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Ideas For Sectional and Sofas
  1. 5 Best Modern Fabric Sofas and Sectionals of 2021

    When it comes to modern fabric sofas and sectionals, the nice thing about ultramodern European furniture is that it won't go out of style once it's been put into place. Many pieces have this futuristic aesthetic that isn't subject to fashion trends while simultaneously staying luxurious in any situation.

    At SofaDreams, we always make sure to keep an eye on what's new in the industry so we invite you to have a look at these top new choices for the year.

    XL Fabric Sectional Sofa Malibu

    1. Malibu XL Sectional

    Beech wood frame underlayment coupled with modern chrome feet gives the Malibu XL the luxurious feel of some of the best pieces of furniture of the past. Nevertheless, it manages to offer an unbelievably futuristic appearance at the same time. Malibu pieces are made with durability in mind, so it should hold up to plenty of lazy afternoons spent on its welcoming surface.

    2. Palm Beach L-Shaped Sofa

    Everything from color-changing LED lights to a touch wheel remote control make the Palm Beach a perfect ultramodern pick for those who like furniture with decorative varnish on them. It even comes with multiple-function headrests and a practical cooling cupholder for an added boost of automotive-inspired luxury. The choice of colors has also helped to cement it as a very modern option for those designing a room's layout around a single piece of furniture.

    3. Ventura Fabric Sectional

    Quilted fabric armrests and light decorative stripes give the Ventura a refined look without sacrificing anything in the way of its futuristic styling. Advanced features like an integrated USB port and atmospheric lighting help to drive home the fact that this couch is going to be able to stick around regardless of whatever kind of developments come in the near future. After all, everyone else will just be trying to catch up to where the Ventura is already at.

    4. Atlanta L-Shaped Sofa

    Those who want the ultimate in a luxurious experience will certainly want to look into the Atlanta sofa set, which can be upgraded with a matching coffee table or ottoman. These pieces are designed from the same special woven fabrics that the sofa itself is. This is a piece that's made to hold up to a substantial amount of usage, so it's a perfect ultramodern addition to a luxury sports room or man cave that you might have promised yourself you'd open in 2021.

    5. Pittsburgh U-shaped Sectional

    Curved lines are a visual cue that something is modern and progressive, which is why the Pittsburgh is such a great pick for those who adore futuristic design. It's curved back is also every bit as welcoming as it is attractive. This large piece could provide plenty of seating for several different people simultaneously without sacrificing much in the way of comfort. Optional extras include a relax feature and an induction charging station for mobile devices.

    For more great furniture picks, make sure to contact us online at SofaDreams today. ...

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  2. 5 Best Black Modern Sofas and Sectionals of 2020

    Perhaps no other hue is as striking and dramatic as black. Designers of automobiles and fashion trends have long sought after the look it offers, and the same has always been true of those who do any kind of interior design. If you?re looking for hot modern furniture that offers this classic look.

    Modern Sofas & Sectionals in Black

    While black might be a timeless tone, you?ll find that these five couches redefine its use in an ultramodern sense.

    1. Las Vegas L-Shaped Sectional

    With absolutely striking lines and rigid edges that completely redefine what modern furniture is, the Las Vegas L-shaped sofa is a great choice for those who want really bold options when designing their seating layout. You can opt to get it with an ottoman in the same color, which can make it part of an even more complete living room set. Those who are fans of multi-use furniture and practicality as well as aesthetics should find the long bed-like section to be quite favorable as well.

    2. Palm Beach Leather Corner Sofa

    Small home dwellers that still want to be able to fit big furniture in their space won?t have to sacrifice fashion for practicality when they go with the Palm Beach home set. It offers your choice of a secondary color along with optional LED lighting integrated into both of the armrests as well as various little places to stash different relaxation time necessities throughout the entire couch. Decorative varnished wooden panels offer you a chance to enjoy luxury in your own home while also having an extremely practical place to sit down.

    3. Hollywood U-Shaped Sectional Set

    On the other end of the spectrum, you could relax with this designed sectional. The Hollywood is relatively massive compared to most other pieces, which makes it an absolute joy to use while entertaining. The armrests and accents are finished in another secondary sub color. While you have your pick, a neon hue tends to be extremely striking and almost gives it the ultramodern look that some people in the automotive industry have clamored for. Naturally, it comes with USB ports and LED accessories to help further refine the modern touches.

    4. Alba Motion Recliner Sofa

    The Alba is finished in genuine Italian top grain leather, which makes it every bit as durable as it is gorgeous. Those who want to finish off a waiting room, lobby or even their den with a favorite piece of furniture are likely to want to clamor for this incredible piece. It?s relatively compact, but that doesn?t mean that those who made it at all sacrificed anything in terms of its size. The Alba should still prove to be extremely comfortable, especially considering that it includes an integrated motion recliner.

    5. Relax-style Leather Theatre Seats

    Those who are ready to completely buck the trend of traditional couches and sectionals can instead replace a piece of furniture with the aptly-named Relax. It?s essentially been redesigned to look and feel just like the seating in the most luxurious of movie theaters while still offering the same general floor plan that would fit any more traditional sectional or couch.

    See something you like? Don?t delay, make sure to contact us today at SofaDreams and tell us all about your dream piece of furniture...

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  3. Top 5 Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

    Does your living room badly need to be brought up to date? If that?s the case, then there?s no better way to do it then to get some ultra-modern furniture that will never go out of style. Futuristic designs will always stay in fashion no matter how far into the future we go. Check out the following ideas for a modern living room and learn how to become your best interior designer.

    1) Leather Coffee Tables

    Whether you?re looking for something to pair with a new couch or you just want the most unique focal point you can get for your room, a leather coffee table could certainly fit the bill. These are offered in a number of colors, and they stand in sharp contrast to nearly every other option in the market.

    A leather coffee table also offers an aura of elegant comfort. Leather has a soft texture, but is resistant to stains and can be cleaned easily. You can maintain the table for years while entertaining guests. Add some pizzazz to your living room design.

    2) Lighted Center Tables

    Engraved glass plates and internal LED lighting kits make these tables a dramatic addition to any room. They?re a high-tech way of saying that your living room is a place that?s designed exactly to adhere to your tastes. Of course, these tables are every bit as functional as any other similar piece, though they?re far more fun on so many levels.

    On a practical note, lighted center tables make reading and leisure easier. You can illuminate books, magazines, and even drawings. At night, you can use them to add subtler lights to movie watching or chilling by the fire.

    3) Fabric Armchairs

    Armchairs with classic fabric upholstery have been favorites for years, and comfort is the primary reason. We haven?t forgotten about the core reason that people enjoy sitting in these. However, we have added quite a few extras that should prove attractive to even the most jaded customers.

    Touch wheel remote controls that manage LED lights and illuminated shelves made of glossy MDF make it easy to enjoy anything from reading to watching the big game. Since your chair can store all the reading material and gadgets you need, you?ll be able to think of sitting in it as taking a miniature vacation.

    4) Chairs with a Relax Function

    If you?re looking for something to replace your boring wing chair, then you should give one of these a try. Those looking to complete a set can find a two-seater from the same series as well as a matching coffee table.

    Adventurous types might want to pair their new pieces with furniture from a different set. The color contrast can give their living room a vibrant blast of color. You can combine home decor aesthetics with comfort.

    5) Recliner Sofas

    You could also combine your pick of an armchair and a sofa into one piece of furniture by opting for one of these unique pieces. These are made from premium top-grain coverings. Adjustable headrests and armrests allow you to maximize comfort for yourself and your guests.

    What?s more, recliner sofas are made to last for years with solid inner frames, often made from hardwood, and foam cushions. You can relax on them for years, and enjoy all of the benefits along with a pleasant aesthetic. So can your friends and family.

    Find Ultramodern Sets From SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, our pieces could potentially fit in with the most eclectic ideas. They?re also ideal for those who want something a little more demure. Best of all, each of the pieces we sell is genuine examples of European-inspired furniture that?s actually made in the European Union. All work, therefore, is done according to exacting standards that help to ensure it?s going to be around for quite a while.

    Contact us online and tell us all about your ideas. We?ll be happy to help you put together the living room of your dreams with neutral or bold colors. Design your interior however you?d like when you start building a room around our ultramodern furniture...

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