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  • L Shaped Sofas

    When is the last time you changed out a major piece of furniture? If you're like most people, then you've held onto a few things for years. Conservation-minded individuals will tell you that it's great to keep a shaped couch because another new one doesn't have to be made in its place as a result.

    Unfortunately, so many pieces are made to be thrown out in our society. Companies don't put together long-lasting furniture. They want you to keep buying stock.

    Try European-inspired L-shaped sofas from Sofadreams and experience the difference. You'll hold onto yours for years to come because it's made by German technicians who want their furniture to last. Imagine any of these options sitting in your own living room.

    Modern L-Shaped Sectional

    If you're looking for something that can serve as a drop-in replacement for an older couch and hold onto its sheen for quite a while, then take a look at the San Antonio L Shaped sofa. It comes with a number of optional extras, including LED mood lighting.

    Even other pieces of furniture that can match well with it. Use the San Antonio to set the tone for a living room. You can get one in your choice of patterns and textures, too, so you'll be able to find something that fits your home.

    Leather L Shaped Sectionals

    Do you prefer traditional coverings on your ultramodern furniture? If so, then a leather sectional might very well be in your future. You get high-quality for reasonable prices at our online store.

    Try the leather corner Palm Beach L-shaped sofa on for size. Since this sectional is made from genuine durable leather, with proper care it'll look as good as it does now no matter what kind of traffic it sees. It should simply wipe clean as well, which is good news for those who do a lot of entertaining and want an L-Shaped sectional for their home theater.

    Small L Shaped Sectionals

    Living in a luxury apartment is a ton of fun, but that doesn't mean it lacks challenges. You might not be able to fit certain pieces of furniture into your living room depending on where you are.

    If you have a modern downtown pad, then consider an equally modern L-shaped Dallas sofa with LED mood lights. It'll fit in just nicely and since you won't have to replace it anytime soon you won't have to go through the horror of moving furniture into your apartment all over again.

    Fabric L-Shaped Sofa

    Conventional fabrics are now available in colors and textures that are anything but conventional, which has made them attractive with those looking for ultramodern furniture. Consider mixing and matching different patterns so you have a truly unique experience.

    Regardless of what kind of L-shaped corner furniture you order, you can be sure that it's original. You won't ever get accused of following certain trends. Instead, you'll be the one setting them.

    Contact Us

    SofaDreams wants to deliver the newest furniture styles to your doorstep. We deliver high-quality sectional sofas, coffee tables and more in the latest European styles. In addition, our customer service will help you choose furniture for large and small spaces.

    Do you have an awkward corner in your home or apartment that needs to be filled with a sectional or couch? Make sure to contact us online today and tell us all about what you're looking for. Our experienced team will be happy to get you the kind of furniture you need to get going.

  • Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    As every pet owner knows, a house just doesn’t feel like a home without your furry friend right there beside you. At the same time, however, the majority of pet parents will probably admit that they really could do without some pet issues, like hair shedding or sofas and sectionals that look old before their time due to cat scratching. On the other hand, maybe you made the mistake of choosing furniture in the past that just can’t stand up to pet-friendly living. There’s good news, though; you can avoid these issues!

    Don’t Cover Up Your Piece Of Furniture

    Have you ever been one of the many pet owners who has considered leaving your sofa covered with a sheet indefinitely? Many people do because their sofa or sectional just isn’t the least bit pet-friendly. If this sounds familiar, then it just might be time to start considering a sofa or even a sectional that is not just people-friendly but pet-friendly as well.

    Whether you’re furnishing your newly-purchased home or just redecorating, at Sofadreams we have plenty of amazingly comfortable pet-friendly couches to suit all of your needs. Here at Sofadreams, we know that your pets are your family, so decorating with them in mind by shopping our sofa and sectional collection should be at the top of your to-do list.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    The Best Couch For Cat Owners

    When you have a cat, you want to ensure that your furniture won’t show visible claw marks. Cats enjoy scratching up what is forbidden to them, and you want insurance in case scratching posts aren’t sufficient. They also like to squeeze into hiding holes, so it’s best to provide those spaces and spots proactively.

    Try to avoid leather because it will visibly show the wear and tear from an errant claw. This sofa, in particular, is made from woven fabric and is designed to provide comfort for both humans and cats. Any feline will also like the bed-converter feature because it provides new space for them. Get a tight-weave fabric option.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    The Best High-Quality Couch For Dog Owners

    Don’t think that you’re left out just because you’ve got a dog instead of a cat, either. Depending on the type of dog you have, you might have to deal with a significant amount of pet fur on a daily basis. Sometimes, this is enough to cause damage to couches.

    Traditional upholstery has a tendency to collect fur, which then has to be removed using various potentially abrasive methods. Quite a few dog fanatics end up ruining their favorite couches using this process.

    As a result, people end up with furniture that doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it should. You don’t want to have to deal with this situation, so you can invest in a pet-friendly couch that won’t collect nearly as much fuzz.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    Some of our modern leather pieces are made of such durable material that they can stand up to the abuse that comes with having a dog on them. You might also consider designating a special section for your pet and training him or her to sleep there so you’ll always be able to watch exactly where they go. Of course, you’ll want to consider ottomans and other accouterments so you can have a complete living room set that’ll be perfect for your family as well as your four-legged friends.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    Pet-Friendly Sectionals

    Are you one of the many cat owners who want to have a beautiful sectional? If so, do you feel fear about choosing one that won’t stand up to the rigors of life with a cat? Don’t worry! Our extensive line of pet-friendly microfiber couches and sectionals of all configurations are the perfect match for your kitty.

    Likewise, keep in mind that many dog owners have had a good experience using these microfiber coverings as well. Take a few minutes to think more about the length of your pet’s claws and their particular habits. Every animal has its own little quirks, and thinking more about them can really help to ensure that you get the best couch possible and enjoy it for years to come.

    Unleash The Pet-Lover In You

    Getting ready for unleashing your inner pet-lover is easy when you have pet-friendly furniture. After all, you can’t possibly let your pet lay on just any old sofa. Right? She deserves the very best.

    A sofa or sectional from Sofadreams will help. That’s because we understand fine furniture and we also understand how to make it stand up to your pets as well.

    Consider the fact that all of our European-inspired furniture is actually made in Germany by European Union-endorsed technicians. That means it has to adhere to certain strict guidelines laid out in EU rules. As a result, you can expect that your new pieces can hold up for a long period of time. In spite of the fact that your pet may be a little less than kind to your furniture, the sofas will remain standing!

    Spoil Your Furry Friends

    Our line of sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds gives you the opportunity for spoiling the furry little members of your family in a way that they truly deserve. You can do that with pet-friendly furniture that will easily fit into your current decor as seamlessly as can be.

    For many of our Sofadreams customers, beloved pets play a very important role in their idea of what home and family mean. In fact, their furry friends often spend as much time on their furniture as they do. That’s why we’re so excited to be offering furniture solutions that are both fun and affordable for making your home a lot more pet-friendly for you both.

    Once you do have a set in place, you’ll be able to keep it looking nice fairly easily too. Pet owners like to protect their investments, since their pets often end up falling in love with them as much as they do. You’ll love the fact that you’ll be able to keep your new sectional or couch looking good for a long period of time.

    About SofaDreams

    Just in case you haven’t heard about us yet, is what you could call a futuristic furniture company. We’re very proud that all of our furniture is anything but ordinary and reflects the European way of exciting yet functional furniture design.

    SofaDreams specialists manufacture and distribute an entire line of our own unique and decidedly ultra-modern upholstered furniture. This includes sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds that are all made in Germany. We also offer complimentary pieces to go with them, like sleek LED-lit coffee tables.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    Our furniture is custom made and, in fact, we are proud to offer furniture that is not just European inspired but also made there, unlike a lot of furniture today that’s manufactured in China. We sell living room solutions as well as outdoor living and seating that is made for configuring in a variety of ways. Much of our amazing furniture comes complete with:

    1. Built-in storage areas that are extremely practical

    2. Integrated LED lighting that changes and is also remote-controlled,

    3. Reconfigurable modules (to configure exactly as you please),

    4. A wide range of fabrics and color choices.

    Naturally, your pets aren’t going to care so much about all of these features. They simply want a nice warm place to lay down. You’ll be able to treat them in style just as you enjoy the stylish contours of your new living room gear, however.

    You won’t even have to worry about it falling out of style since ultramodern furniture can look good regardless of whatever passing fads come in and out of fashion.

    Call Today For More Pet-Friendly Fabrics

    Now that you know a little something about our selection of pet-friendly furniture, perhaps you might want to order one. We’re always happy to provide answers to your questions and help you with the task of ordering the perfect pet-friendly furniture. Whether it’s a sofa, a sectional, or even a sleeper sofa for your home with cats, you’re in good hands.

    On the other hand, if you still have questions about our line of pet-friendly sofas, you can contact us at Sofadreams online. Get a little more information about what kind of products are available to pet owners just like you.

  • U Shaped Sectionals

    An old sofa can actually cause you physical pain on top of looking dated. Over time, worn-out material and bad springs can actually be made it potentially dangerous to sit on some pieces of furniture. Have you been getting up with a bad back when you take some time to relax on your favorite couch? Then you're probably already familiar with this problem.

    Fortunately, the fix isn't hard at all. New U-shaped sectionals from Sofadreams are every bit as attractive as they are comfortable. The curved shape adds a nice aesthetic and practical benefit to your television or living room.

    U-shaped sections provide so much additional space for sitting room or storage. Thus, you'll never have to worry about running out of room for guests or anyone else either. Take a look at some of these great modern options.

    Modern U-Shaped Sectionals

    The Los Angeles style designed U-Shaped sofa is an excellent example of the ultramodern type of couch. This design is taking the world by storm. Pair with throw pillows for a unique aesthetic.

    A U-Shaped Los Angeles features a wraparound look that's not easily replicated by any other pieces you'd be likely to find. New homeowners can even add a number of extra features to it, including an ottoman and other special accouterments.

    Leather U-Shaped Sectionals

    Leather is a special fabric for many homeowners because it's so durable and easy to clean. It doesn't attract foul odors and keeps its great color when maintained properly. In addition, leather lasts for years with proper care, necessitating fewer replacements.

    Consider something like the XL Jacksonville sectional sofa if you're looking for a leather piece. It pairs well with a leather coffee table or perhaps some sort of stool or ottoman in the middle.

    U-Shaped Sectional Sofa With Recliners

    You might want to lean back in your new couch a bit more than a simple design might allow. Comfort is key, after all, for a piece of useful furniture.

    Take a look at something like an Orlando XL sectional design sofa. The item comes with LED lighting effects and many other features to optimize comfort. Thus, the sofa is ideal for anyone who wants to take a quick rest. Eventually, you might even end up taking a nap on one!

    Small U-Shaped Sectionals

    Granted, this isn't going to fit in a studio apartment or the average condominium. Those who live in manufactured housing units might also run into problems with the larger sized sectionals. If any of these concerns sound relevant to you, then take a look at smaller u-shaped sectionals. These don't skimp on the luxury one bit in spite of the fact that they're smaller.

    In fact, they're made with the same materials and offered in the same exact upholstery styles that our larger versions are. You won't have to feel left out no matter where you live.

    Shop Sofadreams For All Your U-Shaped Furniture Needs

    SofaDreams wants to bring a modern elegance to your home. Many of these pieces are named after major US cities and are made specifically for the American market. Despite that demographic, they match the European Union’s exacting standards. Our European-inspired furniture is all made in Germany and will certainly last for quite some time.

    Contact us online as soon as you're ready to learn more about all the special pieces you have to choose. When it comes to furnishing a new home or redoing one that you've cherished for years, SofaDreams can help you get started.

  • Curved Contemporary Sofa Buying Guide

    Contemporary furniture is great because it never goes out of style. Ultramodern pieces from today will look every bit as futuristic years from now, from chaise lounges to coffee tables.

    That being said, you might be a little lost if you’re looking for curved contemporary sofas simply because there are so many different options to pick from. We asked the experts at SofaDreams to put together a list of the most important things to look for when shopping for ultramodern sofas.

    Curved Leather Sofas

    Curves are out and in at the same time. When you’re looking at sets of couches, you’ll want to keep bold angular lines in mind because so many European designers love to use them in new and exciting ways. Since straight lines are always able to fit well against walls, they’re also more space efficient in many cases.

    You’ll be able to push an angular leather sofa up against a wall and use the added space to put in coffee tables or other accouterments. Some couch sets, like the Tampa 3-2-1, have tried to take advantage of this fact while still incorporating curves in some way. The ends maintain traditional curves while the back is straight to save some additional space.

    Others, like the popular Beverly Hills, shake things up by completely eschewing the traditional rules of design. That can make these kinds of sofas ideal for those who want to make sure they have something that none of their neighbors are going to have.

    Homeowners who want something traditional that still shakes up expectations will certainly want to look at the concept couches, which takes curvature in design to its absolute limits. They may also want to consider fabric coverings instead.

    Curved Fabric Sofas

    Fabric upholstery a real alternative that can be kept extremely clean due to advances in materials manufacturing. All of the European-inspired furniture we carry is actually made in Germany and has to adhere to EU mandates, which means that it’s completely made to last.

    You can find fabric concept couches and other designs that are every bit as futuristic as what you might find if you restricted yourself to only leather. These can come with all of the optional extras that you’ve come to expect from ultramodern European furniture. At the same time, you might want to look into some models with swept-back curves that could do nicely in any situation.

    Small Curved Sectional Sofa

    Homeowners in smaller apartments or who dwell in a condo might need to look at small curved sectionals, which have all of the features of their larger counterparts but don’t take up nearly as much room. That makes them suitable for use in larger living rooms where you want to put in multiple pieces of furniture as well.

    Regardless of what kind of needs you might have, there’s a number of options for each use case. You can mix and match different types of upholstery and colors until you have a set that nobody else has, even if you happen to live in a smaller place.

    Find Your Modern Furniture At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams wants to provide you the best furniture possible. We want to ensure that you get the latest European styles. All of our furniture is built to last, and can be custom-made.

    Contact us online today when you’re ready to learn more about ultramodern European-style couches and sectionals. Find out how to unleash the interior designer hiding inside of you.

  • Recliner Sectionals With Cooling Cup Holders

    Today’s world is so stressful that individuals seek a comfort zone they can rely on during a rough day. Part of this includes furnishings like recliners with convenient accessories and accouterments that ensure their comfort zone meets their relaxation needs with modern developments.

    Sectional Recliners With Cup Holders And Wireless Phone Charger

    Considering that all your mobile devices probably use a number of different chargers, you’d appreciate one place where you could power them all. On top of this, a nice cup holder would be ready to hold your drink. They also make it easy to enjoy iced tea or coffee after a hard day.

    The system will keep your drinks cool as you let the stress of the day just while away. You might even want to consider installing a special fabric table to keep a pitcher for refills.

    New Recliner With Cooling Cup Holders And A Wireless Phone Charger

    Anyone who wants to relax in style should appreciate this technologically-advanced way of doing so. Best of all, there’s never any risk that your cup holder would ever suffer from anything like planned obsolescence. Obviously, a cup holder isn’t going to end up a victim of changing fads.

    In fact, ultramodern furniture will remain in fashion in spite of the fact that tastes are always shifting. That’s because they offer features that are going to work with almost any kind of decor.

    Features For Any Room Setting

    Recliners are timeless to some degree, and they fit in nearly any location. However, they’ve gotten a bad rap in some areas because they once used very dated upholstery and also had a nasty tendency to wear out.

    Our recliners represent some of the own ultra modern furniture that you can get. They are not only European-inspired but also made on the continent. As a result, all of its features have to be as durable as the European Union’s guidelines require. This means you won’t be losing out on these features anytime soon.

    The Popularity Of Today’s Recliners

    The ultimate convenience is a power recliner. When combined in home decor that includes recliner chairs and a matching or contrasting recliner couch with the effect is complete.

    In modern home decor, leather sofas and a sofa love-seat make an interior decorating style statement. When added to room furniture, they always impress.

    Home Theater Furniture

    Recliners are intended to fill most relaxation needs. For example, elegant homes with home theaters add a reclining loveseat or leather sofas placed. This arrangement means theater viewing is accessible to all.

    Everybody has a relaxation formula. If your formula is watching movies, you will be happy to have a comfortable recliner for your perfect atmosphere.

    Some owners of home theaters prefer to mix and match with their recliner couch. Texture contrasts can make quite a difference. That can be the reason they may choose a leather recliner sofa. A fabric recliner couch will also suit guests who prefer fabric to leather.

    New Recliner With Cooling Cup Holders And A Wireless Phone Charger

    Don’t forget that display screens aren’t the only feature that makes a home theater enjoyable. Homeowners often like to install quadraphonic stereo speakers and other audio-related accessories.

    Specialists have long talked about a so-called cone of sound that you need to have the best listening experience. Those who appreciate higher-end hi-fi equipment could position a couple of these recliners slightly facing each other inward to make for the perfect listening experience. Since the chairs have integrated phone chargers, you can even stream music straight from your phone over your loudspeaker system without ever once getting out of your chair.

    The Design Of A Man Cave

    When the man of the house decides to invite a few friends over for an afternoon of armchair sports bonding, nothing is more convenient than a new recliner with cooling cup holders and a wireless phone charger.

    That’s a great way to keep their drinks cold and their mobiles ready to stay in touch with off location pals watching the same game. It is also a way of reducing day to day tensions.

    Living Rooms That Speak Of Elegance

    In most upscale homes, the living room is used for special occasions for family and guests. Placing two leather sofas near a fireplace or creating a nook for reading in a home office or library is enhanced by recliner chairs and a designer reading lamp.

    A room chair is a necessity for relaxing after a long day. Women love these when they have free time to read their favorite books or work on crafts.

    Sofas Are For Dreaming

    Even in the most high-end homes, sofas serve some individuals as a place to rest their weary heads. The choice of the sofa depends on whether it is in a family room where it will become a place for a quick nap while watching TV or in the great room in front of a fireplace for guests to warm themselves from the cold. Take a look at our SofaCouch Concept replete with LED lights or the ultra-modern design of our Leather Sofa New Jersey C Shape.

    New Recliner With Cooling Cup Holders And A Wireless Phone Charger

    A Recliner for Every Need

    In certain homes, there is a need for a lift recliner. These are crafted for ultimate convenience and ease of use. There should be at least one lift recliner in a home to complete room design.

    For that matter, those who live in larger homes will probably want multiple pieces of furniture. Recently, this style has become more popular with those who dwell in larger apartments or condominium complexes.

    Imagine a single-room studio apartment with a glass window that faced a large picture window. This kind of arrangement is common in a number of cities. Those who have that feature might want to face a recliner toward the window to enjoy the spectacular view.

    Take A Trip To SofaDreams

    In order to fully enjoy our collection, take a trip on our website. The room designs and our furniture collections are sure to thrill. There are colors, designs, and styles that fit every need and preference.

    Contact us and tell us the furniture in your mind. An investment in fine, innovative SofaDreams luxury leather and fabric recliners found at SofaDreams is a lasting reminder of the value of our craftsmanship and innate styling.

  • How To Care For Italian Furniture

    Italian leather is not hard to maintain. In fact, one benefit of Italian leather is that over the years it will retain its silk sheen. You can clean it easily in the case of spills. Italian leather is specially made and tanned for its particular look. In some instances, time will bring out a rustic patina finish that will make your room appear particularly elegant.

    With that said, you should take some basic steps to increase the surface’s longevity. Leather without maintenance can crack or dry out after a few years. Guests may complain if they see the material peeling away. Simple steps can avoid such small hazards and keep you comfortable in the long run.

    Caring For Leather Furniture

    You don’t have to break your back to ensure that your sofas, coffee tables, and armchairs still look great throughout the years. Simply follow a few guidelines and prevent cracking or noticeable discoloration.

    Always Check Humidity And Sunlight

    Humidity levels make a difference to leather, especially if you live in an area close to the ocean or the desert respectively. Leather is designed to absorb water vapor, and it will crack if the air in your room is too dry. You also want to avoid excess moisture to prevent mildew. Install a humidifier in the room where you keep the furniture and maintain the humidity between thirty to forty percent.

    Make sure that you have curtains in the room where you keep leather furniture or reduce sunlight as much as possible. While the sun is great for human skin in moderation, it doesn’t do well for treated material The rays can cause the leather to discolor and for it to crack. Good curtains and shutters can make all the difference.

    Wipe Down Periodically

    Leather conditioner is your friend. It’s an inexpensive product, and you can also use it for your leather shoes for polishing and maintenance. A small bottle can last for a few years. Never use regular cleaners, detergents or even plain water. Clean spills immediately and take advantage of the water-repellent nature. You can use small amounts of distilled water to buff out scratches, but we don’t recommend doing this on a regular basis.

    Wipe down your leather furniture once or twice a year with a spray of leather conditioner. For best cleaning, use a microfiber cloth that you can toss in the washing machine. Repeating wiping can remove layers of grime and restore your furniture’s pristine shine, especially if you have a lot of guests or children.

    Find The Best Leather Couches At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams wants to ensure that you have the best furniture possible. We keep up with European trends and ensure that our Italian leather is genuine and sourced. You can get high-quality leather and fabric furniture at reasonable prices.

    Contact us today to find your leather sofa. SofaDreams wants to ensure that your house is stylish and comfortable, for yourself and your guests. Take a look at our types of leather sofas and chairs to see what is right for you.

  • Deep Oversized Sofas & Sectionals for Your Home

    What could possibly be better for anchoring your living room than a deep oversized sectional sofa? Here at Sofa Dreams, we carry some amazing modern sectionals. With such a wide selection, we know that one of them is sure to strike your fancy.

    Deep Sofas & Sectionals – Buy The Best

    Of course, you also want to ensure that you’re buying your sectional sofa from a well-known reputable company that you can count on to stand behind every single sofa sold. At SofaDreams, we’re here for helping you in any way that we can. Start exploring some of the many deep oversized sectional sofa options available. When you shop for your sectional here for your living room, we promise that you’ll be buying the very best. Here are a few examples:

    LED-Lit Seattle U Shaped Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    Our massive Seattle U-Shaped sofa is perfect for allowing the entire family to snuggle together on movie night. Get out the popcorn and enjoy the sumptuousness of this amazing sectional It’s available in a number of highly attractive designer fabrics as well as in soft supple leather.

    You will also love the special remote-controlled LED lighting, which is something you really do not find in many sectional sofas. This sectional features a handy illuminated glass shelf, flexible backrests, and an optional built-in bed for when out-of-town guests come for a visit. You can also get a matching coffee table with built-in LED lighting for the perfect accompaniment to your sectional.

    LED-Lit Orlando XL Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    The XL-sized Orlando sectional sofa is truly massive, though it would certainly work in a larger inner-city apartment or a studio condo. In fact, if you were only able to have a single piece of furniture as a result of the layout of a loft or flat home, then this could potentially be the perfect choice since you could do everything from work to sleep on it.

    It fits perfectly with a matching coffee table or ottoman placed in the middle. Those who plan on setting up a home theater system might be equally as pleased with it, too. For instance, you could position it in such a way that everyone would be centrally located around a single television set. That makes getting other pieces of furniture for this kind of room completely unnecessary.

    On top of this, those who are into acoustics should appreciate the way they could set up a pyramid of sound with a sectional like this. Stereo speakers could be positioned on all sides of it for an unbelievable listening experience. Imagine leaning back ad streaming your favorite records or even resting while listening to an exciting podcast. Orlando sectionals come covered in your choice of gorgeous leather upholstery.

    New York XL Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    Maybe you would prefer the New York XL modular sectional sofa with space to spare for all of your family and friends. That’s because this sectional sofa offers you more than enough space even for multiple individuals to stretch out for an afternoon nap. For those who are seated on this amazing sectional, the adjustable headrests offer the ultimate in deep seating comfort.

    It also offers the first-class suspension for preventing the depressions that can form over time. You have a sectional that is a life investment. In addition, if you have kids who use this sectional as their playground, no problem, as it can take it. If you need a sofa with a bed, the New York XL also includes an optional sleep function, giving you a sectional sofa and a place to sleep all in one beautiful piece of furniture.

    Our sectional sofa with modern design is made in Germany and features:

    • Remote-controlled LED lights
    • A number of storage spaces in the sofa
    • Decorative wooden panels
    • Adjustable headrests
    • Optional sofa bed
    • Solid hardwood frame
    • High density and high resiliency foam seat cushions with sinuous springs

    Not only do we offer a wide range of designer fabrics and beautiful leather for this sectional but also it’s also available in a number of configurations, including:

    • The Sofa New York L-Shape
    • The Sofa New York U-Shape
    • The Sofa New York C-Shape

    Keep in mind that when we say that the New York sectional is made in Germany, we’re being completely genuine. Many dealers sell so-called European-inspired furniture that’s then manufactured outside of the alleged country of origin. You’ll never get that kind of treatment at SofaDreams. Our ultramodern pieces are designed by top European technicians and then assembled under their own watch.

    Since they’re therefore made in the European Union, they have to adhere to all of the safety and durability guidelines that EU-made pieces are required to. You’ll have your new piece of furniture around for quite some time.

    Palm Beach XL Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    Our Palm Beach XL fabric sectional sofa is our largest version in this particular series. This is one of those designer sofas where everyone can find a seat. It is true that this XL version is exceptionally impressive in design. Its Chesterfield pattern is perfect for harmonizing beautifully with its curves, which give it an appearance of pure elegance.

    In addition, we definitely didn’t skimp on the number of amazing functions. For starters, charge your mobile devices from your ottoman and its integrated USB port. Chill your soda or beer in the built-in cooling cup holder. You also have the ability for ordering this sectional sofa in a choice of three distinct fabrics.

    A few of the other amazing features of the Palm Beach XL include:

    • Distinctly modern design that is made in Germany
    • Storage spaces in the sofa
    • LED lights that are remote controlled and change colors
    • Handy cup holder to keep your favorite beverage cold
    • Wood panels that are decoratively varnished to a high shine
    • Multi-function headrests
    • Roomy reclining area
    • Included throw pillows
    • Optional sofa bed
    • Optional coordinating coffee table
    • Solid hardwood construction

    Even though ultramodern furniture is quickly becoming more popular than ever before, you can be sure that you’ll be the only one who has one of these pieces. Since you’re free to make whatever decision choices you’d like, no two configurations are ever the same.

    Call SofaDreams Today

    Now that you know a bit more about our selection of deep oversized sectional sofas, perhaps you are ready to order one. On the other hand, you may still have some questions about them which is fine too.

    Either way, contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you to order the perfect custom sectional for your home. Those who have special requirements shouldn’t ever be afraid to get in touch with us either since we’re more than happy to create an entirely original solution to all of your sectional-related issues. You’ll end up with a piece that’s every bit as stylish as it is functional!

  • Modern Sofa Sets for Small Spaces

    Could your couches and sectionals dominate your home? Huge furniture is comfortable, but it can actually make you feel even more cramped if you're in a small house or apartment that doesn't have a great deal of floor space. Fortunately, you have another option for decor.

    Try out our modern sofa sets, which are specifically designed to fit into small spaces without making you feel like you're stuck in place. Match them with your coffee tables and accent chairs in a tiny seated area.

    At Sofa Dreams, we offer genuine European-inspired furniture that's actually made in Germany by local crafters. That means that each piece we sell is made in accordance with all relevant EU-laws regarding both safety and durability.

    Once you have one of our modern sofas in place in your living room, you won't have to worry about taking it out at any point soon. It should be an excellent addition to your furniture collection for years to come.

    Contemporary Sofas With All The Tech Options

    Early adopter types might especially appreciate the ability to connect Google-branded smart home devices as well as Amazon's Alexa platform with the LED lights installed on their couch. If this sounds like an interesting idea to you, then you might want to have a look at the Beverly Hills L-shaped small sectional.

    It's perfect even if you live in the kind of small California apartment you'd find in the place that it's named for. The sectional has a striking color pattern and unique choice of coverings and upholstery. Such a palette makes it an attractive option for anyone who might be looking to add a taste of new luxury to their existing room. This kind of connectivity is a great way to turn your small sectional into a mission control piece that should really turn your guest's heads.

    Configure Your Own Modern Furniture

    Small home dwellers and those who live in high-rise buildings might want some pieces that they can regularly reconfigure and move around. This is especially true for anyone who wants to take advantage of the sheer flexibility of this furniture. In fact, you might end up needing less furniture because a single modern sofa set takes the place of many traditional pieces.

    Consider the Seattle set, for instance, which can pair very well with a futuristic ottoman that won't be going out of style anytime soon. In fact, none of our ultramodern pieces are likely to look dated for the foreseeable future. That means you'll never be under any pressure to bring a new living room swag into your small space just to bring it up to date.

    Find SofaDreams Furniture That Stays Modern Forever

    Moving furniture into a small space can be an extreme channel, which is why it isn't something that most homeowners want to do very often. If you're looking to find a piece you can enjoy for years, then these modern sofas and sectionals might be the perfect selection for you.

    Contact us and tell us about the specific spaces you need to be filled in your home. We'll be able to mix and match pieces that will make your area truly unique. In fact, we're more than prepared to fulfill special custom orders.

  • Top 5 Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

    Does your living room badly need to be brought up to date? If that’s the case, then there’s no better way to do it then to get some ultra-modern furniture that will never go out of style. Futuristic designs will always stay in fashion no matter how far into the future we go. Check out the following ideas for a modern living room and learn how to become your best interior designer.

    1) Leather Coffee Tables

    Whether you’re looking for something to pair with a new couch or you just want the most unique focal point you can get for your room, a leather coffee table could certainly fit the bill. These are offered in a number of colors, and they stand in sharp contrast to nearly every other option in the market.

    A leather coffee table also offers an aura of elegant comfort. Leather has a soft texture, but is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily. You can maintain the table for years while entertaining guests. Add some pizzazz to your living room design.

    2) Lighted Center Tables

    Engraved glass plates and internal LED lighting kits make these tables a dramatic addition to any room. They’re a high-tech way of saying that your living room is a place that’s designed exactly to adhere to your tastes. Of course, these tables are every bit as functional as any other similar piece, though they’re far more fun on so many levels.

    On a practical note, lighted center tables make reading and leisure easier. You can illuminate books, magazines, and even drawings. At night, you can use them to add subtler lights to movie watching or chilling by the fire.

    3) Fabric Armchairs

    Armchairs with classic fabric upholstery have been favorites for years, and comfort is the primary reason. We haven’t forgotten about the core reason that people enjoy sitting in these. However, we have added quite a few extras that should prove attractive to even the most jaded customers.

    Touch wheel remote controls that manage LED lights and illuminated shelves made of glossy MDF make it easy to enjoy anything from reading to watching the big game. Since your chair can store all the reading material and gadgets you need, you’ll be able to think of sitting in it as taking a miniature vacation.

    4) Chairs with a Relax Function

    If you’re looking for something to replace your boring wing chair, then you should give one of these a try. Those looking to complete a set can find a two-seater from the same series as well as a matching coffee table.

    Adventurous types might want to pair their new pieces with furniture from a different set. The color contrast can give their living room a vibrant blast of color. You can combine home decor aesthetics with comfort.

    5) Recliner Sofas

    You could also combine your pick of an armchair and a sofa into one piece of furniture by opting for one of these unique pieces. These are made from premium top-grain coverings. Adjustable headrests and armrests allow you to maximize comfort for yourself and your guests.

    What’s more, recliner sofas are made to last for years with solid inner frames, often made from hardwood, and foam cushions. You can relax on them for years, and enjoy all of the benefits along with a pleasant aesthetic. So can your friends and family.

    Find Ultramodern Sets From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, our pieces could potentially fit in with the most eclectic ideas. They’re also ideal for those who want something a little more demure. Best of all, each of the pieces we sell is genuine examples of European-inspired furniture that’s actually made in the European Union. All work, therefore, is done according to exacting standards that help to ensure it’s going to be around for quite a while.

    Contact us online and tell us all about your ideas. We’ll be happy to help you put together the living room of your dreams with neutral or bold colors. Design your interior however you’d like when you start building a room around our ultramodern furniture.

  • Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Sets

    Top 5 Bedroom Furniture SetsIs your current bed too old? They say that you should change your mattress and other evening accouterments once every 7-10 years, but some people need to do so much more often.

    Unfortunately, this is because many people are using poorer quality bedding that wears out quickly. You can remedy this situation with any of the following high-quality bedroom sets that come with all of the latest features. Also, browse sets that include extra furniture pieces.

    1. Novara Leone

    Like all of the bedroom sets from Sofa Dreams, the Novara Leone is made of only the highest-quality hand-selected woods and all of the work is done in the European Union. It's available as both a complete set or as a standalone bed.

    Use to furnish your larger master bedrooms. The set also provides elegance for smaller houses or condominium complexes. If you want to enjoy a taste of genuine European luxury, then choose this one.

    2. Monza Leone

    Those who like the look of the Novara but wanted something lighter should be more than pleased with the luxurious look of the Monza Leone set. The set comes in both the US king and queen sizes.

    You can even add other pieces to it, which makes it a great option for those that want to completely refinish their entire rooms. If you work in the hospitality industry, you can outfit luxury suites with the latest furniture.

    3. Asti Grey

    Futuristic and formal don't have to be mutually exclusive. The Asti Grey bedroom set offers all of the curves that you'd expect from a thoroughly ultramodern European bedroom set.

    The look of all the furniture is every bit as good as its fit and finish. These aspects should please those who are looking to invest in durable gear that's going to last for a very long period of time.

    4. Catania Bedroom

    Whether you prefer lacquer or chrome, the Catania bedroom set has you covered. It features a patented design that's only available from Sofa Dreams.

    Rest assured that you'll have a bedroom that's unique and fashionable. Considering the futuristic yet neutral feel that it exudes, you should find that it fits into almost any type of existing decor without requiring you to change things up too much.

    5) Casoria Grey

    Many European design boutiques have switched over to gray tones. Casoria bedroom sets are no exception, which gives new homeowners a huge advantage. This neutral color will continue to look good for many years. Thus, it will not necessitate future replacement simply to make your home fashionable.

    You'll never find that it's gone out of style no matter how long you have it. Best of all, since it's available in standard sizes you'll be able to easily replace the mattress in the future.

    Furnish Your Living Room With Offerings From SofaDreams
    SofaDreams wants you to have furniture that reflects furniture and comforts. From coffee accent tables to couches and sets with comfortable bed frames, we deliver the latest European designs.

    Once you've found a set you like, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced representatives will help you customize your choices so that it fits your master bedroom perfectly no matter what kind of dimensions you happen to be working with.

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