White materials have a tendency to make all stains look much more obvious than perhaps any other kind of furniture covering. This is true of not only white leather but also other brightly colored materials. If you?ve just potentially damaged a favored piece of furniture, then the first step is to take a deep breath and make sure that you don?t do anything rash. Taking the wrong step can be even worse than not doing anything at all.

Once you?re in the right mindset to help undo the damage, you?ll be able to use one of these great tips. At the same time, you?ll also want to periodically clean your couch anyway so that you can keep it looking great for many years to come.

Cleaning Off White Leather Couches And Sofas

To at least some extent, all leather couches that are made from quality materials are going to be cleaned more or less the same way. You might want to consider some of these tips if you?re working with other hues as well.

1) Wipe Grease & Grime Away With A Dry Cloth

In most cases, you can clean grease and food stains away with a dry cloth. On fabric sofas, you?d more than likely feel as though you needed to use some kind of fluid to clean up the mess. You?ve probably used a damp rag to blot up a stain before it sets, but this usually isn?t the best way to deal with white leather furniture.

A simple dry rag can wipe most types of debris off your feather furniture, especially if you?ve treated it properly and with the right products in the past. Those who?ve made sure to practice good sofa maintenance and hygiene in other areas will certainly want to use the dry cloth technique on a regular basis anyway to keep their couch free of debris or anything else that might settle on it.

2) Clean Ink Stains With Very Mild Solvents

There?s a chance that you?ll get something like ink or another household product on a leather couch. Assuming that you can?t simply clean it up, you?ll want to try a very mild solvent like rubbing alcohol. Depending on how bad the stain is and how sensitive the leather your couch is made from, you might even want to dilute the substance you?re working with.

3) Vacuum Up Crumbs & Dirt

Moving your cushions around periodically is always a good idea if it makes sense with the particular type of couch you have. If you?ve just spilled dry cereal everywhere or have dry dirt caked into your couch, then resist the urge to try and clean it up with a stiff brush. Using a vacuum attachment can make swift work of this problem.

4) Spray With Protective Leather Treatment

Once you?ve gotten everything off of the couch, you?ll want to make sure that it?s sealed so that dirt and other contaminants can?t get into it. You?ll want to ensure that the product suits the kind of couch you?re cleaning.

Optimize Your Cleaning Solution With SofaDreams

At SofaDreams, we believe that leather cleaning can make your furniture last longer. Whether for small areas or large spills and stains, you can maintain modern European decor.

If there?s any question as to the right care instructions, however, then make sure to contact SofaDreams online and our team will make sure to help you with your favorite piece of furniture. Get rid of loose dirt and grime, to ensure you have harmonious aesthetics...

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