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  1. 4 Best Luxury Leather Corner Sofas

    Picture yourself reclining on a large, luxurious couch that wraps around a corner. Now picture yourself entertaining guests or watching the big game, all from the comfort of a single piece of furniture. Due to its innovative design, none of you have to worry about bumping into anyone else.

    Luxury Leather Sofas For Living Rooms

    You don?t have to keep imagining, because SofaDreams possibly has your future couch in stock right now. If not, then we can get it for you. All you have to do is take a look at the following list of excellent pieces of furniture and pick out your favorite.

    1) Design Leather Charlotte L-Shape Sofa

    Perhaps one of the biggest picks by those who plan on investing in a luxurious leather couch is the Charlotte, which is so popular because it?s extremely customization. You can opt to have one covered in commercial-grade ultra-leather or top-grain if you prefer.


    Homeowners have a choice of different colors, and you can even select one with a bed function and an ottoman so you could use it in a variety of circumstances. That easily makes the Charlotte one of the most personalized couch options that you?re likely to find on the market today. As a result, anyone who invests in one can be sure that they have something that their neighbors won?t. Even if you live near someone who has a taste for fine ultramodern furniture, there?s a good chance that the two of you won?t have exactly the same couch.

    2) San Francisco Leather Corner Sofa

    Who said that luxury has to come in big packages? The leather-covered version of the San Francisco couch has become popular with condominium and apartment dwellers. Use for both home entertainment and storage space.


    This couch doesn?t take up too much floor space yet still offers all of the features you?ve come to expect with ultramodern furniture. LED mood lighting and integrated USB ports, as well as illuminated glass shelves stashed in the armrests, give the feel of a massive piece of furniture that can fit into almost any living room with the right dimensions.

    3) Ventura L-Shape Leather Sofas

    With your choice of two colors, the Ventura is an especially great option for those who want to go about getting something that fits perfectly with their existing decor. It uses a quilt pattern with stripes to create detailed contrasts.


    There?s even a U-shaped sectional offered as part of the same line, which should prove attractive to those who have a lot of space to fill. Use the optional sleep function to optimize comfort, and decide on real or artificial leather, depending on your needs and budgets. You can even get an eco-friendly blend.

    4) Sacramento Leather Corner Sofa

    By offering users a choice of colors as well as coverings, the Sacramento has also helped to establish a reputation for itself as a couch that combines a personalized touch with everything that you?d expect from a completely modern piece of furniture that won?t go out of style anytime soon.


    The Sacramento uses Bonelli suspension in its design as well as RGB LED lighting. It also comes with a bed function, to host all of your guests. The ultra leather is scratch-resistant and impervious to stains as well. Thus, it is a long-term investment.

    5) Daytona Short Leather Couch

    Much like the smaller version of the San Francisco, this edition of the Daytona series is perfect for those who want to have all the features of a luxurious couch in a small package. It has a compact Ottomane design.


    The Daytona has a two-year warranty, as well as luxurious wooden panels. Due to the durability of the design, it is designed for use by multiple people. This makes it great for personal and commercial purposes.

    Refine Your Living Area With SofaDreams

    Sofa Dreams, find leather sectionals and couches that match modern design aesthetics. We want to ensure you have access to high-quality material.
    No matter how big or small your dream piece of furniture is, however, all you need to do is contact us online today in order to start putting it together. Let us find your ideal sectional sofa...

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  2. 5 Fabric Corner Sofas For Modern Home Design

    Have you been thinking about upgrading your surroundings with some ultramodern European-inspired furniture, but you have to concern yourself with getting things to fit in an odd-shaped room? If so, then fabric corner sofas could be your answer to modern home designs that call for something that doesn?t at all look like your surroundings.

    Modern Sofas With Fabric Upholstery

    These pieces of furniture can fit in and look every bit as good as what you were browsing through, with the added bonus of being right for your space. Take a look at these five from SofaDreams and see which one is your best bet for skyrocketing your current home into the future.

    1) Daytona Fabric L-shaped Sofa

    Since this is the short edition of this couch, it?s the perfect choice for those who are trying to work with an odd-shaped room or live in a smaller condominium. That being said, one place that isn?t small is on the features. You can expect it to still offer optional extras like a set of LED lighting kits along with a remote.

    Customers also have many choices of fabric upholstery as well as the ability to charge all of your favorite mobile devices with an integrated USB port. Those who want to also take a nap might want to check out the long version.

    2) Long Daytona Fabric Sofa

    Homeowners that want a multi-functional piece of furniture can take a look at the long Daytona fabric sofa, which has everything the short one has to offer as well as an elongated side that?s perfect for reclining on after a hard day at work.

    Considering that it?s offered in a variety of different colors and patterns, you?ll be able to pick out something that nobody else has. That can help to ensure that any piece of furniture you get is every bit as custom as you want it.

    3) Manhattan Fabric Sofa

    As the name suggests, the Manhattan is an ideal candidate for apartment dwellers who want something that they could use in several ways. For instance, buyers can select a bed function that?s perfect for those who have overnight guests.

    The Manhattan features functioning headrests along with a generous reclining area. This area has made it a popular choice with those who are looking for luxurious seating to put in their home theater room.

    4) San Francisco Corner Couch

    Those who want added storage, an optional ottoman, and a possible bed function will find everything that they?re looking for in the San Francisco, which combines the shape of a corner sofa with the feature set of a more complete L-shaped model.

    The San Francisco Couch is a great compromise that doesn?t at all make you feel like you?ve compromised anything. In fact, it?s a nicer choice than almost any traditional couch you could find at the same size.

    5) Sacramento Fabric L-Shape Couch

    Just as you?d expect from the name, the Sacramento is a similar choice that has a slight difference in orientation so you could fit it in the center of a room on top of a throw rug, depending on how things are laid out.

    This couch combines luxury fabric with high-quality leather. You can decide between velvet, microfiber, or a luxury weave. The material supports adjustable headrests and remote-controlled LED lights.

    Trust The Interior Designers At SofaDreams

    When you want a classy interior design, go with our sofa designs. SofaDreams will help you pair your selection of sofa with coffee tables, living space, and more. We have years of experience in the field.
    No matter which option appeals to you, though, make sure to contact us online so we can get you the best couch for your particular home today. Furnish your living room with the best modern sofas...

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  3. Large Sectional Sofa Buying Guide: All Your Questions Answered

    Curtsey of Sofadreams Curtsey of Sofadreams

    Is it time to update your living room, and you want to get a large sectional leather sofa? Well, sectional sofas are undoubtedly worth spending as they are a more spacious option than the traditional ones.

    Whether you have a big family, or you like to entertain plenty of guests frequently, deep oversized sectionals fulfill all your demands of an elegant, customizable, and comfortable sofa. While former designs might have been unstylish or plainly unfavorable, a range of comfortable large sectional sofa is far better, varying from sleek leather upholstered models to slipcovered linen types. There are many options to select from as they come in all sizes and shapes.

    However, getting a new sofa is much like purchasing a new vehicle. There are lots of shapes, designs, labels, sizes, and features to decide from, which can be frustrating to muddle through for many but not anymore.

    Read on to learn all about sofa sectionals to understand how to buy large sectional leather couches when it comes to a robust and comfortable piece of furniture.

    Things To Look For In Large Sectional Sofas

    The journey to find the perfect sofa begins when you decide the form and model you want, the budget you have, and the number of people that will take a seat, including pets and kids.

    Narrow living rooms especially profit from having a large sectional sofa over a simple sofa system. Some people also look for style and color scheme to match with other decors in the room. While looking for quality material, the things to keep in mind include;

    The frame of the Sectional Sofa

    Most frames of the sofa are constructed of wood, but others have metal supports. Here is a list?of the most common forms of frame used for the sofas:

    • Particleboard: Lightest, simplest, and fragile. Often the cheapest. Made of mixed?wood products.

    • Hardwood: Oak, Walnut, Cherry, and?Beech, usually. Durable wood frames are constructed of sturdy wood and are much more lasting than particleboard.

    • Plywood: Strong and flexible. Plywood draws its inherent power from the durable woods it is made from.

    We suggest you?avoid particleboard as they do not hold staples, adhesive, or nails with time. Look out for anything constructed hardwood, plywood, or sturdy wood type furniture, especially if you are looking for extra-large modern sectional sofas.

    Check out our pick for a hardwood leather sectional sofa with LED lights.

    Sectional Sofa Sectional Sofa


    Other than frames, what makes modern extra-large sectional sofas?the best are?suspensions. Sometimes, standard sofas are created using sinuous springs (these are S-shaped springs spread around the wood frame skeleton). Many sofas are protected by poly-webbing, which depends on the consistency that?can be much more robust than sinuous springs.

    However, webbing won't add as much bouncing?to the couch. While sitting on a couch, if you hear any creaking noises, then you can know these are the signs that this sofa has some structural damage.

    Nowadays, many?high-end sofas are crafted from eight-way hand-tied springs and can do a great job at gripping and squeaking off.


    Companies sell an extensive range of furniture fabrics at different prices. Generally, the cheapest materials are most vulnerable to destroying?and discoloration. For your ease, here is a list of fabrics and their features:

    • Natural fibers: Natural fabrics comprise of cotton and linen extracted from trees, along with silk and fur. Cotton, linen as well as wool are the most resilient natural sofa fabrics, but they are all sensitive to sunlight and humidity impact.

    • Synthetic fibers: Polyester, olefin, polypropylene, acrylic, and nylon are the most popular synthetics for sofa fabrics. These materials are also combined with natural fibers to improve toughness and scratch and fading protection.

    • Leather: While leather,?a refined animal hide, typically cow,?is not something called a fabric, it is highly valued as a luxurious sofa sheet. Large leather sectional sofas are a great addition to your home. Compared with natural and synthetic fibers, leather sofas are recommended as they are durable.

    This simple yet U shape large leather sectional is another one of our favorites from sofadream.

    leather sofa leather sofa

    How Much Space Do You Need For A Large Sectional Sofa?

    After you are done with the frames, suspensions, and fabrics, it is time to look for comfort. You would not want a sofa that seems too stuffy or too small for your room. Instead, you should consider the space that your sizeable sectional sofa will require.

    In this regard, you should follow the common basic rule of not using the full length of a wall on the couch.

    • The sofa you choose should be according to space in your room.

    • It should not block the pathways, as well as traffic flow.

    • Energy and activity will float naturally in and out of the living space. Purchasing a sectional sofa?which hinders movements and energy flow will completely ruin a space's attitude.

    Check out this 5 seater grey large Ikea sectional sofa that will fit perfectly in most spaces.

    Should You Get Large Sectional Sofas With Chaise Or Ottoman Or Recliners?

    Here we will dive into the types of sofas that will help you decide which one you should choose.

    • Chaise Sectionals: When you buy a sectional couch with chaise, it gives you an enjoyable reclined seat, and therefore, these are available in both side-facing and forward-facing designs, unlike any other type. It's just that extra-large sectional sofas with chaise are may take more space.

    • Ottoman sectionals: They have the same effect as chaise sectionals and extend the sofa with a footstool. Sofas with accompanying ottomans prove to be more flexible and often cheaper. However, the size of this kind of design would still be significantly bigger than a folded recliner.

    • Recliner sectionals: They are comfortable and spacious, but require more space than chaise and ottoman. For you, large sectional sofas with recliner can be?the ideal option, encouraging you to have a regular couch for much of the household, and a convenient footrest for anybody who needs to place their feet up.

    Now the question: which one will be best for you? It will solely depend on your own choices, space, comfort level, as well as the budget you have. In case you still want a recommendation, this one here with a spacious chaise is our favorite these days.

    leather sectional sofa leather sectional sofa

    What Colors And Shape To Pick From According To Designs And Rooms?

    Looking for some guidance of shapes and colors? Here you go;


    A simple L-shape large sectional sofa is ideal for cutting open spaces, such as dividing the lounge from the dining room. While a circular or U design is a little more suited to a smaller space and is meant to act as a gathering spot for individuals, but can?still be suitable for a lounge.

    When you choose to add some chairs and tables in your living space, it might be an excellent alternative to a conventional sofa.


    We recommend you to choose something that represents straight lines and bold colors, if your style is elegant and fresh. If your home is an eclectic combination of colors and patterns, the ultimate representation of your taste could be a sofa that blends many types, including vibrant and conventional colors.

    Unless the style is a bit more formal, a classically designed sofa will be best in?a sturdy yet comfortable material and will fit great with multiple colors. You can also go for multi-color sectionals if you are into whimsical d?cor.


    For designs, you can choose whatever your eyes like. However, just be careful about your space and colors, or else you can end up with a piece that would not complement the room.

    What Benefits Can You Get With Modular Sectionals?

    The great thing about large modular sectionals is that they can be customized according to your own needs so you can get what suits you best. Modular sectionals have been a great approach to get the seating configuration you want while offering full functionality.

    Modern extra-large sectional sofas?typically come in many configurations of modules consisting of a left and right arm, a corner along-with, and extension. Here are the benefits you will get if you choose modular sectionals.

    • Versatility: Using a modular sectional allows you greater versatility in terms of the layout you want for the best functionality inside the house.

    • Comfort: Modular sectional gives you greater satisfaction in its cozy seats. You can even sleep on them.

    • Exact sizing: You can quickly solve the issues of limited spaces by using a module as it fits perfectly where an ordinary sofa doesn't.

    • Customizable: They are highly customizable; you can even mix and match different colors to design your perfect sofa.

    • Movable: They don't tease you with their weight as you can easily disassemble and transport the seats.

    This modular large sectional by Ikea might be the right option for your space.

    Modern Sofa Modern Sofa

    Should You Go For Modern Or Traditional Large Sectional Leather Couches?

    Deciding between a modern and a traditional sectional may be daunting at times. Although it can only come down to choices, factors like space and necessity will help decide which sort of seating suits well for your living room.

    Here are some features that may help you with your hunt;

    Modern sectional sofas

    Modern sections sofas are the ones that come with accessories like LED lights and storage units with clean-lined designs that provide both comfort and sleek designs.

    However, many modern sectionals do tend to give a clean and futuristic design, but they can also be uncomfortable. Therefore, it is vital to ch3ck the comfort level when you are out to buy modern large leather sectionals.

    Design sectional sofa with LED Design sectional sofa with LED

    This above beauty is the best large modern leather sectional sofa by sofa dreams. We love the company so much because you can always be sure of getting the right sofa for your house, as all you have to do is to tell them your requirements and they will make the best for you. You can decide from a vast range of customizable large leather sectional sofas to choose from with excellent quality construction.

    Traditional sectional sofas

    Comfort is the prime benefit that traditional sectional sofas provide. So, if your lounge has space to fill, then a sectional sofa would be a perfect choice. You can always get a killer color to make your traditional large sectional sofa standout in the room....

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