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  1. Sleek Modern Sofas for Office Spaces & Reception Areas

    where is the best modern leather sectional sofa?

    Business experts say that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so you?ll want to make sure that your first impressions with all of your clients are good ones. Everything starts with the look and feel of your waiting room. Since many people find the waiting room experience relatively uncomfortable, a good looking piece of furniture that?s also comfortable to sit on tends to make a very big impression.

    After all, you?re showing your client that you?re ready to help them through a short bit of discomfort. This means that, more than likely, you?re also willing to help them with all of the other services that they?re coming to your place of business for. Take a look at some of these following options.

    Modern Couches For Reception Rooms

    orlando 2 seater fabric sofa

    Perhaps the quintessential fabric two-seater couch for a reception area would be the Orlando style, which is available in a variety of configurations. It could theoretically come with a recliner, but those who want to simply organize a very professional office or lobby can opt to get it as a more traditional couch. Of course, the broad visual appeal could be described as nearly anything but traditional, considering just how striking it is. Those who are looking for more of a complete offering might even want to try the 3-and-2 seat combo Orlando set, which may prove to be an attractive option for those who find themselves organizing a hotel waiting room or lobby. It?s certainly perfect for any group that serves breakfast and allows their guests to remain seated in the mornings.

    This is especially true of hospitality industry features that also include something like a television mounted on the wall for early risers to enjoy. Some places might also include free wireless Internet connections, and a couch like this would provide a great place for office-going netizens to congregate around.

    Managers of more formal settings might want to look into something like the Tasso sofa set, which includes multiple pieces of furniture. While this set is certainly designed to look modern it does also have a bit more of a classic appeal, which has made it an attractive option for those who have to dress up higher scale properties.

    Chesterfield Gavino sets might also attract their fair share of fans in this market segment. You?ll want to look into them if you?re trying to add additional pieces of furniture to a single area in order to accommodate additional clients.

    Find Sleek Modern Furniture for Your Office At SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we?ve often helped homeowners find their dream piece of furniture. Pair office chairs with suitable sofas, and perfect your work decor. Whether at home, or at a regular workplace, you deserve the best office furniture.

    Start by taking just a few minutes to figure out some dimensions for your layout. That?s all you really need to do in order to start finding genuine sleek modern furniture for the kind of waiting room you?re managing. Once you know how big your space is, make sure to contact us online and find out what happens to be in stock. SofaDreams is always working with overseas suppliers to put you in touch with the best modern European furniture available on the market today...

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  2. The Best Lazy Boy Sofa Alternative: Sofa Dreams

    Have you ever considered a full sized recliner that would let you lean backwards in luxury as you grip your drink and a remote? While it might sound heavenly, the truth is that you could get a piece of furniture that might potentially last longer.

    At the same time, the perfect recliner seat more people at once. You might even want to consider a single piece of furniture that works as both a couch and a recliner.

    Technologically Advanced Power Recliners

    Think about the Motion Recliner Sofa Set Aurelio for just a moment. This Italian sofa includes a recliner built into the sofa itself, so it can serve the same purpose that a recliner otherwise would. However, it also includes additional seating along with three different adjustable headrests, which will ensure that everyone in your party gets a comfortable place to sit.

    In many cases, the Motion Recliner Sofa Ajax should prove to be another attractive alternative for buyers who might have otherwise added a recliner to their room?s layout. These couches feature genuine authentic top grain Italian leather that?s all around the surface without any splits.

    They?re built over a solid hardwood inner frame and include a dual motor recliner built right in. Each of the seat cushions are made from higher density resilient foam that?s backed by a set of sinuous springs, so you can be sure that it will stand up to quite a bit of time being sat on.

    Anyone who plans to get a great deal of usage out of their furniture might also want to look into some sort of sectional, like the Palm Beach U-shaped models. These contain more than enough room to recline while also including all of the features you?d expect from a traditional couch and recliner rolled into one high-tech package.

    No matter what option you select, you should be able to find something that fits the size of room you?re working with perfectly. Various sized homes have different requirements when it comes to the furniture that they?ll have laid out. When you opt for a traditional recliner, you might only have certain size choices to decide between.

    By going with a more complete piece of furniture, you?ll be open to a much greater selection that can make the choice much easier. In fact, you can get traditional fabric armchairs in a number of sizes as well, which should certainly please those who?d rather not sacrifice the feel of a classic chair.

    Find Your Lazy Boy Recliner Alternatives At SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we?ve made sure to stock European-inspired furniture that was actually made overseas. That means what you?re getting is built to exacting EU specifications, thus ensuring that it will hold up to regular usage. You?ll even be able to find something that includes all of the features of a recliner in a slicker package that matches your home furnishings.

    With so much to choose from, you might not even know where you?d want to begin. Don?t worry, though, because there?s a piece of furniture out there with your living room?s name on it. When you?re ready to find out more about what happens to be in stock, make sure to contact us online with some dimensions and we?ll help you out...

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  3. Sofa Bed vs Sleeper Sofa vs Futon: What's the Difference?

    Have you ever been confused about the right name for a piece of furniture? If so, then you?re not alone! At SofaDreams, we?ve come across quite a few different names that all refer to the same pieces, so we know all too well that things can be kind of muddy when talking about home furnishings.

    Contrary to popular belief, sofa beds and sleeper sofas weren?t originally the same thing. Traditionally, Sleeper sofas were any sort of regular-sized sofa that could be converted into a bed. Sofa beds were supposed to be more dedicated beds that could also act as a sofa during the daytime.

    Over the years, designers have combined different pieces of furniture to the point where you might be able to find a single one that satisfies both requirements. Futons, however, are quite entirely different.

    Defining Different Types of Living Room Beds

    In theory, you could call all of these living room beds, since they?re pieces of furniture that could be used in a living room while still serving the role of bedding to sleep on at night. Originally, a futon was a type of mattress that could be rolled out on the floor. They were and still are a feature of traditional Japanese bedroom design.

    Western interior decorators eventually designed a frame to put these on, which folds up to become a couch during the day. This is in contrast to, say, the San Francisco U-shaped sectional. That piece of furniture could be called a sofa bed in its truest sense since it features a complete integrated bedding section into it.

    You?ll also come across recliner sofas like the Aurelio, which integrate something similar to an armchair directly into the couch itself. While these aren?t designed primarily with sleeping in mind, they bare mentioning due to the often confusing nomenclature. Regardless of what you call them, they?re certainly comfortable.

    There are also large options, like the Jacksonville Design Sectional and the Charlotte sectional that incorporate a shaped section into the ends that could serve as a bed. These, again, would constitute more of a traditional original sofa bed design, but there?s no reason that you couldn?t also simply use them as a very comfortable piece of home theater or living room furniture. It?s all up to the floor plan and the layout of your home.

    Apartment dwellers and those who have guests might want to consider a fold-out sleeper sofa that incorporates a bed tucked away inside of it. Keep in mind that none of these definitions even touch the various types of upholstery styles on the market, so you?ll have plenty of choices.

    Deciding Between Sofa Beds & Sleeper Sofas

    Interior design specialists are constantly coming up with new furniture designs to meet the needs of those in different sized dwellings. No matter where you need to fit a piece of furniture, make sure to contact us online and let us know more about the kind of surroundings and floor layout that you?re dealing with. Our crews will be able to make suggestions and help you pick out a perfect European-style sofa that will meet your needs...

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