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  1. Deep Oversized Sofas & Sectionals for Your Home

    What could possibly be better for anchoring your living room than a deep oversized sectional sofa? Here at Sofa Dreams, we carry some amazing modern sectionals. With such a wide selection, we know that one of them is sure to strike your fancy.

    Deep Sofas & Sectionals ? Buy The Best

    Of course, you also want to ensure that you?re buying your sectional sofa from a well-known reputable company that you can count on to stand behind every single sofa sold. At SofaDreams, we?re here for helping you in any way that we can. Start exploring some of the many deep oversized sectional sofa options available. When you shop for your sectional here for your living room, we promise that you?ll be buying the very best. Here are a few examples:

    LED-Lit Seattle U Shaped Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    Our massive Seattle U-Shaped sofa is perfect for allowing the entire family to snuggle together on movie night. Get out the popcorn and enjoy the sumptuousness of this amazing sectional It?s available in a number of highly attractive designer fabrics as well as in soft supple leather.

    You will also love the special remote-controlled LED lighting, which is something you really do not find in many sectional sofas. This sectional features a handy illuminated glass shelf, flexible backrests, and an optional built-in bed for when out-of-town guests come for a visit. You can also get a matching coffee table with built-in LED lighting for the perfect accompaniment to your sectional.

    LED-Lit Orlando XL Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    The XL-sized Orlando sectional sofa is truly massive, though it would certainly work in a larger inner-city apartment or a studio condo. In fact, if you were only able to have a single piece of furniture as a result of the layout of a loft or flat home, then this could potentially be the perfect choice since you could do everything from work to sleep on it.

    It fits perfectly with a matching coffee table or ottoman placed in the middle. Those who plan on setting up a home theater system might be equally as pleased with it, too. For instance, you could position it in such a way that everyone would be centrally located around a single television set. That makes getting other pieces of furniture for this kind of room completely unnecessary.

    On top of this, those who are into acoustics should appreciate the way they could set up a pyramid of sound with a sectional like this. Stereo speakers could be positioned on all sides of it for an unbelievable listening experience. Imagine leaning back ad streaming your favorite records or even resting while listening to an exciting podcast. Orlando sectionals come covered in your choice of gorgeous leather upholstery.

    New York XL Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    Maybe you would prefer the New York XL modular sectional sofa with space to spare for all of your family and friends. That?s because this sectional sofa offers you more than enough space even for multiple individuals to stretch out for an afternoon nap. For those who are seated on this amazing sectional, the adjustable headrests offer the ultimate in deep seating comfort.

    It also offers the first-class suspension for preventing the depressions that can form over time. You have a sectional that is a life investment. In addition, if you have kids who use this sectional as their playground, no problem, as it can take it. If you need a sofa with a bed, the New York XL also includes an optional sleep function, giving you a sectional sofa and a place to sleep all in one beautiful piece of furniture.

    Our sectional sofa with modern design is made in Germany and features:

    • Remote-controlled LED lights
    • A number of storage spaces in the sofa
    • Decorative wooden panels
    • Adjustable headrests
    • Optional sofa bed
    • Solid hardwood frame
    • High density and high resiliency foam seat cushions with sinuous springs

    Not only do we offer a wide range of designer fabrics and beautiful leather for this sectional but also it?s also available in a number of configurations, including:

    • The Sofa New York L-Shape
    • The Sofa New York U-Shape
    • The Sofa New York C-Shape

    Keep in mind that when we say that the New York sectional is made in Germany, we?re being completely genuine. Many dealers sell so-called European-inspired furniture that?s then manufactured outside of the alleged country of origin. You?ll never get that kind of treatment at SofaDreams. Our ultramodern pieces are designed by top European technicians and then assembled under their own watch.

    Since they?re therefore made in the European Union, they have to adhere to all of the safety and durability guidelines that EU-made pieces are required to. You?ll have your new piece of furniture around for quite some time.

    Palm Beach XL Sectional

    Deep Oversized Sectional Sofas For Your Home

    Our Palm Beach XL fabric sectional sofa is our largest version in this particular series. This is one of those designer sofas where everyone can find a seat. It is true that this XL version is exceptionally impressive in design. Its Chesterfield pattern is perfect for harmonizing beautifully with its curves, which give it an appearance of pure elegance.

    In addition, we definitely didn?t skimp on the number of amazing functions. For starters, charge your mobile devices from your ottoman and its integrated USB port. Chill your soda or beer in the built-in cooling cup holder. You also have the ability for ordering this sectional sofa in a choice of three distinct fabrics.

    A few of the other amazing features of the Palm Beach XL include:

    • Distinctly modern design that is made in Germany
    • Storage spaces in the sofa
    • LED lights that are remote controlled and change colors
    • Handy cup holder to keep your favorite beverage cold
    • Wood panels that are decoratively varnished to a high shine
    • Multi-function headrests
    • Roomy reclining area
    • Included throw pillows
    • Optional sofa bed
    • Optional coordinating coffee table
    • Solid hardwood construction

    Even though ultramodern furniture is quickly becoming more popular than ever before, you can be sure that you?ll be the only one who has one of these pieces. Since you?re free to make whatever decision choices you?d like, no two configurations are ever the same.

    Call SofaDreams Today

    Now that you know a bit more about our selection of deep oversized sectional sofas, perhaps you are ready to order one. On the other hand, you may still have some questions about them which is fine too.

    Either way, contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you to order the perfect custom sectional for your home. Those who have special requirements shouldn?t ever be afraid to get in touch with us either since we?re more than happy to create an entirely original solution to all of your sectional-related issues. You?ll end up with a piece that?s every bit as stylish as it is functional...

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  2. Top 4 Leather Apartment Sofas

    Top 4 Sectional Leather Couches for Apartments

    Living in an apartment has some very big challenges, and having little space is the most important one. On the other hand, the high-rise view and being gorgeously close to the rising sun. In spite of what you might think, you don?t have to sacrifice style or comfort just because you live in a small place. You want a right-sized sofa or bed in proportion to the area.

    At Sofa Dreams, we provide genuine European-inspired furniture that?s authentically manufactured in Germany according to all relevant EU regulations. That means you can be sure that you?re getting a piece that will last every bit as long as needed. You might even find some unusual features, like LED lighting, that can make your apartment stay all the more reasonable.

    Modern Couches For Small Spaces

    Apartment dwellers everywhere, and especially those who live in tight spaces in Florida?s famous South Beach area, will tell you that people don?t want to skimp on their interior decor even if they plan on taking a hit in terms of size to live close to a gorgeous place. If you?re considering a traditional sectional, then take a look at these four great products that can fit in your apartment with just a bare minimum of maneuvering.

    1) The trendy Columbia leather sofa offers Chesterfield-like padded quilting that?s supple and comfortable. A set of side shelves offer some extra storage, which is unbelievably important when dealing with the cramped conditions present in an overwhelming majority of South Beach apartments. Since its available in so many color combinations, you can opt for something ultramodern or instead go with a more beach-like style to fit the area. You?re even free to select a left or right-hand configuration.

    2) Boston L-shaped sectional couches feature a two-color compact design that doesn?t skimp on quality. That being said, it should fit perfectly even into rather unusually shaped apartment homes. Those who have to navigate around strange settings should really appreciate this fact.

    3) Nothing says you?re doing your Florida apartment home up with European style like the Daytona L Short, which is designed to offer cool comfort and even comes with a few optional extras like an add-on ottoman that fits perfectly with it. It offers remote-controlled color-changing lights, so you won?t ever feel the need to complain that your apartment is at all bland.

    4) Palm Beach corner sofas are great for those who have particularly tight areas to fill. As the name suggests, they can fit directly into a corner and you won?t even realize they?re there until you want to take a seat.

    Apartment Sleeper Sofas

    Consider investing in sleeper sofas as well, as these can combine two pieces of furniture into one and therefore save even more room. You might also want to start thinking about all of the other things you?ll need if you plan on sleeping on a fold-out couch, such as a coffee table and other accouterments that can turn an unfamiliar apartment into a true home.

    Find Other Sectional Sofas And More At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams brings in luxury interior design into your living room. We match sofa beds with accent tables, small sectionals, and more, bringing the best furniture from Europe.

    Contact us today to inquire about our selection. One of our seasoned representatives will help you find the furniture you need to truly start living in your space no matter how small it might be...

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  3. Where to Buy Outdoor Modern Furniture in Miami, Florida

    Where to Buy Outdoor Modern Furniture in Miami, FloridaWhen the weather turns beautiful and sunny outside, do your first thoughts revolve around a barbecue or pool party with friends and family? Those are some great ideas for some activities in the outdoors. The only problem is that although you may have the yard and a sparkling swimming pool for it, you might be missing the proper outdoor furniture.?

    Toss Your Old Patio Furniture

    Everybody at your outdoor event will be looking for a comfortable place to sit down and relax after all of that swimming, sunning, and of course, eating. That means that your old outdoor furniture, if you have any, just won?t do it. What you really need right now is the knowledge of where to buy modern outdoor furniture in Miami, Florida.

    The Miami Way of Life

    Outdoor living is a way of life in South Florida, especially in Miami. The weather here is perfect for the entire year and that means staying inside on a gorgeous day is not an option! However, no one wants to spend their gorgeous days sitting on old, tattered, and faded outdoor sofas and lounge furniture. You want to wow your guests with furnishings in your outdoor space that provide not only style but comfort.

    The Sofa Dreams Outdoor Collection

    That's where our outdoor furniture collection comes in. Here at Sofa Dreams, we carry everything to make your deck or patio look fabulous. From outdoor living to modern outdoor dining furniture, our products are stylish and comfortable. After all, you want your guests to be comfortable as they can be and for them to come back again for your next outdoor event.

    Good Times Outdoors

    No matter what the weather may bring, our outdoor lounge collection is meticulously manufactured for the purpose of effectively resisting even the most challenging of outdoor elements. You can fully enjoy the outdoors with our wide range of customizable and modern patio furniture. During the summer months especially, your yard should be the perfect place for having good times outdoors. To facilitate that fresh-air-fun, you need modern comfortable patio furniture that looks as good as it feels.

    Complete With LED Lighting

    In addition to dining tables, outdoor benches, and ceiling fans, one of the most important outdoor lounge furniture pieces is a beautiful wicker and fabric Sofa Dreams sofa with signature LED lighting. Your guests will be amazed by the sofa's color changing light show, which is completely remote-controlled. We also carry matching coffee tables for each of our outdoor sofa choices and they even have LED lighting too. Add some floor lamps on each side and you have the perfect outdoor living room area for entertaining.

    Who Are We?

    Sofa Dreams crafts all sorts of modern furniture from sofas to beds that are both unique and customizable. We serve as the furniture store of the future, as we continue to manufacture and distribute the best in unique furniture made in Germany. Our valued clientele consists mainly of above average income individuals as well as business owners. Our furniture collections also include customizable European inspired pieces made for gracing your yard in style.

    Class and Comfort

    Speaking of style, it can be found in our amazing outdoor wicker sofas that offer the ultimate class and comfort for every backyard celebration. One of our most popular sofas is the U-Shaped Wicker Patio Sofa Jacksonville with LED lighting. It offers lightweight construction with its aluminum frame and poly rattan netting.

    This roomy outdoor sofa also offers UV-resistant textile seat cushions made to hold their vibrant color for years to come. In addition, this sofa has an optional matching coffee table to boot, so get out the marshmallows for roasting and the margaritas for toasting and let the good times roll!

    Contact Us Today

    If you're ready to get your patio or deck outdoor-event-ready with one (or more) of our sofas, lounge chairs, and coffee tables, contact us today and get your outdoor space looking great. If you have any additional questions about our outdoor furniture collection you can contact us online or visit our showroom to see our modern outdoor sofas and accessories in person....

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