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  • Modern Leather Sectional Sofa | Caring for Your Leather Furniture

    You can’t argue that a modern leather sectional sofa is a great investment for your home. If you ask any furniture expert, they would tell you that going for leather furniture is a good move because leather sofas are not only tastefully designed, they are also built to last for a long time owing to the material used but despite its durability, you still need to care for it.

    Clean Your Modern Leather Sectional Sofa Regularly

    If you don’t clean your sofa regularly, despite its durability, neglect will without doubt negatively affect its look. The amazing thing about leather is that you don’t have to clean it every day. Once or twice a week are enough. Use a soft cloth to dust off dust and dirt and use a vacuum to clean crevices in your sofa. After the dry cloth follow it up with damp cloth soaked in distilled water. Make sure it’s not soaking wet, just enough to wipe off the extra dirt. Leave it to dry.

    Apply Conditioner On Your Leather Sofa

    To keep your leather sofa soft and supple you need to help preserve its natural oils by regularly applying conditioner on the surface. This will also help prevent it from cracking and drying out. Applying conditioner will leave an extra layer of protection on your sofa against spills and stains.

    Keep It Away From Light And Heat

    Even if you regularly clean and apply conditioner on your sofa to keep it soft, if you position it on a spot that gets direct sunlight it will without doubt crack and dry out. Therefore, how you position your sofa matters a lot. Don’t just think about aesthetics. Make sure you put it in a place where sunlight and heat can’t reach it.

    where are good modern leather sectional sofa?

    Looking for a Modern Leather Sectional Sofa?

    If you have a modern leather sectional sofa at home, follow these tips to increase its lifespan and preserve its beauty. At Laser Restoration, we have a reputation for getting the job done right and on time. We will carry out your project with the utmost efficiency and commitment to quality, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure everything is completed according to your specifications. Call us today to learn more about our services.

  • Large Sectional Sofas | Sofa Placement 101

    Take a good look at your living room; what is the one thing that occupies the most space? It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Obviously, it’s your sofa. Regardless of the type of sofas you have whether these are large sectional sofas or L-shaped, you can immediately see that it takes up most of the space in your living room. This makes you wonder how can you arrange your furniture in a way that makes your living space aesthetically pleasing instead of looking congested.

    Think About Balance

    When it comes to arranging furniture, you have to consider balance. It’s a big no-no to place heavy objects on one side while leaving the other side bare. The secret is striking a balance to make your living room space look nice. Since living room sofas are bulky and take up a lot of space you should place something of equal weight from across it. You can either decorate the opposite side with a couple of coffee chairs to balance out the weight.

    Acknowledge Traffic Patterns

    Again, sofas are huge and they can compromise the traffic in the room. Aside from balance, you should also think about traffic patterns. When you’ve decided a place for your sofa, ensure that there is sufficient space where people can walk around freely without tripping In other words, carve out a clear path where people can easily move around without hitting anything.

    Large Sectional Sofas

    Sectional sofas are challenging because of their distinct shape. Many homeowners are tempted to just place it in one corner but the truth is, you can play around with sectional sofas and pull them away from the wall to take advantage of its shape and extra seating. You can even use them as dividers to separate your living room from your dining. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your sectional sofa because this type of sofa is very versatile despite its size.

    where are good large sectional sofas?

    Looking for Large Sectional Sofas?

    If you recently ordered large sectional sofas, these tips will surely come in handy. At Sofa Dreams, we provide a wide array of furniture pieces that combine aesthetics with functionality. You can be sure to find furniture pieces that will fit your home no matter what the theme is. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

  • Modern Corner Sofa | 3 Refreshing Ideas To Help Spruce Up Your Home

    Most if not all of us are under a lot of stress
    from having to deal with work, finances, businesses etc. Somehow, coming home
    to a clean and organized house helps alleviate the stress. Does your home
    release you from stress or does it add to your stress? If it’s the latter then
    it’s time you consider sprucing up your home.

    Worried that it’s going to cost you a great deal of money? Don’t fret because there are budget-friendly ways to improve the look of your home. Replacing your wallpaper, adding affordable ornaments and investing in a budget-friendly Modern Corner Sofa are a good start. Although simple, these decorative pieces can significantly change the look of your home.

    Paint Your Walls or Replace Your Wallpaper

    Overtime, your painted walls will lose their luster and you will also notice that some areas will start to chip and fade. If you opted to use wallpaper when you first moved in, it’s also highly likely that the corners of your wallpaper have already started to peel. You can have those ugly patches repainted or you can totally change the look of your walls by choosing a completely different wallpaper design. The decision is up to you. Changing the color of your walls can have a huge impact on the overall look of your space.

    Discover Cheap Decorative Pieces At Flea

    Flea markets sell decorative and antique pieces
    that cost less compared to home decors sold at malls. You don’t need a lot.
    Just a few statement pieces will do. You can add one to two ornaments for your
    living room end table and mix it with real or artificial plants to balance out
    the design.

    Invest In A Modern Corner Sofa

    Do you have a bare corner in
    your home that you want to decorate? To maximize the space, we recommend you
    invest in a modern corner sofa. Make sure that the color blends with the rest
    of your home.

    Wallpaper, cheap ornaments and a Modern Corner Sofa are three key ingredients that will radically change your home. At Sofa Dreams, we provide a wide array of furniture pieces that combine aesthetics with functionality. You can be sure to find furniture pieces that will fit your home no matter what the theme is. Visit our website or call us today to learn more.

  • U Shaped Couches | 3 Essential Interior Design Concepts

    One of the newest innovations in home sofa design is the development of the U-shaped couch. This piece is unique in the way that it broadens the concepts of interior design. Here are three important factors you should be familiar with.


    Proportion defines how space is used and how traffic moves. This is an important step in establishing a certain flow to your space. The principles of scale and proportion ensure that objects placed in a space look like they belong to each other. Be it the size, dimension, shape or color of the objects, harmony should be established between them and a proportion has to be maintained. For example, a high ceiling environment implies that high rise furniture should be preferred over low-rise furniture like ottomans. Also, understuffed pillows would make a big sofa look empty and under-accessorized, thus disrupting the harmony and proportion that is supposed to exist.


    Distribution of elements is key to forming a friendly and
    inviting space. The principle of balance refers to the ordered distribution of
    elements of equal visual weight to achieve a visual equilibrium. Balance is only
    achieved when the visual weight of the elements is evenly distributed along a
    central axis or point that can be both real and imaginary. Balance can be
    achieved by three popular ways namely Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and Radial. In
    Symmetrical, a space is divided into two equal halves centered on a central
    axis and both the halves are equally compensated to give out a calm feel to the
    living space. In Asymmetrical, any odd number of elements can be used by
    keeping an imaginary central axis as the focal point.


    Contrast refers to the difference in the luminance or color of objects that differentiates them from one another. In interior design, contrast can be achieved by three elements namely color, form and space. One can use pillows or prints of two opposite colors like black and white to achieve contrast and make an object distinguishable. Contrast can also be achieved by combining two or more forms; for example, one can combine a circular mirror and a rectangular sofa to balance and distribute the attention between both the items. One can also achieve contrast in a living space by dividing the available space efficiently into usable positive and negative spaces.

    U Shaped Couches

    Sofa Dreams is here to change the way you view your living room with state of the art furniture. Call today if you have any questions.

  • Modern Sectional Sofas | Home installation Service

    Having a professional team set up your space for you is a great way to beat the stress of moving or renovating your home. Here are two great reasons to let us do the heavy lifting.


    Even if you think you know the best spots to put your new home furniture, it can be hard to determine the right placement until you see the pieces in your space and how they fit. Even then, it can still be challenging to figure out the best arrangement for the furniture based on how the space is used, partner feedback, the size of the space, and the personalities that will be utilizing it. With a professional team, however, you’ll gain valuable insights from experienced installers who know how to optimize a space based on your unique needs.

    Efficiency and Safety

    Installing furniture in your home can be an incredibly time-consuming task and take valuable hours away from your work. Installations can also be disruptive to people who are working from home, resulting in lost productivity. But with professional installation, you’ll have your living room back up and running and functioning optimally in no time. While it may not seem that difficult to install your new furniture, if you trust yourself to do the job, you risk damage to the pieces or improper set-up that could result in injuries to you or your new furniture. That’s why it’s best to hire specially-trained furniture installers who have the proper tools and knowledge to assemble and arrange your pieces correctly so you can be reassured in your space.

    Modern Sectional Sofas

    Sofa Dreams is the premier producer of sleek modern furniture made with quality and innovative German design. Call today if you have any questions about our line of sectionals or sofas.

  • Leather Sectional Sofa | A Guide to Leather

    When looking for your next piece of furniture it is important to consider the grade of leather being used. Having thick, high quality leather will mean your furniture will last for years.


    The best quality leather is often considered to be full grain leather. This means that the leather has not been sanded or buffed in any way, leaving the original thickness of the skin. Keeping all of the leather’s grain makes it stronger, and more resistant to weather and wearing over time. This leather is often used for high end hand bags, furniture, and footwear.


    This type of leather is the most commonly used on consumer goods like handbags, wallets, and other accessories. It has minor imperfections removed and is thinner, making it easier to work with. This type of leather has been sanded and given a finish to make to smooth to the touch.


    Often used for luxury footwear, suede is the napped surface
    of the underside of the skin. While suede is soft and feels nice, it can be
    vulnerable to the elements and can be damaged by exposure to water or other
    liquids. Because cowhide is very thick, goat and lambskin are usually used to
    make suede.

    Genuine Leather

    This type of leather is often confused for full or top grain
    leather due to its name, however it is standard quality. Genuine leather has
    had an artificial grain applied to its surface and is sprayed with dye or stain
    to give it a more natural appearance.

    Bonded Leather

    Bonded leather s the lowest quality of leather available.
    This type of leather is made by shredding scraps of leather into a pulp, which
    is bonded together using artificial chemicals. There Is usually no way of
    telling how much is leather-pulp and how much is chemical.

    Leather Sectional Sofa

    Sofa Dreams is here to provide our customers with the most modern designs made in Germany. By combining comfort with futuristic aesthetic, we provide the ultimate lounge piece.

  • Modern Luxury Sectionals | Essential Tips

    Finding the right piece of furniture for your home is a big
    commitment, especially if you’re in your home for the long term. Here are some
    tips to help you get started.


    Color is one of the most important parts of finding your next sofa. Take a look at the color scheme of the room where it will go and try to find a color that will match the feel of the room. Keeping a look consistent through your home is a must for any fashion savvy collector. Texture is also an important factor in creating an aesthetic. The difference between leather and fabric can be huge for the way your living space looks. Having a consistent aesthetic around your home will make it much more visually appealing and relaxing.


    The second most important factor in finding your next large sectional is function. You want to consider how often you use your sofa and where it will be placed. If you’re going to be using your sofa for a home theatre setup, one with recliners and cup holders would be ideal, for example. You wouldn’t want your new sofa to seem unstable or made of inferior materials. Test out your sofa beforehand to make sure its sturdy and ready to last many years to come.

    Modern Luxury Sectionals

    Sofa Dreams is here to provide you with the most futuristic designs and quality to last a lifetime. Call today if you have any questions about our line of luxury sectionals and sofas.

  • Furniture and Your New Home

    Chicago Moving Service Chicago Moving Service

    Moving into a new home is an exciting process regardless of where you're at in life. It's a fresh start
    that reinvigorates all aspects of your daily activities, and is sometimes even accompanied by
    another major life change such as a marriage or career change which makes it all the more special.
    Regardless of your reasons for moving in or out of the area, furniture is a big aspect of the process.
    Whether it's finding the most trustworthy business to move your loved pieces with care or getting
    the best possible new pieces to purchase for your new digs, preparing your new home certainly
    comes with some work.

    Cities are home to a multitude of moving professionals as well as furniture stores and custom
    furniture makers, and this simultaneously makes your job harder and easier. The reason why we say
    this because it can be hard to know who to put your your trust and hard earned money with! When
    you're looking for furnishings, you want something that is both functional for your personal life and
    easy on the eyes for daily use. Each room is a different challenge. If you're truly a trendsetter, it's
    even more important to stay on top of the latest fashion as far as furniture is concerned, and this
    might mean that you buy pieces more than the average homeowner.

    Luxury furniture such as the sofas and sectionals available at Sofa Dreams will prove that there's a
    one stop shop for all of your furnishing needs. Their selection goes beyond this with coffee tables
    and patio sofas with deluxe style and functionality. With both modern and classic styles available,
    it's safe to say there's a little something for everybody and their custom sense of style. When you're
    in Chicago and looking for the right people to help you move your furniture in the most efficient
    way possible, you can put your trust into Chicago Moving Service.