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Sofa Tips
  1. How to Clean a Microfiber Sofa

    Does your favorite microfiber couch look like its seen better days just because it’s coated in some debris? You might think that you’d have to spend thousands having it professionally cleaned, but there are quite a few things you can do yourself to revamp a piece of furniture yourself.

    Cleaning A Microfiber Couch

    Depending on the type of furniture you’re working with, there’s a chance that the tag will feature a specific cleaning code that tells you how to clean it. Always check the tag first. If it’s emblazoned with a large letter X, then you should only ever vacuum or lightly brush your couch. Any sofa that has this emblem isn’t meant to be treated with a cleaner.That being said, you’ll want to try this method first even if your couch is designed to handle a tougher abrasive. Try using light strokes with a stiff brush to get rid of pet hair or any other stringy debris. You’ll want to pick up and move the cushions if at all possible. Once you have them removed from the frame, it’s generally a good idea to vacuum or brush underneath even if you can’t see any visible dirt.Since the underside of a couch is often a different color than the upper layers of microfiber upholstery, they often have a way of hiding dirt. This is good to keep in mind if you have a matching fabric coffee table as well.Those who have a couch with a cleaning code that starts with the letter S are supposed to use a solvent-based cleaner. In most cases, regular consumer-grade rubbing alcohol should suffice. Make sure to use only a small amount on a soft cloth and resist the urge to dig into the fabric. Light pressure should usually remove any stains, but again you’ll probably have the best results with a little brushing and vacuuming. One of the benefits of microfiber is the fact that it doesn’t hold onto debris nearly as much as other types of upholstery might.Depending on how bad things are, you could consider filling a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying it on any stains as well as the armrests. Blot the treated areas until the stains vanished. Make sure you use a cloth that isn’t dyed because there’s always the risk that colorful cleaning cloths might transfer their hues over to lightly colored upholstery.

    Other Microfiber Cleaning Tricks

    When someone does accidentally spill something, you don’t want to rub the stain into the couch more either. Make sure to gently dab away as much of the fluid as possible to prevent it from setting into your couch. Depending on how often you entertain guests, you may want to consider covering your couch with a blanket or other piece of fabric. When someone spills something on this, you could simply remove and launder it instead of having to clean your couch.

    Learn More Microfiber Furniture Cleaning Solutions At SofaDreams

    At Sofadreams, we focus on selling authentic European furniture, which holds up to a great deal of use. A little basic maintenance is often all you need to keep your couch looking fresh for years to come.When the time does come to get a new piece of furniture, make sure to contact us online... and ask about what’s in stock. All of our products have viable cleaning solutions, from our genuine leather to fabric options.
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  2. Replacing Your Sofa: How Long Should You Wait?

    Similar to home appliances, you can’t reasonably expect all pieces of furniture to last a lifetime. A sofa that gets frequent use, for example, will not last more than eight years if it is of average quality. There are some households where the living room is located immediately next to the foyer but the family room is set up next to the kitchen; in these households with two sofas, the busy one in front of the television set will start to lose structural integrity within five years.In general, if the cushions are sagging too much and the frame creaks or fills wobbly, there will come a time when your sofa will simply give up; this tends to happen around the 15 year mark. When this happens, you can forget about reupholstering because what you need is a complete rebuild that may cost more than a new sofa. In other cases, homeowners want to change their furniture because they move into a new place or simply because they follow their interior design instincts.

    Choosing Long-Lasting Sofas

    When a company sets up headquarters in a building secured by a 20-year lease, office managers will look for office furniture and equipment that will last even longer than that. SofaDreams designs and builds sofas that will retain their artful look for many decades even if they get frequent use. Our leather sectionals can be seen in the lobbies of luxury hotels in the United Arab Emirates and in the VIP sections of upscale nightclubs. With a large sectional sofa such as our Chicago model, you will get more than just a durable piece of furniture; you also get retro-futuristic styling that never goes out of style.

    Replacing a Living Room Set With a Sectional

    When you have a sofa, love seat, and armchair combo that has gone out of style, we recommend looking into L-shape sectionals such as our Orlando model, which can fit against a corner and create lots of space.

    Sleeper Sofas Last Longer

    Taking frequent naps on sofas that are not rated for heavy use will shorten their lifespan; the same goes when relatives and friends often spend the night. With a durable sofa such as our Severo Sleeper, which transforms into a full bed, your furniture investment will be protected for years.

    What to Do With Your Old Sofas

    If the sofa is salvageable through reupholstering, you can donate it to charities such as the Salvation Army in the United States; simply call them up for pick up and they will give you a receipt that you can use as a tax deduction. If it is a couch in excellent shape but you need to make room for one of our Hollywood sectional sofas, consider setting up a den, playroom, or lounge for relocation.

    Learn More About Our Sofas

    Accidents can always happen, and sometimes they may involve your sofa. Contact our office... to learn more about our five-year Gold Plus Protection Plan in case you expect your sofa will be subject to heavy and frequent use.
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