from subtle to vibrant. This three-seater also has optional LED lights, relax function, and bed function.

    Big Leather Sofa San Diego

    On the other hand, if what you really need is a really large sofa to fill that big empty space in your living room, this is it. Not only is it 114.2 inches long and 53.1 inches wide but it’s all of those roomy inches of sheer leather luxury! This Big Leather Sofa San Diego is available with LED lights and in three amazing grades of leather and a wealth of amazing colors from black to white and everything in-between. This massive elegant leather sofa s also available with an optional bed that's the perfect size for when those out-of-town guests show up at your home.

    Smart Homes Are Here!

    These days, everything's about smart, smart, and smarter and our line of smart home furniture is the perfect way for turning your leather sofa into a smart sofa. You can even connect it to your Google home device or Amazon Alexa via integrated USB ports. It also includes a wireless phone charger and amazing LED lights in the armrests. This is the future of leather sofas and it's only available here at Sofa Dreams.

    Other Leather Sofas and Couches

    Relaxing in elegance on our modern leather sofas gives you the utmost in design and comfort. We sell many of the hottest leather sofas and sectionals with unique modern design from Europe. One look at our wide range of leather sofas designed to help you with the job of creating exactly the look that you desire for your living room, and you'll be hooked. Everybody usually has a spot in their living room that cries out for something really striking to fill it up. Well, we have a leather sofa or maybe even a leather sectional that would be perfect for that.

    Call Us Today

    If you think that you are ready to get started with choosing a modern leather sofa for your living room, contact us at Sofa Dreams (954) 762-7744.

  • U Shaped Sectionals Vs. L Shaped Sectionals: Buying Guide            

    Buying a sectional sofa is a great way to make sure that you use every inch of the available space in a room. These sofas work well in a living room or a family room and any other room where people gather. They consist of two or more pieces that combine to form one large couch. 

    The most common styles that you can choose from include L-shaped and U-shaped designs. You'll want to consider different things before you buy one of our sectionals.

    U-Shaped vs. L-Shaped Sectionals

    The first thing to consider is which of these designs is right for your home. A U-shaped sectional consists of one large piece in the center with two chaises or lounges on each end. As these sofas are much larger than L-shaped designs, you need to make sure that you have enough space for one. 

    They are great for entertaining guests. You'll have enough space for all your visitors and for big families on movie night. An L-shaped sectional consists of two sofa pieces that fit together in one corner. You can choose one that places the lounge on either side to make sure it fits in the room.

    Fabric or Leather?

    Another thing to consider is the sofa material that you prefer.  A leather finish feels so soft that you'll love rolling around on your new sofa, but it's also a little harder to clean. You may want to stick with fabric if you have kids or pets. Both dogs and cats can damage leather sectionals when they jump on certain pieces of furniture. You want to keep in the claw factor. 

    Fabric sectionals are easier to clean but may not have the expensive look that you want. We offer sectionals with both fabric and leather coverings that come in different colors. You can also choose an accent chair or color for the sectional that will work in your room.

    Size Matters

    Buying a new sectional also requires that you decide on what size you need. At SofaDreams, we offer fabric and leather sectionals in small, large and extra-large sizes. Our smallest options have the compact design that you need when you have limited space. If you have more room, you might go with a large sofa that has enough space for your immediate family. 

    Our extra-large sectionals are the largest that we offer and can accommodate multiple guests at a party. U-shaped sectionals typically come in large and extra-large sizes, while L-shaped sectionals are much smaller.

    Purchase More Than Sectionals From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we offer more than just European style sectionals. You'll also find armchairs and tables that will work with your new sofa and patio furniture that you can use outside on a porch or patio. All of our furniture is made in Europe with the best materials available. Each piece includes features you won't find on ordinary sectionals such as built-in LED lights. 

    To place an order for the perfect sectional, contact SofaDreams today online. Let’s add some variety to your decor and refined elegance. 

  • Top Modern Patio Sofas for Contemporary Homes

    Whether you throw backyard barbecues with your closest friends a few times in the summer or live in an area that allows for year-round entertaining, you need to make sure that you have outdoor furniture for your guests. Contemporary homes today require unique pieces that don't look like the same old patio furniture your parents had or those pieces that you can pick up at any big box store. At SofaDreams, we offer contemporary and modern patio sofas that you'll love.

    Los Angeles

    When you hear the word wicker, you might think about the living room furniture that Rose and the other Golden Girls had. While wicker can look a little old fashioned, the Los Angeles patio sofa features wicker with a modern edge. This sofa has a large center row with plenty of space for guests and two smaller sides that are perfect for one or two people. You can choose from colors such as red and cream and add a matching coffee table too.


    Though Hollywood is close to Los Angeles, the Hollywood patio sofa is quite different from the Los Angeles model. We recommend the U-shape for those who throw lavish parties and need more seating room. 

    The U-shaped patio sofa has a lounge area on one end where you'll want to stretch out with a good book or take a nap and tons of other space for when guests come over. We offer this sofa in light and neutral colors that will pair nicely with your outdoor decorations and any accent pillows that you might want to add later. This Hollywood sofa is also available in an L-shape.


    Give your guests all the space that they need and still have room for some of your entertaining supplies with this Houston. This Houston patio sofa comes with built-in shelving on each end that you can use for cooking supplies and outdoor lights or heaters. 

    You can also use that storage to add some party lights or other decorations. This sofa has a U-shape and built-in LED lights to add convenience. It has an attached lounge on one end and enough extra seats for six guests or more.


    With the Jacksonville patio sofa, you can bring home a touch of Florida no matter where you live. Many of our customers choose red cushions and a black sofa in this model, but we offer other color combinations that you can choose from too. The Jacksonville has built-in tables on each end that let guests keep their drinks nearby without spilling those liquids on the fabric. Those tables give you more storage too.

    Learn More From Sofa Dreams

    Who said your patio should be dull or boring? We offer patio furniture that can transform any outdoor space and make it as modern and contemporary as every other area of your home. 

    To reach SofaDreams or contact us on the web to find out more about all our patio sofas and how each one is perfect for your home.

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