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  1. U Shaped Sectionals Vs. L Shaped Sectionals: Buying Guide

    Buying a sectional sofa is a great way to make sure that you use every inch of the available space in a room. These sofas work well in a living room or a family room and any other room where people gather. They consist of two or more pieces that combine to form one large couch.?

    The most common styles that you can choose from include L-shaped and U-shaped designs. You'll want to consider different things before you buy one of our sectionals.

    U-Shaped vs. L-Shaped Sectionals

    The first thing to consider is which of these designs is right for your home. A U-shaped sectional consists of one large piece in the center with two chaises or lounges on each end. As these sofas are much larger than L-shaped designs, you need to make sure that you have enough space for one.?

    They are great for entertaining guests. You'll have enough space for all your visitors and for big families on movie night. An L-shaped sectional consists of two sofa pieces that fit together in one corner. You can choose one that places the lounge on either side to make sure it fits in the room.

    Fabric or Leather?

    Another thing to consider is the sofa material that you prefer.? A leather finish feels so soft that you'll love rolling around on your new sofa, but it's also a little harder to clean. You may want to stick with fabric if you have kids or pets. Both dogs and cats can damage leather sectionals when they jump on certain pieces of furniture. You want to keep in the claw factor.?

    Fabric sectionals are easier to clean but may not have the expensive look that you want. We offer sectionals with both fabric and leather coverings that come in different colors. You can also choose an accent chair or color for the sectional that will work in your room.

    Size Matters

    Buying a new sectional also requires that you decide on what size you need. At SofaDreams, we offer fabric and leather sectionals in small, large and extra-large sizes. Our smallest options have the compact design that you need when you have limited space. If you have more room, you might go with a large sofa that has enough space for your immediate family.?

    Our extra-large sectionals are the largest that we offer and can accommodate multiple guests at a party. U-shaped sectionals typically come in large and extra-large sizes, while L-shaped sectionals are much smaller.

    Purchase More Than Sectionals From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we offer more than just European style sectionals. You'll also find armchairs and tables that will work with your new sofa and patio furniture that you can use outside on a porch or patio. All of our furniture is made in Europe with the best materials available. Each piece includes features you won't find on ordinary sectionals such as built-in LED lights.?

    To place an order for the perfect sectional, contact SofaDreams today online. Let?s add some variety to your decor and refined elegance.?...

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  2. Top Modern Patio Sofas for Contemporary Homes

    Whether you throw backyard barbecues with your closest friends a few times in the summer or live in an area that allows for year-round entertaining, you need to make sure that you have outdoor furniture for your guests. Contemporary homes today require unique pieces that don't look like the same old patio furniture your parents had or those pieces that you can pick up at any big box store. At SofaDreams, we offer contemporary and modern patio sofas that you'll love.

    Los Angeles

    When you hear the word wicker, you might think about the living room furniture that Rose and the other Golden Girls had. While wicker can look a little old fashioned, the Los Angeles patio sofa features wicker with a modern edge. This sofa has a large center row with plenty of space for guests and two smaller sides that are perfect for one or two people. You can choose from colors such as red and cream and add a matching coffee table too.


    Though Hollywood is close to Los Angeles, the Hollywood patio sofa is quite different from the Los Angeles model. We recommend the U-shape for those who throw lavish parties and need more seating room.?

    The U-shaped patio sofa has a lounge area on one end where you'll want to stretch out with a good book or take a nap and tons of other space for when guests come over. We offer this sofa in light and neutral colors that will pair nicely with your outdoor decorations and any accent pillows that you might want to add later. This Hollywood sofa is also available in an L-shape.


    Give your guests all the space that they need and still have room for some of your entertaining supplies with this Houston. This Houston patio sofa comes with built-in shelving on each end that you can use for cooking supplies and outdoor lights or heaters.?

    You can also use that storage to add some party lights or other decorations. This sofa has a U-shape and built-in LED lights to add convenience. It has an attached lounge on one end and enough extra seats for six guests or more.


    With the Jacksonville patio sofa, you can bring home a touch of Florida no matter where you live. Many of our customers choose red cushions and a black sofa in this model, but we offer other color combinations that you can choose from too. The Jacksonville has built-in tables on each end that let guests keep their drinks nearby without spilling those liquids on the fabric. Those tables give you more storage too.

    Learn More From Sofa Dreams

    Who said your patio should be dull or boring? We offer patio furniture that can transform any outdoor space and make it as modern and contemporary as every other area of your home.?

    To reach SofaDreams or contact us on the web to find out more about all our patio sofas and how each one is perfect for your home....

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  3. Top 6 European Style Sectional Sofas

    At SofaDreams, you can easily find the European furniture sofa of your dreams and customize it to fit your home. As one of the top sellers of European style sofas on the web, we help you find products made Europe style and shipped directly to your home.

    Shop for modern sofas that work with the mid-century modern decorations in your home. Or browse for a contemporary sofa that gives you extra space for overnight guests. The top six sectional sofas that we offer can make you fall in love with your living room or family room.

    Daytona L Short

    The first sectional we recommend is the Daytona L in the short style. This fabric sectional has a USB port for convenient charging of your devices and built-in LED lights. It also has a short design that fits in compact living spaces. This is the special advice from Sofa Dreams as a living room sofa.


    If you don't have a lot of space but still love entertaining, consider investing in Modern L Shaped Sofa Dallas With Led Lights. This sectional uses the soft leather that you love but comes in a compact size that will fit in the smallest of rooms. The European style leather sofa also has loads of lights that let your guests see each other as they mingle.


    You can recreate the feel of your favorite television show with Design Sectional San Atlanta Shaped With Usb And Led Lights, which is one of the best fabric sectionals on the market. Though we recommend choosing the red fabric, you can pick from different colors and choose your favorite accent color too.


    This Houston sofa is a sectional that will keep you from every saying, ?Houston, we have a problem.? It comes in a larger size that is perfect for making a dramatic impression or a focal point in your living room. This sofa has the contemporary style that you want and some extra LED lights around the sides.


    If you have more space and want to make your home party central, seriously consider the Concept. This unique couch has a C-shaped design with multiple pieces that fit together to create the ultimate hang out spot. That shape also makes it great for curling up on with that someone special. The LED lights along the bottom create a romantic environment when turned down low, but you can turn those lights on high to create a party atmosphere. The atmosphere is under your control with this high-quality furniture.

    New Jersey XL

    Another top sectional for a larger room is the New Jersey, which comes in an XL size. Though it might look like something from a sci-fi flick, this sofa uses sumptuous leather that you'll love sinking down into it at home. It comes in multiple colors and has LED lights, and you can add matching tables too.

    Purchase These Sectionals From SofaDreams

    Are you ready to bring home the ultimate sectional that will add a touch of European class to your living room or family room? At SofaDreams, you can pick the perfect couch to renew your home furniture and have it shipped to you.

    Contact us to place your order for the best European sectional. Let?s bring some charm into your home, as well as comfort and support...

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