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Monthly Archives: December 2020
  1. Top 3 Modern Microfiber Sofas and Sectionals

    Microfiber is probably one of the most opportune inventions in terms of advanced upholstery. Fancy materials such as Italian leather and cashmere certainly look and feel great, but we all know that they are not the easiest to clean or care for, and the same can be said about all other natural fibers. At SofaDreams, some of our most luxurious sofas and sectionals are available in commercial grade leather that can withstand heavy use; an example in this regard would be a sofa placed in the lobby of a busy office, but once we start talking about households where pets are allowed to plump down on the furniture, we need to start talking about microfiber.

    Understanding Modern Microfiber

    The use of synthetic fabric dates back to the middle of the 20th century, but things got really interesting in the 1970s with the introduction of Ultrasuede, a microfiber that offered a vast improvement over vinyl. Modern microfiber upholstery is made with nylon and polyester fabrics that are incredibly thin; we are talking about filaments that are hundreds of times finer than the cotton thread normally used for sewing, and they are woven into synthetic fibers that feel great to the touch. For many pet owners, microfiber is the way to go; this advanced fabric is not only durable but also very easy to clean. Let's take a look at some of our most popular microfiber sofas:

    Sofa Couch Concept

    As one of our most striking furniture pieces, this sofa-couch concept looks as if it belongs in a futuristic space station. The half-circle form of this sectional sofa provides all the comfort of a couch, and it can comfortably sit more than five people. The microfiber version of this piece would be perfect in a trendy nightclub.

    Aurelio Motion Recliner

    At our furniture design studio, we like to think of everything when creating a new piece. The Aurelio sectional sofa includes a recliner function that does not let walls in the way of comfort, which means that you can set this microfiber sofa against the wall and it will still be able to recline.

    Manhattan Corner Sectional Sofa

    Many of our most stylish sofas are large sectionals, but this one is an exception. The Manhattan microfiber sectional has been designed with smaller spaces in mind, which means that you will be able to arrange it in an apartment.

    Learn More About Microfiber Sofas

    Microfiber is just one of the various upholstery materials we use to design sofas, couches, and sectionals that feature the best in style, comfort, and durability. If you want to learn more about our microfiber furniture pieces, please feel free to drop us a line so that we can get back to you as soon as possible....

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  2. Types of Sofa Styles and Designs Explained

    Cave paintings from the Neolithic Age suggest that stone furniture pieces were not all alike. Based on this archaeological finding, we can infer that furniture design has been around about 10,000 years. By the time the Egyptian civilization flourished, couches and sofas already featured ornamental styling. When we take into account period designs and established styles, there are more than 20 descriptions we can assign to sofas. In many cases, styles and functionality can be combined.

    Main Sofa Functions and Forms

    We know that sofas and couches are essentially designed to sit more than one person. In many cases, sofas are large enough for at least one individual to lay down horizontally and comfortable enough to get some sleep. As for main styles, you have the Chesterfield tufted or quilted upholstery, the Lawson contemporary, the mid-century modern, the rolled-arm English sofa, the Bridgewater couch, the chaise loungers with no arms, futons, convertibles, sectionals, and the various sleepers.

    As previously mentioned, general styles can be combined with design sensibilities in order to create more attractive sofas; this is the approach we apply in the Sofa Dreams furniture design studio. Following are some examples of our design philosophy:

    The Charlotte Sectional Sofa

    Here we combine the Chesterfield tufting with Lawson arms that are lower and wider than normal, but there is an overall modern sensibility that borders on futurism. When you get the U-shape sectional versions of the Charlotte model, this will be the only piece of furniture you will need in the great room. This model is highly recommended for loft conversions that feature an open floor plan; if you add the sleeper option, you will not even need a bed.

    The Hollywood XL

    As one of our most unique pieces, the Hollywood XL redefines mid-century modern style with a design that looks like it could have appeared on the futuristic 1982 film "Tron." This is the kind of sofa that you want to get with all possible features, which include cooling cup holders, a wireless smartphone charger, and a large recliner function that turns one section into a comfortable bed.

    The Miami Big Fabric Sofa

    The perfect blend of roll arm and Lawson styles come together in this very large sofa that can easily seat five people. You can add LED mood lighting plus storage compartments on each side to make the most out of this sofa, which will always welcome designer throw cushions. We recommend placing this sofa in a living space with high ceilings for a more aesthetic effect.

    Learn About Other Sofa Styles from Sofa Dreams

    Would you like some interior design advice before choosing one of our sofas? Get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience to figure out which of our models will look better in your home or commercial space....

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  3. Extra Long Modern and Contemporary Sofas

    The minimalism trend of interior design, which is widely expected to continue in 2021, eschews clutter. Marie Kondo, the Japanese consultant who brought minimalism to the West with her 2013 book on eliminating clutter, promotes the idea of furnishing a home with a vision of building a sanctuary; to this effect, you want to avoid the Victorian parlor look and focus more on a style that resembles a chapel.

    The Minimalist Living Room

    Within the minimalist school of thought, you always want to make the most of every living space. If you intend to furnish a very compact living room, for example, you will need space-saving pieces. If you have a great room that flows from an open concept kitchen, you can achieve minimalism with a single piece of furniture, preferably a very large and stylish sofa that will be the focal point of attention. You can add one more piece of furniture and still adhere to the minimalist look; this can be a matching center table. The following Sofa Dreams models will be perfect for large living spaces:

    The Charlotte Sectional

    If you follow the reality television series "Love and Hip-Hop," you can probably guess the furniture style preferred by Kimbella Vanderhee, the better half of hip-hop artist Juelz Santana. Kimbella is a beautiful woman who loves all things feminine, which is why she chose a very large, custom-made, leather Charlotte sectional for her family room. The Miami native also chose a center table that looks like fancy cosmetic packaging, and that is pretty much it. She specifically requested lots of seating space for family and friends, and this is what she got.

    The Miami Sofa

    Trinity Fatu is a professional wrestler who fights in the WWE Raw circuit. She is a Florida native with many fans in the Miami region, which is probably one of the reasons she chose this large fabric sofa. The contemporary lines of this gorgeous model are reminiscent of 80s design, but additional features such as side storage compartments and LED mood lights with adjustable luminosity make it a modern favorite....

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