Advances in LED technology have inspired more interior designers to incorporate lighting in their projects. Backlit panels, recessed lamps, and light strips are increasingly being recommended by architects and designers of living spaces; there is also the matter of programmable lighting sequences that let you play with colors, brightness, and patterns. At SofaDreams, our designers have also been inspired by LED lights, which are now a feature included in many of our luxury sofas.

The Idea Behind LED Lighting in Furniture

Light art has been around since the days of the Bauhaus School; at that time, decorative lighting sculptures relied on incandescent devices. In the 1980s, there was an explosion of fluorescent and neon light designs inspired by architecture in cities such as New York and Tokyo. Since LED technology is more advanced and energy-efficient, it is more suitable for decoration purposes. At SofaDreams, some of our most luxurious furniture pieces feature LED mood lighting because they are designed and manufactured as works of art.

Hollywood U-Shape Sectional Sofa

When you think of classic Ferrari models such as the Testarossa and California, you tend to envision a red exterior that nicely combines with a flat black leather interior. The red and black color scheme of our Hollywood sectional is the one most requested by our customers because it reminds them of a Ferrari. The LED lighting details on this sofa include striping for a more streamlined look.

Jacksonville L-Shape Sectional Sofa

This elegant fabric sectional sofa has LED elements below the armrest in a space where you can keep books or decorative items. The lights are arranged in a way that resembles the lighting system of an art gallery.

Chicago Big Sectional Sofa

With this large sofa, you will not need any other furniture pieces in your living room. The spacious shelving spaces on the back of the ottoman section are ideal for placing small sculptures, books, or framed photographs. The LED lighting package is large enough to illuminate a corner or an accent wall.

Detroit L-Shape Sectional Sofa

Detroit is the city where dream cars such as the Chevy Corvette, the Ford Mustang, and the Pontiac TransAm were designed, and this sectional sofa borrows some of the design aesthetic from those classic sports cars. The LED lighting feature in our Detroit sofa evokes the design of automotive racing stripes.

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