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Monthly Archives: February 2020
  1. How to Clean Fabric Couch Upholstery

    When you get ultramodern unique furniture like sofas and loveseats covered with fabric upholstery, you can trust that they?ll last for quite some time. At Sofadreams, we bring genuine European inspired and manufactured furniture to market, which can you trust to hold up over the long-haul. Nevertheless, you?ll want to keep it clean especially if something were to eventually happen while you?re entertaining guests.

    Always check the care instructions of a specific piece before you start to clean it. Many of our modern designs are made with environmental friendliness in mind. For instance, the Detroit U-shaped fabric sectional features Easy Clean technology.

    Owners of furniture that incorporates this kind of fabric can remove coffee and tea stains without the use of harsh cleaning agents. This means you?ll never have to worry about the impact of a dangerous solvent. Those who have any of our pieces will want to keep a few basic maintenance tips in mind, however.

    Cleaning Dusty Fabric Couch Upholstery

    Make sure to brush off your couch when it starts to get dusty, which will help to preserve the fabric and keep it looking good for the foreseeable future. While you have the opportunity, you?ll also want to relocate your couch to an area where it will not only collect less dust but also receive less sunlight in order to prevent the kind of damage that occurs as a result of ultraviolet light.

    Vacuuming can be a good way to deal with crumbs and other similar particles. It might also help to reduce the number of clumps of pet hair you have on a fabric couch that?s been frequented by a furry friend. Use a long narrow attachment so that you can get into every surface. Vacuum all of the surfaces of the cushions too.

    While you?re cleaning, you?ll also want to take the opportunity to pull up the cushions if at all possible for the type of furniture that you?re working with. Clean underneath them and, if necessary, switch them around so you?re able to rotate the wear a little bit. Considering the types of stuffing used in Sofadreams couches there isn?t too much of a concern of flattening them out in this way, but it tends to be a good care suggestion anyway.

    Brushing Your Fabric Couch Clean

    Eventually, you might start to find spots of heavy dust or caked in dirt. A dry stiff-bristled brush is a great way to work these out. You?ll want to clean these areas with a degree of gusto, but don?t use too much force.

    Depending on how you use your couch, you might also want to invest in a lint roller and work in a grid shape across the entire surface to remove any additional debris. This is especially true of pet owners who find that they track pet hair around on their own bodies even if they don?t permit their own pets to enjoy the surfaces themselves.

    Maintain Clean Upholstery With Sofa Dreams

    SofaDreams wants to ensure you have a stylish living room and assistance with the tough stains. We keep up to date on trends in European furniture so that you get the ideal upholstery attachments.

    If you have any other questions on the best way to care for your new couch, then make sure to contact us online using our convenient form. We?ll be sure to put you in touch with a knowledgeable expert...

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  2. Contemporary Corner Sofas: Buying Guide

    Who doesn?t adore the feeling of sitting in a recliner when they?re relaxing? They have some great benefits, including the ability to potentially reduce the tension on your lower body. Unfortunately, some people don?t know how to buy just the right one. We took a moment to ask all the experts at SofaDreams for their favorite shopping tips and the best sofas that can fit in corners.

    Boston Contemporary Recliner Sofa

    Always make sure that you?re looking for a piece that will fit the setting. For instance, the Boston sectional is a sectional lounge that can be rearranged in a number of pleasing patterns while still showing off all of its special features.

    At the same time, you?ll want to make sure that the piece you select isn?t too big even if you can relocate it. Just because you have a small place doesn?t mean you can?t put a great piece of furniture in it. For instance, the Los Angeles design sectional is perfect for situations where you might have to squeeze something into an unusually-shaped place. Also, keep your eye out for something that can pull double duty when it comes time to fill out a living room.

    Corner Sofas With Recliners

    Look at the Maggio and Massimo recliners, which are both attractive options for those who want a piece that can hug their corners. This should serve as an excellent piece in almost any kind of room. Whether you have a home theater or you just want to spruce up the common area in a larger studio apartment, one of these pieces can be an ideal setting.

    For that matter, these could be used in a professional area to put together what might be considered one of the truly all-time great waiting areas. You can add luxury and comfort to your reception.

    Italian Leather Corner Sofas

    Several Italian pieces feature sofas with recliners that can do the job of more than one piece of furniture. Consider the Pisa or Ajax motion recliners, which feature the same sort of reclining technology that you?d expect from a standard easy chair. Feel free to simply relax in these and lean back just like you would with any other piece of furniture.

    Massimo Contemporary Recliner Sofa

    Adoni motion recliners also feature premium thick Italian leather, which should stay looking great for a number of years. Just the bare minimum of treatment should be more than enough to keep these pieces of furniture looking perfect for years to come. Despite the stereotype, you actually won?t have to invest much time in maintaining a leather couch if you follow just a few simple pointers.

    Shop Our Collection Of Corner Sofas And Sectionals At SofaDreams

    So far, we?ve been over seven different corner sofas that feature these recliners and there are plenty others to chose from. Start by measuring the dimensions of the space you plan on installing a piece of furniture.

    Once you have a good idea, take a look at all of the various options from our European-inspired collection that?s genuinely made overseas. You can then contact us?and tell us which pieces are your favorites so we can get them out to you...

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