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  • How to Pair Sectional Sofas and Coffee Tables

    The way you feel when you walk into your living room can heavily depend on the furniture that you choose. When you pick a coffee table for your sectional that is too big, you might feel like you're constantly tripping over it. Even worse, the table is always in the way. 

    If the coffee table is too small, you won't have enough room to play games with your friends or for the decorative items that you want to display. Then your family room may feel impractical. 

    When you buy your new sofa and coffee table from SofaDreams, you can pick up some tips on how to pair sectional sofas and coffee tables. You can also find some new furniture for your home.

    Size Matters

    Size is important when choosing a coffee table to go with your sectional. If you pick one that is too large and have a sectional with recliners, you won't have enough room to kick up your feet. By the same token, a small coffee table will limit what you can do with the available space.

    We recommend that you measure the size of the room and pick furniture that will fit the space. You want a coffee table that stretches across the length or center portion of the sectional such as our New York coffee table. It has a large base with a clear glass top.

    Maintain The Flow Of Traffic

    This tip is especially important for those with an L-shaped sectional. These sectionals have one arm or side that extends out further than the rest of the sofa to form a lounge. The coffee table should be long enough that it stretches across the center of the couch but not so long that it blocks the lounger. 

    If you pick a longer coffee table, you'll need to use it at an angle to the couch. This arrangement can make sitting down awkward or uncomfortable. Our San Diego rectangular coffee table with its glass plate top is a good option.

    Consider the Height

    The height of the coffee table is something you might not consider but something you should think about. You generally want a table that is within one to two inches of the total height of the couch. When the table is too short, you need to constantly lean over to grab anything off the top. 

    If you choose a table that is too tall, you and your family will keep knocking into that table. We recommend the Houston coffee table, which has slanted sides to reduce some of those bumps.

    Make The Match With Different Style Coffee Tables

    The Detroit and Jacksonville coffee tables are some of the popular choices for those who want something different because they feature unique angles. The Detroit table has a rectangular surface but has a structure that will resemble your large ottomans. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville side table has a wavy pattern that will remind you of the Florida beaches. 

    Our Los Angeles coffee table is popular today because it has both a clear glass plate on the top and a display area below. The shape is also atypical and will enhance a room’s aesthetics. 

    You might like the Dallas coffee table with built-in lights too. The octagonal shape makes it very communal and allows for extra seating. 

    Find A Coffee Table At SofaDreams

    When you shop for sectionals at SofaDreams, it's easy to find matching coffee tables. Match designs with your rule of thumb. Nearly every sofa sectional that we sell has a coffee table that uses the same design and materials. 

    You can fit them in any small space. Stop struggling to find the perfect coffee table to match your sectional. Contact us to make the best match today.

  • Contemporary Sectional Sofa Style Guide

    Getting a living room sofa doesn’t simply mean you limit yourself to what is comfortable for sitting. You can upgrade so that a sofa can serve as a bed for guests, charge your phones, and meet modern decor standards while you watch television. 

    Styles Of Sofa

    There are several types of sofa that you can use for organizing your living room. Watching TV doesn’t have to mean lying down on the stiff fabric and rolling around to avoid bedsprings. You can also keep up with modern interior design trends, and make your living room a hit with friends. The right sofa can make a difference in balancing valuable surface area with comfort and aesthetics.  

    Standard sectional sofas are sofa sets that can either stand apart or converge depending on the arrangement you prefer. You can make an L shape, or a very long sitting area, as one example. Or you could spread the pieces around a room so that everyone has personal space to sit back and relax, or you can use the floor for carpeting. Such arrangements allow for more flexibility. Sectional sofas tend to comprise of a sofa, chaise lounge, and love seat.  

    Modular sofas are similar to sectionals. They are meant to have smaller furniture pieces that are more chair-shaped so that you have more flexibility with the arrangement. Modular sofas tend to have a vaster amount of pieces in a set. 

    Modern Sectional Sofas

    At SofaDreams, you can find a wide selection of modern sofas. We have pieces in leather and fabric, and some with custom options. You can get a reclining sectional, that will allow you to relax in the privacy of your home. Or you can get a curved sectional and adds harmony to a room with a circular shape. We use genuine leather rather than faux leather, and promise sturdy structures as well as high quality.

    One such model would be the Silvio, which is designed to have a sleek look to add elegance to any room. They will make your living room into an elaborate guest area to entertain visitors and family. You can get it in black, white or grey, from light to neutral palettes. Choose if you want the loveseat and armchairs to go with the sofa.  

    The Natali is great for when you want a more casual look that is still modern. This uniquely shaped sectional has sections with additional adjustable headrests and minimalist design. It’s sleek and compact, which is great for rooms with smaller spaces. 

    Get Your Fabric Or Leather Sectionals Today

    SofaDreams likes finding the latest European styles and bringing them to you. In addition to sofas, we display boxspring beds, patio furniture, and more! If you want a new coffee table that looks stylish while entertaining guests, then we have you covered. Or get that perfect sleeper sofa.

    Contact us today. We’ll help you find pieces of furniture that add glamour to your living room. SofaDreams knows you can find that perfect sectional, whether in fabric or leather. 

  • U Shaped Sectionals From Sofadreams

    Choosing the ideal modern leather sofa can be a daunting task. You want one that suits both your personal style and your lifestyle. That can prove interesting when we figure out which models match solid wood or carpets. 

    A leather sofa should last for years. Do you need help buying one for your home? Sofadreams can answer your questions.

    Sofas For Small Spaces

    If you live in an apartment, condo, or small home with minimal space available for a grand sofa, no problem. You don’t have to give up your dream of having a beautiful leather sofa in your living area. We carry a wide range of amazing pieces of furniture to fit your home.

    Two-Seater Vs. Three-Seater

    A lush leather two-seater sofa would fit your movie area or living room. A three-seater model works for large gatherings. Either way, you can relax in style in any of our space-saving modern furniture.

    Sofa Orlando

    The 2-seater might ignite your passion. It offers a two-tone design that personifies modernity. We like this trendy yet elegant design for representing Orlando accurately.  

    Select from various leather options: premium synthetic, Italian Nappa, or exclusive buffalo. Choose either white, black, red, gray, beige, and ivory for both the main color and the secondary color. You can get creative in choosing your ideal color combination. Never has leather looked so good!

    Other Options For The Sofa Orlando

    This small-sized sofa could be the star of your living room. It has optional battery-powered LED lights in the armrests that change colors and include a remote control with a touch wheel for easy change and multifunctional headrests. It carries ample storage space and a few optional features you might love, too, like the bed or relax functions. Don’t need them? No problem, just order your Orlando sofa your way.

    Three-Seater Leather Sofa Atlanta

    If you’re lucky enough to have more space, the luxurious 3 seater sofa Atlanta is for you. It’s the perfect alternative to larger sectionals. Use it alone or add one or two of our matching armchairs. 

    Add a stylish coffee table or throw pillow, and you will have a very chic room. This choice is elegant and ultra-modern with decorative striping and curved armrests. It’s available in three grades of leather and in several amazing colors from subtle to vibrant. This three-seater also has optional LED lights, relaxation mode, and bed function.

    Big Leather Sofa San Diego

    Do you need a large sofa for bigger groups? The sofa measures at 114.2 inches long and 53.1 inches wide. This Big Leather Sofa San Diego is available with LED lights and in three amazing grades of leather. 

    Choose from a wealth of amazing colors from black to white and everything in-between. This massive, elegant leather sofa comes with an optional bed that’s the perfect size for when those out-of-town guests show up at your home.

    Smart Homes Are Here!

    More users are implementing artificial intelligence into their homes. Our line of smart home furniture with integrated USB ports is the perfect way for turning your leather sofa into a smart one. 

    You can even connect it to your Google Home device or Amazon Alexa; use the wireless phone charger and amazing LED lights in the armrests. The future of leather sofas has arrived. Only Sofadreams carries it.

    Get Your Curved Sofa Today

    Sofadreams likes to find the most luxurious furniture that Europeans consider exclusive. Our experts seek piece sectionals that will match the modern home. One look at our wide range of leather sofas designed to help you with the job of creating the dream look with accent chairs. 

    If you think you are ready to get started with choosing your furniture set, contact us at Sofadreams. We’ll help you find matching items for your home, and to keep everyone comfortable.

  • Top 7 Corner Sofas With Recliners

    Do you love the feel of sitting in a recliner while you watch a television show or curl up with a good book? Recliners have some good benefits, including keeping your back in the perfect position and reducing the tension on your lower body. Though you might think that you need a recliner just like the one Joey and Chandler had on Friends, you can get the feel of a power recliner with a brand new sofa. 

    Here at SofaDreams, we offer some great corner sofas with recliners that have the modern look that you love. You can check out some of our top modern designs. Then contact us with any questions you might have about recliner couches or sofa sets.

    Sectional Lounges

    Some of our favorite corner sofas are the sectional lounges that we offer. Suitable for homes of all sizes, these sofas let you get the design that you want in your home without losing a lot of space. 

    Our Boston sectional has a futuristic look that includes bold blue lights on the lounger and deep black leather cushions. You can opt for different colors too. An optional bed and coffee table will provide full comfort. 

    The Los Angeles sectional is another popular small sofa. This sofa likes to provide a subtle aesthetic to match any room. We offer this is a modern white leather option with black accents that can update your living room in seconds.

    Go Italian

    İtalian Sofa Witn Recliner

    We highly recommend that you check out our amazing Italian leather sofas before you make your final decision. Made from the same commercial leathers used in boots and other clothing products, it will make you want to roll around on the sofa as soon as it gets in your home. 

    We like the Pisa sofa for those with more space because it has recliners on both ends. In addition, you can adapt the configuration to various spaces. 

    You might like the Ajax sofa too, especially if you have less room. It includes three seats and has both a lounge and a recliner. This lets you get comfy while your loved one takes a nap or stretches out. 

    The Adoni sofa has a similar design and an attached recliner. Made of premium thick Italian leather, the sofa includes adjustable headrests and comes in several different colors. Take advantage of the foam cushions to sit comfortably. 

    Other Choices

    The best corner sofas with recliners for you will depend on the available space in your living room. Many people with larger rooms like the Maggio sofa, which comes in multiple colors. It has a more traditional design that includes stitches around the leather to form the outline of cushions. The back of the sofa is deeper and larger than those found on other couches, which can help you feel more comfortable too. 

    If you want a complete look and have more space, you might consider a set such as the Massimo set. The memory foam supplies the utmost comfort. Not only will you get two couches with recliners, but you'll also get a separate matching recliner too.

    Order Your Recliner Sofa Today

    Are you tired of searching the web for the best corner sofas and are ready to bring one home today? Look no further! At SofaDreams, we can help you get a corner sofa with a recliner made to order based on the colors and materials that you choose. 

    Place an order for a comfy and stylish corner sofa with recliner today or contact us with questions about how long shipping takes or financing your purchase. Why wait when you already know what you want? 

  • Customizable Couches With USB Ports

    Sofa Dreams welcomes you into the future. Our modern couches are so comfortable and convenient, you won’t ever feel the need to get up from them. You can adjust the backrest and lift the leg rest to get comfortable while watching your favorite movie, taking a nap or reading a book. 

    At Sofa Dreams, we prioritize your comfort with power reclining. We are flexible manufacturers that give you the luxury of personalizing your sofa to resemble the one in your dreams. Our customizable couches come with USB ports. 

    USB ports give you the convenience of charging your phone, tablet and any other device. You don’t have to get up from the couch and end up missing an essential detail in the plot of your favorite TV show. Discover our customizable couches with USB Ports below. 

    Modern Corner Sofas With USB Ports

    Fabric Sofa Hollywood XL Shape LED With USB Connection 

    You can customize this Hollywood sofa to your liking. With our online platform, you can easily choose what kind of fabric you prefer such as Woven Fabric Hugo, Microfiber Fabric Minerva, or Fabric Sun Velvet. You can also select the color you would like the fabric to be so that it matches your living room’s style and color palette. 

    Fabric Sofa New Jersey XL Shape LED With USB Connection 

    Step into the future with this New Jersey Fabric sofa. This beauty has LED lights that accentuate the structure of the couch. If you are watching a movie at night with your family, the blue LED lights will guide you to the couch effortlessly. 

    The headrests are adjustable so you can elevate it to accommodate your height and enhance your comfort. The large sectional sofa allows you to cuddle with your family or nap comfortably with enough space to toss and turn. 

    Luxury Sectional Sofa Hollywood L Shape With LED USB

    This Luxury Sectional Sofa is for kings and queens. Multitask and charge your phone into the USB port while watching TV, this way you won’t miss any calls or important messages. Lay back, relax and read your book on this large sectional sofa. Along with a variety of customizable options, you can alter the orientation of the ottoman to the direction of your choice to go with the feng shui of your home. 

    Fabric Sofa Daytona L Short

    This Fabric Sofa is shorter to maximize your space but comes with the same comfort and enjoyment as the rest of our couches. You can select the type of fabric, color, and orientation of ottoman to go with your preference and style. Charge multiple devices while you rest and enjoy the soft glow of the LED light that comes from the sofa. 

    Sit Back And Relax With Sofa Dreams

    At Sofadreams, it’s a dream come true for us to be part of your home. Sofas bring people closer together and allow individuals to bond over a film or simply to sit around comfortably drinking coffee. To make this possible for you with reclining sofas and more is truly an honor to us. 

    If you have any questions or comments contact us and our team of experts will assist you. We hope you are happy with your purchase and welcome any feedback that you have. 

  • 5 Ultra Modern Beds for 2020

    Experts say that optimizing our sleep optimizes our lifespan in the long run. We want to make our bedroom a haven that improves our sleeping habits. That means finding a furniture piece that adds a touch of comfort and luxury. When you turn off the lights and tuck in between the sheets, you deserve the best bed.

    Our Beds For Your Modern Home

    At Sofadreams, all of our modern beds will assist in improving the home decor and nighttime habits. You want to feel like royalty when taking your much-needed rest. That way you can wake up with a bright smile and your energy renewed.

    The Rockdale is our top recommendation, with how it promises elegance and practicality. So that you don’t need to worry about charging your electronics, the bed comes with multiple USB chargers. Control the LED lights to create a gentle ambiance rather than a harsh one, to soothe your dog to sleep. Choose vibrant colors to brighten the room or neutral tones for your palette.

    If you want a more compact bed, the Clayton model is a good choice and comes with storage. The woven pattern means that it will provide a unique texture to a room. The headboard contains lighting that is highly adjustable.

    When you want to feel like you’re getting the hotel treatment, the Hampton bed can provide that. You can convert your bedroom into a deluxe suite by assembling this model. A large headboard with comfortable squares will assist.

    The mattress cover will regulate moisture and keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Several bed sizes can assist with large or small spaces, so no room is too small.

    Another form of luxury is the Plaza Modern bed, which will remind you of New York vacations and winters at the Rockefeller. You get three layers for lying down, and a quilted headboard that you’ll often see in hotel suites.

    The Luxus boxspring is good when you have a larger bedroom or multiple people sharing the same mattress. It has springy comfort that will not sag when you lie down and provide ample elasticity. The steel bedframes are guaranteed to last for a long time, which is good when you have kids in the house.

    Interior Design Trends

    2020 promises nostalgia mixed with a desire to look toward the future. We have engaged in a return to the 1970s in 2019, and currently, designers wish to merge practical needs with gorgeous aesthetics.

    More homeowners will also want to go green. That means creating a living space with more natural light and recycled building materials. We look forward to seeing canopy beds made with repurposed wood and integrating other natural materials.

    Open space houses are a growing trend as well. By this we mean rather than separate rooms with different functions, you have interiors without walls that say combine kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Furniture needs to be spaced appropriately so it can match your sofas and home office desk.

    Our bed will ensure that you stay on top of these trends, and stay efficient.

    Get Your Sleeping Station From Sofadreams

    Sofadreams keeps up to date on the modern lifestyle trends for interior design. Comfortable furniture should contain an aura of luxury. We want to add vibrancy and elegance to your bedroom.

    Reach out to us today to find your new furniture pieces. We’ll add some bright colors and modernity to your interior decor, and make you feel comfortable while doing it.

  • 3 Modern Sectionals That Will Wow Your Guests

    Impress Your Guests With Contemporary Sectionals

    As much as you love guests coming over for a few hours to hang out, you may not like the setup of your living room. Depending on the furniture that you have, your guests may need to sit on different pieces of furniture, which keeps them from interacting the way you want. That’s not fun for a living area. A tiny couch or sofa can leave visitors feeling cramped and as if they're sitting right on top of each other. 

    At SofaDreams, we offer some great modern and contemporary sectionals that will not only wow your guests but also create a functional entertaining space. You can go beyond the mid-century coffee table, and find a sofa set to house your guests comfortable. 

    Beverly Hills Leather Sectional

    C and U sectional sofas are great options for large living spaces because they provide as much space for guests as possible. One of our top models is the Beverly Hills Sectional, which can make guests feel as if they just sat down at an upscale bar in the heart of that city. 

    C-sectionals are a nice choice for those who want something a little different from the traditional U-shaped sectionals. One end has a large attached lounger, while the other features a curved piece. Your guests can stretch out as much as they want and chat or play games.

    Daytona Sectional

    You don't need a ton of space to add a sectional to your living room, which the Daytona sectional proves. This sectional has just two seats, which makes it a good choice for romantic nights at home. 

    If you want to impress your special guest, you can't be so wrong with this sofa. It has a vibrant design with red accents around the base and large black cushions on top, though you can choose a different color combo. With the included ottoman, your special guest can relax and get comfortable as you watch movies or just spend time together. It's also a nice little sectional for gaming too.

    Fabric Options Too

    While the last two sectionals use leather, you might prefer fabric couches for entertaining. We offer some nice choices such as the Houston sectional, which comes in different sizes and colors. These sectionals have a U-shape and come with enough space for six or more guests. You'll also find soft cushions for lounging on and storage spaces for games and other entertaining supplies. 


    The Columbia sectional is popular with those who like textured fabric as it has stitching that mimics the look of a traditional Chesterfield sofa but gives that classic look a modern edge. You might like the Orlando sectional too. This modern sectional has so much space that guests can stretch out and lay down when they spend the night. It also comes in a contemporary color combo of black and white.

    Choose SofaDreams For Your Next Sectional

    At SofaDreams, we offer sectionals inspired by modern European designs made and assembled in Europe. We never use the cheap parts and materials found in designs from China and other countries. Our customer service will be happy to help you pick your modern sofa or console table. 

     Contact us today online or over the phone to find out about shipping and other details before you order a modern sectional. You get the modern and contemporary sectionals that will wow your guests and last for years.

  • 3 Best Game Room Couches And Sofas

    The Ultimate Game Room Furniture For Your Home

    Having a dedicated game room is a dream for many. Whether you like playing ping pong and pool or prefer video games, you need a space specifically for those activities. If you Livestream your videos or want to do Skype calls with fellow fans, then you want an appropriate space and comfortable recliner sofas. It’s like having a second living room!

    The room offers more than space for game room seats. You can use decorations such as posters from your favorite films and memorabilia from your favorite teams on the walls. If you feel musical, add a stereo system for listening to music and hearing your video games in brilliant clarity. 

    One other thing you should consider is the furniture that you'll use in that room. At SofaDreams, you'll find a range of couches and sofas that are perfect for any game room. Get your game on with black leather, or invest in extra seating. We have it all. 

    Concept Leather Couch

    Our concept leather couch isn't right for everyone or every room, but if you have the necessary space, this is a great option. It looks as if someone took a large circle and split it down the middle. 

    This couch has a large curve along the back with leather seats that provide space for up to six gamers or more. When you're home alone, you'll love lounging as you watch movies and play video games. As guests come over to play, you can each have your own space with some room left for chilling time.

    Atlanta Couch

    We named some of our top couches after popular cities across the United States, including the Atlanta couch. This leather sofa has two seats but more space than you might expect because it's a little larger than most traditional two-seat sofas. 

    The curved and padded arms on each end keep you from feeling fatigued during long gaming sessions. When you have guests, they can sit on the arms as they watch others play. It also has a high back to add to your comfort and built-in storage on each end. That storage lets you display decorative items and keep extra supplies nearby.

    San Diego Couch

    You don't need to live in California to use the casual decorating style of that state in your home. With the San Diego couch, you can add a touch of California cool to your game room and make sure that you have all the space that gamers need. 

    This extra-large sofa comes in a few color combos, though many shoppers like the black and white version that features a white base with black cushions. It offers space for gamers to relax between sessions and for them to unwind at the end of a match. You might like that the San Diego couch comes with built-in lights too that you can use when playing video and other types of games.

    Find High-Quality Furniture For Gamers At SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we believe that all gamers deserve some great furniture. That is why we encourage shoppers to look at our couches and sofas online before they get in touch with us. You can get an idea of which pieces will look the best in your game room based on your decorating style. 

    To get the best furniture for your game room, use our contact form, which you can access online. We offer both leather upholstery and fabric sofas as well as sectionals that look great in larger rooms. Let us add the right gaming couches to your space, so you can have comfortable fun. 


  • Luxurious Three Seat Sofas That are Perfect for All Living Rooms

    In most homes, the living room is the center or the hub of the home. It's where you relax after a long day of work and watch television or movies with your kids. The living room is also where you hang out with friends and spend time with loved ones. 

    Depending on the vibe or feeling that you want to create, you might look for three-seater couches for that room. These sofas have room for you to sit with others or spread out on your own and come in some great options. At SofaDreams, we offer some amazing and luxurious three-seater sofas in different designs and leather options.

    Palm Beach Sofa

    The Palm Beach sofa appeals to those who want something with a great design that also has three seats. This model features a quilted design that gives the leather cover a brand new look and feel. Thanks to the L-shape, you have the perfect place to kick up your heels and rest your feet when you get home from work. Many shoppers also love the built-in storage cubbies that feature LED lighting too.

    Boston Sofa

    As you shop for a new living room sofa, you might give some thought to futuristic designs such as the Boston sofa. The LED lights on this one sit on the top of the couch and help create a fun effect in your home. 

    Those lights can set a romantic mood when you want to enjoy a night with your significant other and create a party effect when you have friends over for the night. This sofa also has a futuristic look that incorporates dark accent colors in the included cushions.

    Los Angeles Sofa

    All of the products available from SofaDreams uses the names of popular American cities. With the Los Angeles sofa, you can lean back and imagine that you're in the heart of one of the top destinations in California. This sofa comes standard with a white leather color that is great for most homes. It uses accents of black leather and has built-in storage that can hold liquor bottles, magazines, books and anything else you want to keep around.

    Daytona Sofa

    Named after the city in Florida that is famous for its local racetrack, the Daytona sofa has a unique look that many love. This sofa uses bold shades of both black and red and comes with an ottoman that gives you more room to stretch out. With the built-in lights and rounded edges, this is a good choice for your living room or game room but you can also use it in a rec room or theater room. It has three seats too.

    Get Real Leather From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, you can purchase leather three-seater sofas made in Europe that use classic and modern designs. We make it easy to find unique furniture that looks great in your home but also lets you sit comfortably as you read, watch television, play video games or chat with guests.

    Contact us to find out about our financing options or to see how long it takes to get your dream leather sofa delivered today. Find out which recliner chair or sectional sofa will ease your relaxation experience. 


  • 7 Futuristic Coffee Tables to Complete Your Modern Apartment Design

    Futuristic Coffee Tables to Complete Your Modern Apartment

    When most people think of coffee tables, they think of the wood and metal designs that are available from most commercial stores. At, we want you to know that there are alternatives out there. 

    Our futuristic coffee tables look like furniture from another world or those that you see on the screen in some of your favorite films and television shows. When you choose one of our top leather or fabric options, you'll get a unique coffee table that your guests love as much as you do.

    Leather Coffee Tables

    Many of our leather coffee tables feature leather accents around the edges and a large glass plate in the center. The open space beneath that glass is the perfect place to display some of your favorite artwork or other pieces, though you can also add some new decorations to your designated space. 

    While the Los Angeles table has a larger design with sharp lines and thick edges, the San Diego is more basic. The latter has a square shape that takes up less space and a large glass center. Many customers also like the leather Hollywood table because it has unique lines to create a table that supports the glass top.

    Fabric Coffee Tables

    Whether you pick a U-shaped couch or an L-shaped sectional, you might like the look of one of our smaller fabric coffee tables. You can place it right in the center of the couch and have space for your items and the belongings of your guests. 

    The Detroit table has a great look that features geometric shapes below a glass top. With the New York model, you'll have more space than you might need. This coffee table looks great when paired with a U-shaped sectional or any other type of couch. Not only does it have space below for decorations and other items, but it has a large glass surface for your drinks, snacks, and games.

    Add Fun and Style

    All of our futuristic coffee tables let you add both fun and style at the same time. With the Charlotte, you get a round table with designs around the sides and a top that you can remove as needed. The interior provides some extra storage too. When you choose the leather or fabric San Francisco, you get the elegant styling that you want and the sharp lines that make the room look more contemporary and modern.

    Our Coffee Tables

    The biggest benefit of choosing one of our coffee tables is that you can customise the design you like the best. Not only do we offer different colours for those tables, but you can add LED lights to some designs. This gives you more light in the room and adds to the futuristic look you want to create. 

    For the best in futuristic coffee tables, turn to Contact us today to get an idea about how you can customise one of our futuristic coffee tables to better fit with the modern design of your apartment.

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