Say you have a screened-in patio or a Florida room in a garage and you want to dress these up with futuristic luxurious furnishings. What kind of furniture would you pick? Chances are that you're going to want to have something that looks far different than anything you might find in your neighbor's house.


If that's the case, then you'll want to take a look at this list of modern options from SofaDreams that should prove every bit as fashionable as they are durable.

1. Columbia Small Sectional Sofa

Since it has a curved bend in the middle, the Columbia doesn't have any rigid edges. This makes it easy to fit into small spaces, like you might find in an enclosed patio or a Florida room. It also gives it a particularly modern look that you'd find it hard to get in any other piece of furniture. You might want to pair it with a matching coffee table for an even greater sense of luxury that's hard to beat.

2. Manhattan Corner Sofa

As the name Manhattan suggests, this sofa can fit some pretty small places. New York apartments tend to be rather tiny, and it's designed with that kind of location in mind. That makes it a great choice to re-purpose if you're trying to bring a piece of indoor luxury into a somewhat outdoor area. Homeowners with a taste for the exquisite will certainly appreciate the fine styling and their choice of color as well as the extremely futuristic look of the couch, which shouldn't fall out of fashion any time soon.

3. Pittsburgh L-Shaped Sofa Sectional

Space is often a consideration when working with patio areas, but there's no reason that you have to make big sacrifices if you want to turn a small corner of your patio into a place to relax. Pittsburgh offers all of the luxury and comfort you'd expect out of a much larger couch without requiring you to move around everything else you have in your patio area. That means you'll be free to enjoy being outside with your guests while also providing them with plenty of space to relax even when you're entertaining a whole party.

4. Baltimore L-Shape Sectional

Adventurous homeowners who really want to buck the trend and pick a futuristic layout as well as a futuristic piece of otherwise indoor furniture will want to check out the Baltimore, which is a sophisticated sectional. It offers a reasonable L-Shaped design that's curved at the ends. You might even say it's more like a U-Shaped sectional, though it fits in the space you'd expect an L-Shaped one to fit in. That makes it easy to use this couch to add a little extra luxury to any space regardless of how your home's patio or shaded deck area is laid out....

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