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  1. What Makes Italian Leather Sofas So Special?

    Why Are Italian Leather Sofas So Stylish? In Europe and around the world, Italian leather sofas are considered to be among the finest pieces of furniture you can get for your home or office. The term ?Italian leather? denotes a certain standard of quality, and this is similar to Costa Rican coffee, Egyptian cotton, and Turkish tobacco. We think of Italian leather as the most adequate material for luxury sofas; in fact, ?Italian Leather Sofa? is the title of a song by the American modern rock band Cake from their 1996 album ?Fashion Nugget.?

    Italian Leather: a Legacy of Quality and Craftsmanship

    As with Turkish tobacco and Costa Rican coffee, the two factors that Italian leather stand out are the sourcing and crafting. Italian ranchers take very good care of their cattle, and craftsmen use a special vegetable mix for tanning the hides. The finishing and coloring processes are extremely meticulous, and national trade associations inspect the quality of leather before it can be certified for importing. Needless to say, the Italian leather industry takes pride in following an all-natural process.

    Bringing Italian Leather to Your Luxury Sofa

    When Italian leather is acquired by furniture makers, it comes with a warranty that covers defects and attests to the durability of the material. SofaDreams is committed to making sofas and couches that are not only aesthetic but also extremely durable; we want our clients to enjoy their furniture for a very long time, and this is why we choose Italian leather. SofaDreams also offers a five-year Gold Plus Protection Plan that covers your Italian leather sofas against accidents such as stains, burns, scratches, cuts, and structural damage; this plan even offers complete replacement in some cases.

    Browse Our Selection of Italian Leather Sofas at Sofadreams.com

    When you combine European styling with German engineering and Italian leather, you get sectional sofas such as the Severino, one of our most lavish pieces of furniture. Our Pino sectional sofa is made with top-grain Italian leather, a gorgeous and long-lasting material perfect for furniture that will be extensively used. If you are looking for the more traditional look of a living room set instead of a sectional, our Piero sofa set provides a couch, love seat, and armchair made with black or white top grain leather.

    SofaDreams is a furniture design studio dedicated to luxury and excellence. Our European design philosophy started off in Berlin in 2006; since then, it has been distributed across Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and North America. Our products are not only designed but also manufactured in Germany. Our Sofa Design Studio mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, allows you to browse our catalog in augmented reality; this lets you see exactly how our sofas will look in your home, office, or place of business. Contact us today to learn more about our furniture. You can always visit our showroom in Dania Beach when you are in South Florida...

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  2. 5 Best Contemporary Sofa Sets for Luxury Homes (2020 Edition)

    Tastes are always changing, but that doesn?t mean you have to invest in a piece of furniture that?s going to go out of style any time soon. At SofaDreams, we?re always looking into long-lasting furniture that?s going to stay fashionable for as long as it holds up. Check out these five contemporary sets, which are European-inspired pieces genuinely made overseas so you can trust they?re as durable as they sound.

    1) Julio Chesterfield

    Perhaps one of the more timeless, rather than ultramodern, contemporary looks that are in vogue is displayed by the interesting almost quilted texture of the Julio Chesterfield set. It includes a couch, love seat, and an armchair that all match.

    Since it features such a dramatic style that you?re unlikely to see with any other piece of furniture, this set will certainly never look dated no matter how much tastes change in the future. It boasts a majestic velour covering that comes in royal blue as well as imperial purple. Each seat cushion is made with high-density resilient foam that?s supported by sinuous springs so you won?t have to worry about it wearing out any time soon either.

    2) 2 & 3 Seater Atlanta Sets

    Those who might want something with leather covering that looks more like a traditional piece of ultramodern furniture would certainly do well to look into the Atlanta. It is designed for flexible living room arrangements. Lean back and watch a movie with adjustable headsets.

    Those who opt for the two-seater version of the sofa set can even get one with an integrated bed function, which makes an already very flexible piece of furniture even more so. The storage equipment can hold any personal items that you?d like, for any occasion.

    3) Tasso Sofa Set

    Divina Fabric furniture from Italy is made with a solid hardwood inner frame and comes with an optional matching coffee table so you can really finish off any room you lay a Tasso set down in. These pieces are made using only the best materials to ensure long-term comfort and durability. That should prove to be good news for anyone who falls in love with a piece and wants to ensure that it stays around for the long-haul.

    Rather than go for an ultramodern feel, the Tasso sofa set has taken a cue from the Julio Chesterfield?s book and opted for an offbeat yet traditional look that will stay looking up to date no matter what people?s tastes may end up like in the future.

    4) 3 & 2 Seater Orlando Sets

    Those who might like a piece like the Atlanta but would prefer a fabric covering will certainly want to look into the Orlando. This model offers many of the same options in the same sort of arrangements. Fabric is good when you want a material that is easy to clean and can handle the wear and tear from kids or pets.

    The two-seater version even comes with an optional bed function for those who would prefer it, just as the Atlanta series did. You can also add a recliner for additional relaxing.

    5) 3-2-1 Tampa Set

    With a recliner and a relaxer option, the 3-2-1 Tampa set might very well be one of the most flexible options on this list. Considering the other choices, that?s saying quite a bit. Homeowners can specify their preferred colors and coverings too.

    The Tampa is designed for a futuristic home. Use the LED lights and beverage cooler to hone an ideal home entertainment experience.

    Find The Perfect Room Furniture At SofaDreams

    SofaDreams is ready to improve your living space with the right couch. We draw from a wide variety of European styles to deliver on modern interior design.

    Just contact us today with any ideas you might have for a custom piece, and we?ll make sure to put you on the track to get furniture that?s as luxurious as your home is.

    Leather Sectional Sofa Nashville U Shaped...

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  3. Top 3 Most Luxurious Sofas for Modern Design

    design known as the Atomic Age, which started during World War II and lasted until the mid-1960s, right about the time when the Ford Motor Company introduced the third generation of the Ford Galaxie 500. It was around this time that the animated television series ?The Jetsons? became popular, and its design sense would later inspire everything from architecture to the sets of films such as ?2001: A Space Odyssey? and ?Star Wars.?

    Atomic Age design never fell out of favor. Like other trends in the world of design, it evolved and developed a new sensibility. In the 1980s, the style became more angular and streamlined. Now that we are entering a new decade in the 21st century, we are revisiting Atomic Age design through a movement known as retrofuturism, and this is what you get with SofaDreams? luxurious furniture.

    1. The Hollywood U-Shape Sectional Sofa


    When you look at this stylish sofa, you will be reminded of the elaborate cases of the desktop PCs used by video gaming enthusiasts, particularly if you select black Italian leather combined with bright red highlights. The white leather Hollywood with black detailing and LED lighting is reminiscent of the Apple iPhone designs by Jonathan Ive. Of all our upscale sofas, this model is the one that gets the most attention from clients who are into technology, which explains why nearly all of them request the LED lighting, USB ports, wireless charging pad, and cup holder cooler options. This sofa is perfect for home theaters and gaming rooms, but it will also look great in front of a panoramic window overlooking the ocean or a city skyline.

    2. The Beverly Hills C-Shape Leather Sofa


    This sofa looks as if it belongs in the VIP section of an exclusive dance club in Dubai, and it is complemented with an ottoman plus an optional bed for maximum lounging. Like all of our sofas, the Beverly Hills is proudly designed and manufactured in Germany.

    3. The Detroit Sectional Sofa


    We all know that Italian automakers injected plenty of flair and style into car interiors; this is something that Detroit auto engineers paid close attention to when designing legendary models such as the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Corvette. Our Detroit sectional sofa is inspired by American sports cars, and it is one of our most comfortable models. LED mood lighting and convenient storage compartments make this sofa a great addition to your living room, home theater, corporate lobby, entertainment den, or media room. When fully reclined, this sofa feels as comfortable as a luxurious bed.

    Let the retrofuturistic designs of SofaDreams improve the look of your home and office spaces. Our Sofa Design Studio mobile app lets you see how our sofas will look and fit in your living spaces. Contact us today for more information or feel free to visit our showroom in sunny South Florida...

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