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Monthly Archives: November 2019
  1. Modern Sofa Sets for Small Spaces

    Could your couches and sectionals dominate your home? Huge furniture is comfortable, but it can actually make you feel even more cramped if you're in a small house or apartment that doesn't have a great deal of floor space. Fortunately, you have another option for decor.

    Try out our modern sofa sets, which are specifically designed to fit into small spaces without making you feel like you're stuck in place. Match them with your coffee tables and accent chairs in a tiny seated area.

    At Sofa Dreams, we offer genuine European-inspired furniture that's actually made in Germany by local crafters. That means that each piece we sell is made in accordance with all relevant EU-laws regarding both safety and durability.

    Once you have one of our modern sofas in place in your living room, you won't have to worry about taking it out at any point soon. It should be an excellent addition to your furniture collection for years to come.

    Contemporary Sofas With All The Tech Options

    Early adopter types might especially appreciate the ability to connect Google-branded smart home devices as well as Amazon's Alexa platform with the LED lights installed on their couch. If this sounds like an interesting idea to you, then you might want to have a look at the Beverly Hills L-shaped small sectional.

    It's perfect even if you live in the kind of small California apartment you'd find in the place that it's named for. The sectional has a striking color pattern and unique choice of coverings and upholstery. Such a palette makes it an attractive option for anyone who might be looking to add a taste of new luxury to their existing room. This kind of connectivity is a great way to turn your small sectional into a mission control piece that should really turn your guest's heads.

    Configure Your Own Modern Furniture

    Small home dwellers and those who live in high-rise buildings might want some pieces that they can regularly reconfigure and move around. This is especially true for anyone who wants to take advantage of the sheer flexibility of this furniture. In fact, you might end up needing less furniture because a single modern sofa set takes the place of many traditional pieces.

    Consider the Seattle set, for instance, which can pair very well with a futuristic ottoman that won't be going out of style anytime soon. In fact, none of our ultramodern pieces are likely to look dated for the foreseeable future. That means you'll never be under any pressure to bring a new living room swag into your small space just to bring it up to date.

    Find SofaDreams Furniture That Stays Modern Forever

    Moving furniture into a small space can be an extreme channel, which is why it isn't something that most homeowners want to do very often. If you're looking to find a piece you can enjoy for years, then these modern sofas and sectionals might be the perfect selection for you.

    Contact us and tell us about the specific spaces you need to be filled in your home. We'll be able to mix and match pieces that will make your area truly unique. In fact, we're more than prepared to fulfill special custom orders...

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  2. Top 5 Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

    Does your living room badly need to be brought up to date? If that?s the case, then there?s no better way to do it then to get some ultra-modern furniture that will never go out of style. Futuristic designs will always stay in fashion no matter how far into the future we go. Check out the following ideas for a modern living room and learn how to become your best interior designer.

    1) Leather Coffee Tables

    Whether you?re looking for something to pair with a new couch or you just want the most unique focal point you can get for your room, a leather coffee table could certainly fit the bill. These are offered in a number of colors, and they stand in sharp contrast to nearly every other option in the market.

    A leather coffee table also offers an aura of elegant comfort. Leather has a soft texture, but is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily. You can maintain the table for years while entertaining guests. Add some pizzazz to your living room design.

    2) Lighted Center Tables

    Engraved glass plates and internal LED lighting kits make these tables a dramatic addition to any room. They?re a high-tech way of saying that your living room is a place that?s designed exactly to adhere to your tastes. Of course, these tables are every bit as functional as any other similar piece, though they?re far more fun on so many levels.

    On a practical note, lighted center tables make reading and leisure easier. You can illuminate books, magazines, and even drawings. At night, you can use them to add subtler lights to movie watching or chilling by the fire.

    3) Fabric Armchairs

    Armchairs with classic fabric upholstery have been favorites for years, and comfort is the primary reason. We haven?t forgotten about the core reason that people enjoy sitting in these. However, we have added quite a few extras that should prove attractive to even the most jaded customers.

    Touch wheel remote controls that manage LED lights and illuminated shelves made of glossy MDF make it easy to enjoy anything from reading to watching the big game. Since your chair can store all the reading material and gadgets you need, you?ll be able to think of sitting in it as taking a miniature vacation.

    4) Chairs with a Relax Function

    If you?re looking for something to replace your boring wing chair, then you should give one of these a try. Those looking to complete a set can find a two-seater from the same series as well as a matching coffee table.

    Adventurous types might want to pair their new pieces with furniture from a different set. The color contrast can give their living room a vibrant blast of color. You can combine home decor aesthetics with comfort.

    5) Recliner Sofas

    You could also combine your pick of an armchair and a sofa into one piece of furniture by opting for one of these unique pieces. These are made from premium top-grain coverings. Adjustable headrests and armrests allow you to maximize comfort for yourself and your guests.

    What?s more, recliner sofas are made to last for years with solid inner frames, often made from hardwood, and foam cushions. You can relax on them for years, and enjoy all of the benefits along with a pleasant aesthetic. So can your friends and family.

    Find Ultramodern Sets From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, our pieces could potentially fit in with the most eclectic ideas. They?re also ideal for those who want something a little more demure. Best of all, each of the pieces we sell is genuine examples of European-inspired furniture that?s actually made in the European Union. All work, therefore, is done according to exacting standards that help to ensure it?s going to be around for quite a while.

    Contact us online and tell us all about your ideas. We?ll be happy to help you put together the living room of your dreams with neutral or bold colors. Design your interior however you?d like when you start building a room around our ultramodern furniture...

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  3. Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Sets

    Top 5 Bedroom Furniture SetsIs your current bed too old? They say that you should change your mattress and other evening accouterments once every 7-10 years, but some people need to do so much more often.

    Unfortunately, this is because many people are using poorer quality bedding that wears out quickly. You can remedy this situation with any of the following high-quality bedroom sets that come with all of the latest features. Also, browse sets that include extra furniture pieces.

    1. Novara Leone

    Like all of the bedroom sets from Sofa Dreams, the Novara Leone is made of only the highest-quality hand-selected woods and all of the work is done in the European Union. It's available as both a complete set or as a standalone bed.

    Use to furnish your larger master bedrooms. The set also provides elegance for smaller houses or condominium complexes. If you want to enjoy a taste of genuine European luxury, then choose this one.

    2. Monza Leone

    Those who like the look of the Novara but wanted something lighter should be more than pleased with the luxurious look of the Monza Leone set. The set comes in both the US king and queen sizes.

    You can even add other pieces to it, which makes it a great option for those that want to completely refinish their entire rooms. If you work in the hospitality industry, you can outfit luxury suites with the latest furniture.

    3. Asti Grey

    Futuristic and formal don't have to be mutually exclusive. The Asti Grey bedroom set offers all of the curves that you'd expect from a thoroughly ultramodern European bedroom set.

    The look of all the furniture is every bit as good as its fit and finish. These aspects should please those who are looking to invest in durable gear that's going to last for a very long period of time.

    4. Catania Bedroom

    Whether you prefer lacquer or chrome, the Catania bedroom set has you covered. It features a patented design that's only available from Sofa Dreams.

    Rest assured that you'll have a bedroom that's unique and fashionable. Considering the futuristic yet neutral feel that it exudes, you should find that it fits into almost any type of existing decor without requiring you to change things up too much.

    5) Casoria Grey

    Many European design boutiques have switched over to gray tones. Casoria bedroom sets are no exception, which gives new homeowners a huge advantage. This neutral color will continue to look good for many years. Thus, it will not necessitate future replacement simply to make your home fashionable.

    You'll never find that it's gone out of style no matter how long you have it. Best of all, since it's available in standard sizes you'll be able to easily replace the mattress in the future.

    Furnish Your Living Room With Offerings From SofaDreams
    SofaDreams wants you to have furniture that reflects furniture and comforts. From coffee accent tables to couches and sets with comfortable bed frames, we deliver the latest European designs.

    Once you've found a set you like, don't hesitate to contact us. One of our experienced representatives will help you customize your choices so that it fits your master bedroom perfectly no matter what kind of dimensions you happen to be working with...

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