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Fabric Sectionals and Sofas
  1. Top 3 Modern Microfiber Sofas and Sectionals

    Microfiber is probably one of the most opportune inventions in terms of advanced upholstery. Fancy materials such as Italian leather and cashmere certainly look and feel great, but we all know that they are not the easiest to clean or care for, and the same can be said about all other natural fibers. At SofaDreams, some of our most luxurious sofas and sectionals are available in commercial grade leather that can withstand heavy use; an example in this regard would be a sofa placed in the lobby of a busy office, but once we start talking about households where pets are allowed to plump down on the furniture, we need to start talking about microfiber.

    Understanding Modern Microfiber

    The use of synthetic fabric dates back to the middle of the 20th century, but things got really interesting in the 1970s with the introduction of Ultrasuede, a microfiber that offered a vast improvement over vinyl. Modern microfiber upholstery is made with nylon and polyester fabrics that are incredibly thin; we are talking about filaments that are hundreds of times finer than the cotton thread normally used for sewing, and they are woven into synthetic fibers that feel great to the touch. For many pet owners, microfiber is the way to go; this advanced fabric is not only durable but also very easy to clean. Let's take a look at some of our most popular microfiber sofas:

    Sofa Couch Concept

    As one of our most striking furniture pieces, this sofa-couch concept looks as if it belongs in a futuristic space station. The half-circle form of this sectional sofa provides all the comfort of a couch, and it can comfortably sit more than five people. The microfiber version of this piece would be perfect in a trendy nightclub.

    Aurelio Motion Recliner

    At our furniture design studio, we like to think of everything when creating a new piece. The Aurelio sectional sofa includes a recliner function that does not let walls in the way of comfort, which means that you can set this microfiber sofa against the wall and it will still be able to recline.

    Manhattan Corner Sectional Sofa

    Many of our most stylish sofas are large sectionals, but this one is an exception. The Manhattan microfiber sectional has been designed with smaller spaces in mind, which means that you will be able to arrange it in an apartment.

    Learn More About Microfiber Sofas

    Microfiber is just one of the various upholstery materials we use to design sofas, couches, and sectionals that feature the best in style, comfort, and durability. If you want to learn more about our microfiber furniture pieces, please feel free to drop us a line so that we can get back to you as soon as possible....

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  2. Sofa vs Couch: Are They The Same or Different?

    You’ll normally find that people use the casual terms sofa and couch interchangeably, but there’s actually supposed to be a difference between them. At times you might also hear people refer to sitting on a Davenport, which is closer to a dedicated sofa bed. While there’s plenty of overlap in the way the two terms are used, it’s fortunately really easy to specify exactly the type of furniture you’re looking for in a living space.

    Differences Between A Sofa & A Couch

    The term couch comes from a French word, which refers to a piece of furniture that’s meant for sitting. That’s a much more general way to phrase it then we might normally say in English. While the term has taken on various means over the years, today it generally refers to a relatively casual piece of furniture that takes up a medium amount of space in a living room. You probably think of a couch as a place to relax and watch television or read.Sofa technically refers to an upholstered piece of furniture that has dedicated arms and a back. Traditionally, couches lacked arms but that feature would be more associated with a Chaise lounge or other similar piece of furniture. When people say couch, they very often mean sofa. There are both sofa beds that include a full bed and sleeper sofas, where the sleeper function is included on more of a secondary basis.In theory, you could still make a distinction based primarily on formality. For instance, you might want to use sofa to exclusively refer to expansive Italian leather pieces. That being said, such a distinction isn’t normally made in modern linguistics.To some degree, these differences are also influenced by regional speech. The term couch is preferred in some areas while sofa is preferred in others. You’ll also hear Davenport used as a synonym in some areas, though again this would more correctly refer to a type of couch that could also hide a bed inside of it.Nevertheless, language is always evolving and these terms have become interchangeable to the point that they all refer to a modern piece of furniture that does indeed include arms as well as separate cushions in most situations. Upholstery style and general design are more commonly used to differentiate between various styles in the modern era.Leather and cloth are both used in the construction of modern furnishings, and it’s a good chance that most shoppers today would be more interested in this than the exact function of the piece of furniture in question.

    Finding the Perfect Interior Design At SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, we don’t mind whatever people want to call furniture. All we care about is the comfort level that they provide. That being said, many individuals might want to get a special new piece for the living room. With interior design, may not be quite sure what we need.Regardless of which term you prefer, the end result should be the same. You should feel like you’re walking away with a comfortable piece of furniture that you can use in your own home. Contact us... when you’re ready to learn more about the different options available today.
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  3. 3 Best Modern Sofa Sets (Plus Price)

    Trends come and go in the world of interior design, but they tend to take longer to cycle when it comes to furniture. An interesting trend that has been developing over the last few years is centered on the living room; whereas furniture sets with traditional designs were predominant from about 1990 through the first decade of the 21st century, we are seeing a stronger focus on larger couches and sectional sofas that combine comfort with functionality and lots of styles.

    The look of the moment is inspired by the Futurism movement that originated in Italy during the early 20th century and spread through Europe and the Americas with certain variants such as Atomic Age. Here are three sofas that adhere to this aesthetic:

    1. The Hollywood 3-2-1 Couch Set ?- $4,599.00

    The Hollywood 3-2-1 Couch Set

    In 2018, the film ?Solo: A Star Wars Story? gave us a look at how the Millennium Falcon looked when it was still a gleaming new spacecraft. The Hollywood 3-2-1 Couch Set looks like it belongs in one of the Falcon?s lounges, and it can be equipped with features such as a wireless charger, USB connectors, and even a cup holder to keep your drinks frosty.

    2. The Los Angeles Fabric and Leather Sectional Sofa - $3,999.00

    The Los Angeles Fabric and Leather Sectional Sofa

    The living room design of the 1980s featured sleek furniture in primary colors with a streamlined look, and this is exactly what you get with our Los Angeles sectional. This U-shaped sofa includes storage spaces and LED mood lighting that you can adjust with remote control. The three color schemes of this sofa are white, red, and black. Pairing this gorgeous piece of furniture with a smoked glass matching coffee table is the ultimate homage to smart 1980s design. The fabric and leather mix of this sofa means that you get the best of both worlds in terms of texture.

    3. Charlotte Leather Sectional Sofa - $3,999.00The Los Angeles Fabric and Leather Sectional Sofa

    This is the favorite furniture piece in the home of Kimbella, star of the reality television series ?Love & Hip-Hop.? The fine leather of this U-shaped sofa features a Noble Chesterfield quilting pattern that makes it very attractive. This is one of our most traditional models in terms of design, but you can always make it futuristic by adding premium top grain leather with orange coloring.

    SofaDreams is a Miami based design studio focused on living spaces such as living rooms, home theaters, dens, lounges, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Our furniture can be found in the homes of celebrities, corporate offices, and upscale entertainment venues. You are welcome to install our Sofa Design Studio app on your Android or iOS mobile devices; the augmented reality feature allows you to see exactly how our products will look in your home. We have a studio showroom in South Florida, but you can also contact us anytime should you have any questions...

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