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  1. Top Game Room Furniture by Sofadreams

    When you have a hobby or a family, you need a game room couch or sofa for comfort. In the case of the former, gamers and hobbyists deserve comfort. Kids will want a space for playing or hosting parties, while the adults need a space to wind down after a long day. We have the best game room couches and sofas for your use, no matter the hobby or the occasion.

    Gaming Recliners

    Gamers know how uncomfortable they can feel after a late-night session. If you stream for a hobby or career, lumbar support is important. You might spend the whole night playing to beat the big bosses and navigate the last level. Or you may solve puzzles to decide what birds or dragons need hatching.

    Not only may you feel some discomfort in your hands, but you can also experience back and shoulder pain. A top recliner or couch from SofaDreams can assist with that.

    One of the ultimate gaming couches available today is the Charlotte sectional. The U-shape model comes in deep green with black cushions. This palette mimics the design of your favorite action and military games.

    In some cases, the U-design may not fit in your gaming room. You can go for the l-shaped design that is a little smaller but available in that same color combination.

    A popular choice for gamers is the Orlando recliner, which helps you stay comfortable when gaming or just watching television. Covered in real Italian leather, it?s also available in a buffalo leather option.

    Choose from a variety of neutral colors to help the recliner blend with your other living room furniture. One option is to add lights that will sit on the attached table.

    Take advantage of the power recline and armrests. That table gives you space for your controller and other gaming accessories. When you add the recliner function, you can lean back and let the base pop out to put your feet up as you play.

    Gaming Sofas and Couches

    Concept Leather Couch

    Our Concept leather couch is a unique shape. If you have the necessary space, this is a great option. Each selection of leather upholstery is easy to clean, which is great if you have kids, pets, or messy guests. Adjust the LED lighting for different occasions, to help your family sleep or to record different videos.

    This couch has a large curve along the back with leather seats. The curve provide space for up to six gamers or more. Lounge while watching movies and play video games. As guests come over to play, you can each have your own space with some room left for chilling time.

    Atlanta Couch

    We named some of our top couches after popular cities across the United States, including the Atlanta couch set, with a two-seater and three-seater. This leather sofa has two seats but more space than you might expect because it?s a little larger than most traditional two-seat sofas. It also has an optional relax function to help you chill.

    The curved and padded arms on each end keep you from feeling fatigued during long gaming sessions. When you have guests, they can sit on the arms as they watch others play. The high backs add to your comfort and built-in storage on each end. Storage lets you display decorative items and keep extra supplies nearby, such as extra controllers.

    San Francisco Couch

    You don?t need to live in Northern or Southern California to use the casual decorating style. With the San Francisco couch, add a touch of California cool to your game room as well as smart devices with USB connections. This is extremely practical for recording setups and charging your phone while playing.

    This extra-large sofa comes in a few color combos, though many shoppers like the black and white version. It offers space for gamers to relax between sessions and for them to unwind at the end of a match. Adjust the headrests and built-in lights too that you can use when playing video and other types of games.

    Modern Game Room Furniture By Sofadreams

    Many people dream of having a dedicated game room. Whether you like ping pong, pool or video games, you need a space specifically for those activities. That means having appropriate furniture.

    Gamers, especially those who earn a living, need a game room to produce content. Professionals such as Markiplier and Cory Kenshin have such spaces, and you deserve one as well. If you stream your videos or conduct Skype calls, then you want an appropriate acoustic area and comfortable recliner sofas.

    The room offers more than space for game room seats. It can either raise your income or lower your daily stresses.

    What?s more, you can customize. Use decorations such as posters from your favorite films and memorabilia from your favorite teams on the walls. If you feel musical, add a stereo system for listening to music and hearing your video games in brilliant clarity.

    At SofaDreams, you?ll find a range of couches and sofas that are perfect for any game room. Adapt any of our European models for your leisurely activities. Get your game on with black leather, or invest in extra seating. Take advantage of our warranty and shipping policies to get the best deal, and decide on different leather options.

    Shop SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we believe that all gamers and hobbyists deserve great furniture. That is why we encourage shoppers to look at our couches and sofas online. You can get an idea of which pieces will look the best in your game room.

    To get the best furniture for your game room, use our contact form. We offer both leather upholstery and fabric sofas. Take a look at our sectionals that look great in larger rooms and matching coffee tables. Let us add the right gaming couches to your space, so you can have comfortable fun...

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  2. Luxurious Three Seat Sofas That are Perfect for All Living Rooms

    In most homes, the living room is the center or the hub of the home. It's where you relax after a long day of work and watch television or movies with your kids. The living room is also where you hang out with friends and spend time with loved ones.?

    Depending on the vibe or feeling that you want to create, you might look for three-seater couches for that room. These sofas have room for you to sit with others or spread out on your own and come in some great options. At SofaDreams, we offer some amazing and luxurious three-seater sofas in different designs and leather options.

    Palm Beach Sofa

    The Palm Beach sofa appeals to those who want something with a great design that also has three seats. This model features a quilted design that gives the leather cover a brand new look and feel. Thanks to the L-shape, you have the perfect place to kick up your heels and rest your feet when you get home from work. Many shoppers also love the built-in storage cubbies that feature LED lighting too.

    Boston Sofa

    As you shop for a new living room sofa, you might give some thought to futuristic designs such as the Boston sofa. The LED lights on this one sit on the top of the couch and help create a fun effect in your home.?

    Those lights can set a romantic mood when you want to enjoy a night with your significant other and create a party effect when you have friends over for the night. This sofa also has a futuristic look that incorporates dark accent colors in the included cushions.

    Los Angeles Sofa

    All of the products available from SofaDreams uses the names of popular American cities. With the Los Angeles sofa, you can lean back and imagine that you're in the heart of one of the top destinations in California. This sofa comes standard with a white leather color that is great for most homes. It uses accents of black leather and has built-in storage that can hold liquor bottles, magazines, books and anything else you want to keep around.

    Daytona Sofa

    Named after the city in Florida that is famous for its local racetrack, the Daytona sofa has a unique look that many love. This sofa uses bold shades of both black and red and comes with an ottoman that gives you more room to stretch out. With the built-in lights and rounded edges, this is a good choice for your living room or game room but you can also use it in a rec room or theater room. It has three seats too.

    Get Real Leather From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, you can purchase leather three-seater sofas made in Europe that use classic and modern designs. We make it easy to find unique furniture that looks great in your home but also lets you sit comfortably as you read, watch television, play video games or chat with guests.

    Contact us to find out about our financing options or to see how long it takes to get your dream leather sofa delivered today. Find out which recliner chair or sectional sofa will ease your relaxation experience.?


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  3. 7 Futuristic Coffee Tables to Complete Your Modern Apartment Design

    Futuristic Coffee Tables to Complete Your Modern Apartment

    When most people think of coffee tables, they think of the wood and metal designs that are available from most commercial stores. At SofaDreams.com, we want you to know that there are alternatives out there.?

    Our futuristic coffee tables look like furniture from another world or those that you see on the screen in some of your favorite films and television shows. When you choose one of our top leather or fabric options, you'll get a unique coffee table that your guests love as much as you do.

    Leather Coffee Tables

    Many of our leather coffee tables feature leather accents around the edges and a large glass plate in the center. The open space beneath that glass is the perfect place to display some of your favorite artwork or other pieces, though you can also add some new decorations to your designated space.?

    While the Los Angeles table has a larger design with sharp lines and thick edges, the San Diego is more basic. The latter has a square shape that takes up less space and a large glass center. Many customers also like the leather Hollywood table because it has unique lines to create a table that supports the glass top.

    Fabric Coffee Tables

    Whether you pick a U-shaped couch or an L-shaped sectional, you might like the look of one of our smaller fabric coffee tables. You can place it right in the center of the couch and have space for your items and the belongings of your guests.?

    The Detroit table has a great look that features geometric shapes below a glass top. With the New York model, you'll have more space than you might need. This coffee table looks great when paired with a U-shaped sectional or any other type of couch. Not only does it have space below for decorations and other items, but it has a large glass surface for your drinks, snacks, and games.

    Add Fun and Style

    All of our futuristic coffee tables let you add both fun and style at the same time. With the Charlotte, you get a round table with designs around the sides and a top that you can remove as needed. The interior provides some extra storage too. When you choose the leather or fabric San Francisco, you get the elegant styling that you want and the sharp lines that make the room look more contemporary and modern.

    Our Coffee Tables

    The biggest benefit of choosing one of our coffee tables is that you can customise the design you like the best. Not only do we offer different colours for those tables, but you can add LED lights to some designs. This gives you more light in the room and adds to the futuristic look you want to create.?

    For the best in futuristic coffee tables, turn to SofaDreams.com. Contact us today to get an idea about how you can customise one of our futuristic coffee tables to better fit with the modern design of your apartment....

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