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Italian Leather Sectionals
  1. How To Care For Italian Furniture

    Do you like the sheen and prestige that comes with owning authentic Italian leather furniture? Are you concerned about a potentially complicated maintenance schedule? You don?t have to worry because things aren?t quite as complex as they seem! In fact, Italian leather isn?t hard to maintain once you know a few tricks.

    SofaDreams specializes in genuine European-inspired furniture that?s actually made overseas. We took a few moments to ask our specialists about their favorite tips on cleaning leather. Learn how to keep your Italian furniture looking new for years on end in your living room or parlor.

    Cleaning Protected Leather

    Depending on the type of leather you have, you might need to follow a different set of instructions. Check if you have a protected leather piece. If so, then your job should be really easy to do.

    Materials Needed

    Additional leather conditioner might be necessary if your furniture hasn?t sufficiently been treated. If that?s the case, then you need a very slight amount of the spray. Doing so shouldn?t take more than just a few sprays depending on the type of product you?ve selected. In most cases, however, you simply need a soft cloth to wipe down protected leather and eliminate humidity.

    Properly protected and conditioned leather still does need moisture to prevent cracking. If you live in a desert area, then consider installing a humidifier. Of course, those who are in South Beach are usually concerned more about mildew. Other than that, however, you won?t need any materials other than the furniture itself.

    Cleaning Unprotected Leather

    Unprotected leather pieces are only slightly more difficult. Again, you?ll want to check humidity levels. Too much moisture will encourage the growth of mildew while too little will cause your leather to get hard and crack. Once you?ve done that, check the level of sunlight coming in through your home?s windows.

    Cleaning Steps

    Ultraviolet light can discolor leather and eventually damage it, so you?ll want to arrange your couch while cleaning it. This is a perfect time to take it out of the sun if at all possible. Use curtains to cover nearby windows to prevent UV damage.

    Afterward, make sure there?s no significant level of dust or another kind of debris on the top. Unprotected couches might need a spray of leather conditioner perhaps once or twice a year. Naturally, you?ll need to use relatively even pressure across the entire length.

    You may want to repeat this step every six or seven months. Such frequency depends on the condition of the leather and how often you sit in it.

    Shop Our Line of Italian Leather Sofas

    When you make a purchase, you?ll always want to sit in one of the gorgeous oversized leather sofas from SofaDreams. They require very little maintenance, even by the standards of traditionally low-maintenance leather couches. Our specialists will also match select accent chairs, coffee tables and other luxury furniture to your

    Those who want even simpler designs can select various synthetic and cloth coverings. Use the contact form on our site and let us know what your preferences are. We?ll design a great living or bedroom set around them just for you...

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  2. Italian Leather Sectionals by SofaDreams

    Browse the SofaDreams selection of Italian leather sectional sofas. You can get stylish furniture that will maintain well over the years. We are also offering a special sales price on each sofa so that you can get greater value from your purchase. Take advantage of our payment plans through Affirm, which will help keep you up to date. We also have a flexible shipping policy so that you can get exactly the furniture you want, in as soon as two weeks.

    Our Sectional Recommendations

    The Vittorio is a nifty reclining sectional to stand out in your living room while helping you relax. This is great for when you have large families and groups thanks to the foam cushions and hardwood structure, mixed with steel for reinforcement. Top grain white leather ensures that you have comfort and style at the same time.

    When you want to go big, the Abramo will create a luxurious leather island. Adjust the arms and the headrests when you have guests who all want to rest at different angles. Lean back while matching with lighter carpets and draperies, to create an oceanic palate.

    For a smaller conversation piece, we also like the Marcello. This sofa will fit into any corner and provide a subtle lilt to the room when you gather around to watch television or spend time together. Stainless steel legs will prove durable, and adjust the headrests as you see fit.

    The Benefits Of Italian Leather

    Italian leather is made in Tuscany, at special tanneries. It is treated to get that signature silky sheen. Leather runs the risk of appearing dull, even in bright colors, unless craftsmen work at it. The European Union ensures that the material and the furniture made with it meets regulations.

    Tuscany and other Italian regions that treat the leather make combining tradition and innovation a priority. For that reason, we can find high-quality material in a fair abundance and use it for our sofas. When you buy Italian leather, you buy craftsmanship at reasonable prices. The top grain will match your body temperature, making it great for any season.

    Leather, in general, is a great material for furniture because it is stain resistant and waterproof. When you have family or pets, that means that you can clean up spills or fur easily in the case of an accident. You only need a cloth and some leather cleaner to ensure that the material looks shiny as ever, and it wears well over the years. You save a lot of money, and get some fairly comfortable material.

    Furnish Your Living Room With SofaDreams

    At SofaDreams, you will find the exact affordable and luxurious furniture that will enhance luxury for your home. When you need a new sofa, a coffee table for your guest room, or a convenient bed, we know what pieces will spark conversations while accommodating its users.

    Contact us to find out what will match your TV stand or accent chair. Our experts at SofaDreams will know how to decorate your living room and add some nuance...

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