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  1. LED-Lit Coffee Tables For An Ultra Modern Living Space

    Put the "Ultra" In Ultra Modern Living Space - LED-Lit Coffee Tables

    Ultra-modern home decor has produced a wealth of ingenious living space accessories. This includes comfortable and attractive living room furniture.

    Guide to Your Ultra Modern Living Space

    The clue to ultra-modern living space is the accent on the words, "living" and "space." The interior design to achieve the ultra-modern look is choosing innovative and futuristic sofa sets, LED-lit coffee tables with a side table as an accent in a sparsely furnished area of the living space that creates room balance. These accommodate day to day lifestyles and project the appearance of space and spatial convenience.

    Stylish Coffee Tables with a Fresh Approach

    One feature seen most often in a modern coffee table is an accessory like an LED light. LED-lit coffee tables are more than just gadgetry to make an impression on family and guests.

    LED lighting emits light in a specific direction. Unlike traditional incandescent lighting that emits heat and light multi-directionally, high-quality ultra-modern coffee tables and fabric coffee tables with LED lights are energy efficient. Some of the most common LED colors are red, green, blue and amber.

    Fabric or Leather or Both?

    When interior design is planned, living room decor can coordinate or contrast in furniture design. For some individuals, leather coffee tables with LED lights suit an ultra-modern living room with leather sofas and loveseats in black, white, red, sand, beige, dark brown, grey and snow white.

    Remember leather is easy to clean. This is important for families with children for those occasional spills. Accessorize this room decor with leather coffee tables with LED lights to complete the living space.

    To create an ultra-modern and cozy living room, consider a leather sectional sofa with a leather coffee table situated conveniently in the central area of the sectional.

    Ultra Modern Fabrics for Ultra Modern Living Space

    If the leather doesn't capture your imagination and fabric is your preference, choose fabric sofas and couches with a dynamic ultra-modern style.

    Liven up a room with a fabric sectional sofa in pink, sand, rust, navy, wine, red, orange, black, dark brown or grey.

    Note that fabric textures are different. For example, choose Sun Velvet, a silky textured fabric made from spun yarn or Woven fabric of 100 percent polyester. If maintenance is a concern, choose a water repellent fabric that with a leather grained texture.

    The Signature Modern Coffee Table

    Fabric coffee table designs for your ultra-modern decor are not the predictable pieces of the past. To carry out your chic decor theme and design, choose fabric coffee tables with unique designs in geometric shapes.

    These coffee tables are equipped with LED lights and remote control. They offer ultimate convenience and are available in coordinating or contrasting colors with living room sofas, sectionals, and couches.

    Remote controls for your leather or fabric modern coffee tables allow for LED light adjustments to enhance room comfort and a cozier feeling. They are the most technologically sophisticated accent pieces that are ?must-haves? that complete the modern appeal. Adding coffee tables with LED lights projects your signature home decor style.

    Signature Design from Professionals

    To keep up with demands for ultra-modern furniture, professional designers have "gone where no man has gone before," expanding their creative talent and skill to create custom designs.

    This is easy to see in designs created for modern coffee tables equipped with an LED light, sofas with added features like lighted storage space, glass shelves and RBG LED lights that cast a warm glow in the living room.

    More emphatic is the endless wealth of innovative designs professional furniture designers seem to have in unlimited supply.

    Wherever You Call "Home," There's a Living Room

    No matter where your home is located, there is always that special place to relax, spend time with family or invite friends in for a party. The living room often becomes one of the busiest rooms in any home.

    Generally, the living room style reflects the location. For instance, in Miami, Florida region, residences meet the needs of the climate with open, airy living rooms.

    These luxurious living rooms reflect not only the lifestyle of residents of this part of the U.S. but also punctuates the need for an uncomplicated daily home environment that is durable, comfortable and convenient. Ultra-modern living room decor meets these needs perfectly.

    The Preferred Way to Find Ultra Modern Furniture

    When you want to make a style statement of your home, the preferred way to find ideal pieces of furniture is to be selective about your furniture distributor.

    Sofa Dreams maintains the highest quality European standards combined with the excellence of German furniture design technology. For buyers of Sofa Dreams furniture, this is the assurance of luxury and value.?For more information contact us now. ...

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  2. Modern Man Cave Furniture: 2020 Catalog

    san antonio furniture

    Our modern man cave furniture will satisfy your 2020 needs. We want to ensure that you have access to the highest-quality sofas and accessories for maximum comfort. That way you can create a personal, intimate space.

    These days, man caves have entered the mainstream. On TV shows like HGTV Househunters, potential buyers want one to be included in the property they buy. Others show special manly design ideas. A man cave can be anything from a furnished basement with a pool table, tons of video games, and a big-screen TV to a well-equipped shed in the backyard.

    The Man Cave Psychology

    A man cave could just be your converted garage or even a room in your home that?s separated from the daily routine, where you can get privacy. In fact, it?s likely to be that perfect place for putting on your headphones and finding an escape from the outside world and all the stress that goes with it.

    Man Cave Furniture Ideas

    Emulate your favorite celebrities and heroes and take inspiration from their designs. Have you ever wondered what group of men are under the most stress and therefore need an escape? Professional athletes have very special man caves to go with their stressful careers.

    Who are these athletes? What makes their home so special? Here are a few well-known celebrities:

    1. Five-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson has an awesome 13,000 square foot man cave with an antique bar, and matching furniture.
    2. NASCAR?s favorite driver Dale Earnhart Jr. has an entire western town as his man cave.
    3. Basketball superstar, LeBron James has a modern man cave with a bowling alley, sports bar, game room, a fully equipped studio, a pool room, and a theater with big-screen televisions.
    4. L.A. Lakers? former star player Magic Johnson has a basketball court and a trophy wall in his modern man cave.

    Man Cave Couches and Sofas: Our Top 3 Choices

    All of these men had a need for special furniture ideas. Having a basketball court in your home is great. On the other hand, this luxury atmosphere is needed to be completed with appropriate furniture pieces. You need the comfort to appreciate the elegance.

    One example of why you should choose Sofadreams for buying the perfect cave furniture for man is the ultra-modern San Antonio sofa. It?s L-shaped and covered in a high-quality material mix in a number of attractive colors. The Texas-style has also become popular for man-caves.

    Premium synthetic leather covers the frame while the seating surfaces are covered in your choice of fabric for year-round seating comfort. This amazing sofa also includes adjustable headrests, spring-core-padding, and extra-wide lying surfaces. Its futuristic-shaped armrests and striped design match the color-changing LED lighting on both sides. There?s storage space galore in the frame and black-lacquered shelves to boot. This corner sofa could be the optimum addition to your man cave decor.

    If you?re one of the many men who want only the best premium top-grain leather for your man cave furniture centerpiece, then the New York C-Shaped sectional is for you. It offers generous seating and lying-down areas for the ultimate in relaxation.

    Buy in eight primary colors with another eight for the trim. That allows for up to 64 combinations. Find your favorite team?s color combination! In addition, it has an optional built-in sofa bed as well as a coffee table available. You can accommodate your guests with ease.

    If you want more intimacy in your man-cave, a Columbia sofa is great when you want to add comfort to game night. The quilted padding provides ample support, and the sofa comes with an optional bed function when you want to host sleepovers. Use the sides to hold drinks and game controllers.

    In addition, the leather material is stain resistant, which is great for accidental spills. You can choose your sofa orientation depending on the room?s layout, for a custom option.

    Man Cave Coffee Tables: Our Top 3

    Coffee tables can add some status and practicality. When you want to pile DVDs, drinks or video games, you have a rather nice spot to place them before using. Decide if you want leather or fabric for the material.

    The Dallas Fabric Coffee Table is our top pick for integrating unique geometric shapes with fashion. You can place your drinks on the solid glass top and watch them glow under optional LEDs. Clean up spills or crumbs easily from the top, and you can choose a water-repellent fabric. That makes this table a practical choice for any occasion.

    If you want more room for your guests, the Hollywood Coffee Table is extendable. You can stretch it to reveal thick glass and to accommodate more people and prop your feet under the space. Use the dual surfaces to stack drinks, refreshments, or USB controllers.

    Do you prefer leather and a compact item? You can?t go wrong with the leather Ventura. The curved design is simple and soothing, to help you wind down after a long day. It also stores easily due to the tiny size or allows you to add an understated luxury. This is great for smaller man cave spaces.

    Shop Our Man Cave Products At Sofadreams

    SofaDreams wants to furnish your house with luxury furniture. We accommodate your man cave ideas and add some elegance to go with the intimacy. Now that you have more information about some man cave furniture ideas, ordering is really easy with our shipping policies.

    All you have to do is just contact us. We?re ready, willing, and able to help by answering all of your questions and assisting you with the task of ordering the perfect sofa or sectional for any modern man and his man cave...

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  3. Top 13 Futuristic Furniture Pieces You'll Love

    Charlotte Luxury Furniture

    Science fiction has inspired many inventions, from submarines to spaceships. They also have set standards for furniture aesthetics, from understated sofas to comfortable recliners.

    Futuristic furniture is not just a design quirk. The pieces can also set a unique theme for your home when you are entertaining. Now you can redecorate and have the thirtieth or fortieth-century home of your dreams. We offer a wide range of futuristic furniture designs that can transform any room.

    Futuristic Sofas and Sectionals

    We offer leather sofas and fabric ones. Leather is durable and stain-resistant, making it great for when you want a long-lasting conversation piece. Not everyone likes the look or feel of leather, however, which is why we offer traditional fabrics as well. Revel in the high quality and glimpse into the future.


    This L-shape sofa features soft leather and durable supports while showing off a modern design. The longer side is perfect for stretching out; in contrast, the shorter side can accommodate two or more people. Prop your feet up on the matching ottoman.

    San Jose

    San Jose has a unique design that features LED lights across the bottom. It also has plush cushions that help you stay comfy when watching movie marathons. Thanks to the U-shape, share ample space with your family and friends.


    We believe that modern furniture models should look just as great in bedrooms as they do living rooms. The Rockdale bedroom set can change the way you feel about nighttime and sleeping. A standard model uses modern shades of red and black but pick other colors as you see fit.


    This round table has a compact shape that makes it perfect for pairing with any living room furniture. Energy-saving LED lights create high tech look that you want. They also won?t increase your energy bills.

    The Tampa table is completely flat across the top and gives you space for magazines or to play a game. A unique space on the front allows the lights to shine through.


    Why settle for futuristic furniture that you can only use inside? There are plenty of pieces that you can use outside on a patio or deck too such as the Hollywood sofa.

    This elegant patio set has a futuristic look thanks to the built-in lights. The U-shape body can hold several guests. Though the couch itself comes in black, you can pick from different colored cushions to customize the piece for your outdoor space.


    Named for the Theme Park Capital of the World, the Orlando is one of the highest tech furniture pieces that money can buy. Lounge and lean back in while you watch television or curl up with a good book.

    The sofa features built-in tables with shelving on each side. Keep track of remotes, books, and even snacks. Add lights and a reclining feature to maximize convenience and comfort.

    Futuristics Coffee Tables

    Our futuristic coffee tables look like furniture from another world. They are designed to meld elegance and modernity. When you choose one of our top leather or fabric options, you?ll get a unique furniture piece that your guests will love.

    Many of our leather coffee tables feature leather accents around the edges and a large glass plate in the center. The open space beneath that glass is the perfect place to display some of your favorite artwork or sculptures. Add other decorations as you see fit.

    Determine your room aesthetic and which pieces will set the right tone. The Los Angeles table has a larger design with sharp lines and thick edges. You can use the space between the glass top and the bottom for storage, or for displaying your favorite items. Match the asymmetry with neutral or bold colors.

    In contrast, the San Diego is more basic. The latter has a square shape that takes up less space and a large glass center. You can use it to reduce living room clutter while providing a useful table.

    Many customers also like the leather Hollywood table because it has unique lines. You can also extend it as you see fit, to entertain guests or hold more art.

    The Detroit table has a great look that features geometric shapes below a glass top. This creates a unique aesthetic arrangement, to show that maths can be artistic.

    With the New York model, you?ll have more space than you might need. This coffee table looks great when paired with a U-shaped sectional. It has space below for decorations and other items and a large glass surface for your drinks, snacks, and games.

    All of our futuristic coffee tables let you add fun and style at the same time. With the Charlotte, you get a round table with designs around the sides and a top that you can remove as needed. Convenience is key in this piece. The interior provides some extra storage too for practical purposes.

    When you choose the leather or fabric San Francisco, you get the elegant styling that you want. Sharp lines make the room look more contemporary and modern. Add a few years to your decor with this table.

    Find Futuristic Furniture From Sofadreams

    As Sofa Dreams, we specialize in creating futuristic furniture designs that use interesting concepts and features. These include LED lights and USB ports, and more options will come with future innovations. Our coffee tables can also be customized to emulate your favorite science-fiction media.

    Contact us to learn more about our design process or to find out how you can place an order today. The best pieces of futuristic furniture will look great in your bedroom or living room, and last for a long time in this century...

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