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Monthly Archives: January 2021
  1. What Colors Go With a Grey Sofa?

    The color grey is versatile and looks aesthetically pleasing with numerous color combinations. Acquiring a grey sofa is one of the best color options since you can mix and match colors within your interiors and pull off a great look. 

    A grey sofa is a good option for those who just moved into a new home and are unsure of the interior decoration style they will eventually go for. The color grey can easily be combined with all colors and if you end up switching up the style of your interiors, the grey sofa will adapt nicely to any decor you choose. 

    You can pair your grey sofa with neutral colors such as beige, white, and other shades of grey. We recommend selecting throw pillows that have patterns if you wish to liven up your space. A burnt red or teal pillow will also look fantastic on your grey sofa, since they add a touch of color to your living room yet the grey creates a balance so that your interiors don't look too overwhelming. 

    If you are looking for a grey sofa we recommend exploring the following options:

    The Design Sectional Sofa Jacksonville U Shape Led is a luxurious sofa that will improve the look of your living room effortlessly. The colors that go with this sofa are white, off-white, creme, beige, navy blue, mustard yellow and army green. 

    Grey Couch Accent Colors

    • Burnt red
    • Charcoal
    • Navy 
    • Beige
    • Off-white
    • Maroon
    • Purple
    • Pink Coral
    • Lime Green
    • Canary Yellow

    Grey Sofa Colour Scheme Ideas

    If you are wondering what wall color goes well with grey furniture, we recommend going for any of the colors above. Grey furniture is able to adapt well to any color scheme you choose. Go for warm color schemes such as red, orange, yellow & its derivatives or cold color schemes such as blue, green & purple. You will find that complementary colours also do well when designing your interiors. The Sectional Fabric Sofa Las Vegas L Shape is a superb option for those interested in elegant & multifunctional grey furniture. You can paint the ceiling of your living room in a navy blue and attach a silver wallpaper to the rest of your walls to accent this grey sectional sofa or if you are interested in making a bold statement, try painting one of your walls yellow or green to add vibrancy into your space. 

    At Sofa Dreams we design & manufacture elegant sofas that provide a luxurious feel into your home. Our futuristic designs improve the look of your home and office spaces. Our Sofa Design Studio mobile app lets you see how our sofas will look and fit in your living spaces. Contact us today for more information or feel free to visit our showroom in sunny South Florida....

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  2. 4 Best Modern Sofas For Hotel Lounges

    At one point, some hotels had a waiting room that later became a lounge. Today's consumers, however, are of a far more discerning breed and they want luxury in a room that's officially designated as a lounge. That being said, there's no reason that hoteliers have to do any remodeling. That's why you should take a look at these 4 best sofas for hotel lounges for interior design.

    Best Lounge Sofas For Hotels

    1) Baltimore L-Shaped Leather Sectional

    Companies that want to maintain the overall layout of a traditional piece of furniture without sacrificing the luxury and the look of a futuristic ultramodern design can try the Baltimore, which is shaped perfectly for a majority of hotel lounge layouts. Considering that you can order it with a matching table, you shouldn't have any difficulty incorporating it into an existing room. 

    The sturdy construction means that this lounge sectional maintains its general shape over the long-term. This is important for any hotel that does a lot of business. They have multiple customers going in and out of the lounge at any given time.

    2) Emilio Italian Leather Sectional

    Those who don't want to push the theming too far might want to look at the Emilio. The Emilio has a shape that's perfect for lounge furniture while still maintaining the luxurious look of a continental European couch. 

    This sectional features adjustable headrests that are attached to a solid hardwood inside frame, so you can be sure that the underlying structure isn't going to wear out even if your hotel tends to see a lot of traffic on a regular basis. Best of all, the leather should be relatively easy to keep clean.

    3) Atlanta 2/3 Seater Sofa Set

    On the other hand, you might consider using a couple of pieces of furniture together. The Atlanta comes together as a set. One portion is a convenient two-seater while the other can seat three people, which is perfect for times when you have groups of people staying together for a convention. 

    This sofa is also great for families, especially considering that it's every bit as attractive and futuristic as other pieces of ultramodern furniture. That can give your lounge a great look without forcing you to give up seating space.

    4) Albany 3-2-1 Sofa Set

    The Albany series was originally designed as a three-piece sofa set for futuristic homes. Despite that, you can pair it with lounge chairs and leisurely activity. 

    Since all of the pieces are perfectly matched to one another and can even mount optional LED lights in the armrests, it looks every bit as good as a science fiction movie's set pieces.

    Add Modern Designs To Your Hotel With Sofa Dreams

    All it really takes to turn an existing lounge into a showplace is some high-quality furniture. If you're looking for a new couch, then all you need is the dimensions of your area and the SofaDreams catalog so you can find a perfect piece of furniture for the space.

    Whether you run a small motel or a large lodging facility, make sure to contact us online today. Learn more about what kind of furniture might be perfect for you....

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  3. Futuristic Living Room Ideas + Inspiration

    Doesn't it seem like everyone is talking about furniture living room ideas and inspiration these days? That's because the concept of aesthetic design is where everything's at today. People want to pick out one single clean theme and then build an entire room around it.

    Consider the popularity of vaporwave and the vintage Silicon Valley look. People are getting inspired by a somewhat retro look at what people used to think the future was going to end up like. Fortunately for you, you can pick out something within this theme that's going to look every bit as attractive in the distant future. 

    Building A Futuristic Living Room Around A Concept

    Take a look at the space that your living room takes up and imagine what you might be able to do with it if it were completely empty. More than likely, your mind's eyes have quickly turned to a rather unique color pallet, especially if you're drawing any inspiration from the retro futuristic themes that have become so popular. Try using our custom Sofa Configurator App if you're trying to envision what sort of furniture might work best.

    Those who are truly ready to take the plunge won't want to hold back at all. Consider something extremely bold like the L-Shaped Phoenix sofa or the Modern Denver sofa. Each of these use a multi-toned color scheme that would be equally at home in a nightclub as it would in your living room, which is an excellent place to draw inspiration from.

    Futuristic themes have always lived symbiotically with the electronic dance music industry, and that's why so many homeowners look to it when they want to revamp an existing room. If you're into this kind of scene, then you'll certainly want to check out sectionals and sofas that feature optional LED lighting. This option can really make your living room into a showpiece of the future. 

    Best of all, authentic European ultramodern furniture isn't going to go out of style any time soon. It's designed to hold up to a lot of usage and features a number of different customizable color choices, so you can be sure that whatever you come up with won't look like the furniture in anyone else's home. You'll be the most original on the block for many years to come.

    Getting Inspiration For Your Living

    Remember that every piece of artwork or industrial design that you see can be an inspiration for your room. That's an important consideration that people in the industry have long understood, but it's best to keep in mind for homeowners who want to lay their own futuristic living room. If you see a music video, a hotel lounge or even a piece of packaging with a great color scheme, then there's no reason that you couldn't order a sectional based around it.

    Curate Design Ideas For Your Living From With SofaDreams

    SofaDreams can help with your home decor. You can figure out which pieces of furniture can create focal points, and which go with certain color palettes. 

    Make sure to contact us online with all of your ideas today. Then we can help you find a piece of furniture that will bring them to life. Interior living room design can be creative, and tie in with modern European fashion trends. ...

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