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  1. Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    As every pet owner knows, a house just doesn?t feel like a home without your furry friend right there beside you. At the same time, however, the majority of pet parents will probably admit that they really could do without some pet issues, like hair shedding or sofas and sectionals that look old before their time due to cat scratching. On the other hand, maybe you made the mistake of choosing furniture in the past that just can?t stand up to pet-friendly living. There?s good news, though; you can avoid these issues!

    Don?t Cover Up Your Piece Of Furniture

    Have you ever been one of the many pet owners who has considered leaving your sofa covered with a sheet indefinitely? Many people do because their sofa or sectional just isn?t the least bit pet-friendly. If this sounds familiar, then it just might be time to start considering a sofa or even a sectional that is not just people-friendly but pet-friendly as well.

    Whether you?re furnishing your newly-purchased home or just redecorating, at Sofadreams we have plenty of amazingly comfortable pet-friendly couches to suit all of your needs. Here at Sofadreams, we know that your pets are your family, so decorating with them in mind by shopping our sofa and sectional collection should be at the top of your to-do list.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    The Best Couch For Cat Owners

    When you have a cat, you want to ensure that your furniture won?t show visible claw marks. Cats enjoy scratching up what is forbidden to them, and you want insurance in case scratching posts aren?t sufficient. They also like to squeeze into hiding holes, so it?s best to provide those spaces and spots proactively.

    Try to avoid leather because it will visibly show the wear and tear from an errant claw. This sofa, in particular, is made from woven fabric and is designed to provide comfort for both humans and cats. Any feline will also like the bed-converter feature because it provides new space for them. Get a tight-weave fabric option.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    The Best High-Quality Couch For Dog Owners

    Don?t think that you?re left out just because you?ve got a dog instead of a cat, either. Depending on the type of dog you have, you might have to deal with a significant amount of pet fur on a daily basis. Sometimes, this is enough to cause damage to couches.

    Traditional upholstery has a tendency to collect fur, which then has to be removed using various potentially abrasive methods. Quite a few dog fanatics end up ruining their favorite couches using this process.

    As a result, people end up with furniture that doesn?t last anywhere near as long as it should. You don?t want to have to deal with this situation, so you can invest in a pet-friendly couch that won?t collect nearly as much fuzz.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    Some of our modern leather pieces are made of such durable material that they can stand up to the abuse that comes with having a dog on them. You might also consider designating a special section for your pet and training him or her to sleep there so you?ll always be able to watch exactly where they go. Of course, you?ll want to consider ottomans and other accouterments so you can have a complete living room set that?ll be perfect for your family as well as your four-legged friends.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    Pet-Friendly Sectionals

    Are you one of the many cat owners who want to have a beautiful sectional? If so, do you feel fear about choosing one that won?t stand up to the rigors of life with a cat? Don?t worry! Our extensive line of pet-friendly microfiber couches and sectionals of all configurations are the perfect match for your kitty.

    Likewise, keep in mind that many dog owners have had a good experience using these microfiber coverings as well. Take a few minutes to think more about the length of your pet?s claws and their particular habits. Every animal has its own little quirks, and thinking more about them can really help to ensure that you get the best couch possible and enjoy it for years to come.

    Unleash The Pet-Lover In You

    Getting ready for unleashing your inner pet-lover is easy when you have pet-friendly furniture. After all, you can?t possibly let your pet lay on just any old sofa. Right? She deserves the very best.

    A sofa or sectional from Sofadreams will help. That?s because we understand fine furniture and we also understand how to make it stand up to your pets as well.

    Consider the fact that all of our European-inspired furniture is actually made in Germany by European Union-endorsed technicians. That means it has to adhere to certain strict guidelines laid out in EU rules. As a result, you can expect that your new pieces can hold up for a long period of time. In spite of the fact that your pet may be a little less than kind to your furniture, the sofas will remain standing!

    Spoil Your Furry Friends

    Our line of sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds gives you the opportunity for spoiling the furry little members of your family in a way that they truly deserve. You can do that with pet-friendly furniture that will easily fit into your current decor as seamlessly as can be.

    For many of our Sofadreams customers, beloved pets play a very important role in their idea of what home and family mean. In fact, their furry friends often spend as much time on their furniture as they do. That?s why we?re so excited to be offering furniture solutions that are both fun and affordable for making your home a lot more pet-friendly for you both.

    Once you do have a set in place, you?ll be able to keep it looking nice fairly easily too. Pet owners like to protect their investments, since their pets often end up falling in love with them as much as they do. You?ll love the fact that you?ll be able to keep your new sectional or couch looking good for a long period of time.

    About SofaDreams

    Just in case you haven?t heard about us yet, Sofadreams.com is what you could call a futuristic furniture company. We?re very proud that all of our furniture is anything but ordinary and reflects the European way of exciting yet functional furniture design.

    SofaDreams specialists manufacture and distribute an entire line of our own unique and decidedly ultra-modern upholstered furniture. This includes sofas, sectionals, and sofa beds that are all made in Germany. We also offer complimentary pieces to go with them, like sleek LED-lit coffee tables.

    Best Pet-Friendly Sofas and Sectionals

    Our furniture is custom made and, in fact, we are proud to offer furniture that is not just European inspired but also made there, unlike a lot of furniture today that?s manufactured in China. We sell living room solutions as well as outdoor living and seating that is made for configuring in a variety of ways. Much of our amazing furniture comes complete with:

    1. Built-in storage areas that are extremely practical

    2. Integrated LED lighting that changes and is also remote-controlled,

    3. Reconfigurable modules (to configure exactly as you please),

    4. A wide range of fabrics and color choices.

    Naturally, your pets aren?t going to care so much about all of these features. They simply want a nice warm place to lay down. You?ll be able to treat them in style just as you enjoy the stylish contours of your new living room gear, however.

    You won?t even have to worry about it falling out of style since ultramodern furniture can look good regardless of whatever passing fads come in and out of fashion.

    Call Today For More Pet-Friendly Fabrics

    Now that you know a little something about our selection of pet-friendly furniture, perhaps you might want to order one. We?re always happy to provide answers to your questions and help you with the task of ordering the perfect pet-friendly furniture. Whether it?s a sofa, a sectional, or even a sleeper sofa for your home with cats, you?re in good hands.

    On the other hand, if you still have questions about our line of pet-friendly sofas, you can contact us at Sofadreams online. Get a little more information about what kind of products are available to pet owners just like you...

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  2. Curved Contemporary Sofa Buying Guide

    Contemporary furniture is great because it never goes out of style. Ultramodern pieces from today will look every bit as futuristic years from now, from chaise lounges to coffee tables.

    That being said, you might be a little lost if you?re looking for curved contemporary sofas simply because there are so many different options to pick from. We asked the experts at SofaDreams to put together a list of the most important things to look for when shopping for ultramodern sofas.

    Curved Leather Sofas

    Curves are out and in at the same time. When you?re looking at sets of couches, you?ll want to keep bold angular lines in mind because so many European designers love to use them in new and exciting ways. Since straight lines are always able to fit well against walls, they?re also more space efficient in many cases.

    You?ll be able to push an angular leather sofa up against a wall and use the added space to put in coffee tables or other accouterments. Some couch sets, like the Tampa 3-2-1, have tried to take advantage of this fact while still incorporating curves in some way. The ends maintain traditional curves while the back is straight to save some additional space.

    Others, like the popular Beverly Hills, shake things up by completely eschewing the traditional rules of design. That can make these kinds of sofas ideal for those who want to make sure they have something that none of their neighbors are going to have.

    Homeowners who want something traditional that still shakes up expectations will certainly want to look at the concept couches, which takes curvature in design to its absolute limits. They may also want to consider fabric coverings instead.

    Curved Fabric Sofas

    Fabric upholstery a real alternative that can be kept extremely clean due to advances in materials manufacturing. All of the European-inspired furniture we carry is actually made in Germany and has to adhere to EU mandates, which means that it?s completely made to last.

    You can find fabric concept couches and other designs that are every bit as futuristic as what you might find if you restricted yourself to only leather. These can come with all of the optional extras that you?ve come to expect from ultramodern European furniture. At the same time, you might want to look into some models with swept-back curves that could do nicely in any situation.

    Small Curved Sectional Sofa

    Homeowners in smaller apartments or who dwell in a condo might need to look at small curved sectionals, which have all of the features of their larger counterparts but don?t take up nearly as much room. That makes them suitable for use in larger living rooms where you want to put in multiple pieces of furniture as well.

    Regardless of what kind of needs you might have, there?s a number of options for each use case. You can mix and match different types of upholstery and colors until you have a set that nobody else has, even if you happen to live in a smaller place.

    Find Your Modern Furniture At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams wants to provide you the best furniture possible. We want to ensure that you get the latest European styles. All of our furniture is built to last, and can be custom-made.

    Contact us online today when you?re ready to learn more about ultramodern European-style couches and sectionals. Find out how to unleash the interior designer hiding inside of you...

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  3. Recliner Sectionals With Cooling Cup Holders

    Whenever you sit back and relax, you don?t want your drink to get warm. That just puts a damper on the entire occasion. Fortunately, there?s a new technological solution from Sofadreams that can help you solve this age-old problem using ultramodern furniture in a way you may have never thought possible. It is called a cooling cup holder.

    A number of modern recliner sectionals actually offer cooling cup holders, so you can be sure that your drink will stay as icy chill as it was when you first got it out of the refrigerator. You might want to have these covered in either leather or fabric depending on your own personal preferences, and both options are always available for an overwhelming majority of the products that you?re going to see at Sofadreams.

    Modern Recliners

    The best thing about these modern recliners is that they?re more than capable of pulling double-duty as multiple different types of furniture. They could serve as a traditional recliner might, or alternatively they could be used as a traditional couch.

    They even come with a number of optional features. We go into the details below for different sofa models, and European designs.

    Double Recliners With Cup Holders

    Consider the idea of a recliner that comes complete with cup holders that could cool a drink, a relaxing side seat that could be used to read a favorite book or even work on crafts. Those who need them could even opt for a lift recliner that?s designed for the ultimate in convenience and ease of use.

    Take a look at the New Jersey C Shape leather sofa as an excellent demonstration of what these could be like. It?s a great option for those who might have been concerned about space but still want everything offered in comfort.

    Consider the fact that you could get a number of other futuristic options with these as well.

    Recliners With USB Ports

    How does recharging your mobile device sound while you?re taking a little nap or surfing the web relaxed on your couch? Even those who have to work via telecommuting from home can enjoy the luxury that comes with this kind of arrangement while also getting everything done that you need to do. You?ll never have to worry about running out of battery charge or a device going blank while you?re hard at work finishing off a paper.

    Keep in mind that you?ll want to invest in a place to put all of those devices as well, which is why fabric coffee tables are also available for those who happen to have a large collection of phones, tablets and even drinks that they didn?t want to put into the cup holders.

    Shop Our Collection of Modern Recliners At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams is ready to redefine modern design for furniture. No matter what kind of room you have or the size you?re working with, there are sure to be plenty of different choices that fit your needs. Our specialists will help you find them.

    Make sure to contact us today for more information about the couch that would fit best in your specific living area. Everything from single-room studio apartments with large windows to small quaint cottages can fit much more of a sectional than you might have ever thought possible...

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