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Sofa Tips
  1. Guide to Luxury Sofa Styles And Designs

    Some might say that interior decorators change their tastes on a regular basis, which can certainly cause problems for people who are trying to design sofas or couches. However, luxury designers have found an interesting way to solve this issue. Instead of trying to adapt to constantly changing tastes, they instead focus on making pieces seem as close to what might be an accurate depiction of the future as you could possibly make.

    We're always moving forward into the future, which makes it likely that many of our preconceived notions about what appears to be futuristic. However, many luxury sofa styles that are genuinely made by European artisans have such a futuristic look that they won't be going out of style anytime soon.

    We browsed the catalog at SofaDreams. View specific styles that look to be trendy for many years.

    Sectional Leather Sofa Malibu XL

    Fasting Growing Types Of Luxury Sofas

    Leather sectionals come in several forms. Perhaps the most common are the L and U-shaped sectionals, which appear to have a floor plan that mirrors the look of these letters. Many pieces that are made in these particular styles are now also offered in a fabric form. This has further helped to contribute to their popularity.

    Luxury sofas that conform to any of these patterns are normally designed to avoid losing their lumbar support. The support ensures that those reclining on them are able to do so with a large degree of ease.

    Sleeper sofas were long seen as somewhat gauche. That view has changed considerably as some of these designs now incorporate some form of bed option. There are some traditional sleeper sofas that are made to the specifications of luxury couch designers, but others simply incorporate a large flat bed as part of the layout. That's helped to earn them respect among those who are very discerning and wouldn't normally gravitate toward such a style.

    Others have instead opted to invest in highly evolved love seats. They are quickly becoming miniaturized versions of full-sized couches. For most of furniture history, the love seat was an independent piece of furniture, but the line has become increasingly blurred.

    The existence of highly polished fabric armchairs has only served to further blur this line, considering that so many pieces in the category are essentially short couches. That means that people who may not have a sufficient amount of room for anything larger can at least deploy a fabric armchair that should do the job of a more complete piece of furniture. On the other hand, it's also possible to arrange a so-called 3-2-1 set that enables homeowners to build a room around it.

    Design A Luxurious Living Room With SofaDreams

    SofaDreams wants to provide more than comfortable sofas in modern styles. We want to deliver on fashion. Some of this furniture is notably made to fit well with coffee tables and even wall units. These should prove attractive to those who are dealing with space problems but still want to design a living room around luxurious ultramodern furniture.

    No matter what size you might be looking at, make sure to contact SofaDreams online today. We'll help you find a piece that won't ever look or feel dated because it's already designed to feel like it's from the future....

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  2. Top 5 Best Luxury Sofas Of 2021

    Anybody looking for luxury doesn't have to look any further than futuristic ultramodern furniture. These pieces are designed from the ground up to be as luxurious as possible without ever having to sacrifice style.

    Consider taking a look for yourself. Then check out these top five sofa styles from SofaDreams that could find their way into almost any living area.

    5 Best Luxury Modern Sofas

    1. Miami Big Sofa

    That simple name says it all. The Miami is a large sofa that can be matched with an even larger stool to provide plenty of legroom as well as plenty of sitting room for everyone in your party. It's a great choice for those who have larger condos or apartments.

    Some spaces have a vast living room that includes little space in other rooms. In those cases, renters can use it to make the most of their existing space and add a touch of luxury even if they might find themselves somewhat cramped otherwise. Of course, homeowners that have large spaces should love it as well.

    2. Orlando Fabric Armchair with Relax Function

    Don’t let the armchair misnomer fool you. As a furniture piece for comfort, the Orlando is a perfect choice for those who only need to seat one individual on a sofa. 

    So many people having to work from home these days. There's every reason that you would want a built-in electric relax feature as well as a headrest that you can adjust in any which way if you've had to join the ranks of those who telecommute.

    3. San Francisco U-Shaped Sectional

    You may want to consider the San Francisco's U-shaped version to be on the other extreme. It has a bed option as well as an optional ottoman. 

    The San Francisco is more than just a sectional. It's a complete living room set that should lend an air of futuristic luxury to any situation. The spring core upholstery will hold up over the long-term as well.

    4. Austin Fabric Sofa

    While it's the LED lighting that most people would notice first on the Austin, this couch is also all about comfort. It can fit a number of decorative back pillows along the edge of it.

    The Austin is large enough to let anyone move all the way toward the backrest if they'd prefer. That alone should earn it a place on the list of the most luxurious couches no matter what kind of interior decor someone is looking to match.

    5. Nashville U-Shaped Fabric Couch

    With its large amount of space, multiple USB charging ports, ultramodern design and the built-in color-changing lights, there's nothing quite like the Nashville. As far as luxury goes, the modern U-shaped version has more than anyone could want in a single piece of furniture.

    Homeowners who have the space can build an entire room around one of these. The features improve great home entertainment and hosting. 

    Spruce Your Living Spaces With SofaDreams

    SofaDreams wants to provide the proper sofas that add comfort, style, and focal points. See which upholstery options suit your home decor and living room style. 

    For more luxurious sofa ideas that could go in your home, make sure to contact us online at SofaDreams today. We are ready to assist with interior design and delivering the best fabric or leather sofas. ...

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  3. Types of Sofa Styles and Designs Explained

    Cave paintings from the Neolithic Age suggest that stone furniture pieces were not all alike. Based on this archaeological finding, we can infer that furniture design has been around about 10,000 years. By the time the Egyptian civilization flourished, couches and sofas already featured ornamental styling. When we take into account period designs and established styles, there are more than 20 descriptions we can assign to sofas. In many cases, styles and functionality can be combined.

    Main Sofa Functions and Forms

    We know that sofas and couches are essentially designed to sit more than one person. In many cases, sofas are large enough for at least one individual to lay down horizontally and comfortable enough to get some sleep. As for main styles, you have the Chesterfield tufted or quilted upholstery, the Lawson contemporary, the mid-century modern, the rolled-arm English sofa, the Bridgewater couch, the chaise loungers with no arms, futons, convertibles, sectionals, and the various sleepers.

    As previously mentioned, general styles can be combined with design sensibilities in order to create more attractive sofas; this is the approach we apply in the Sofa Dreams furniture design studio. Following are some examples of our design philosophy:

    The Charlotte Sectional Sofa

    Here we combine the Chesterfield tufting with Lawson arms that are lower and wider than normal, but there is an overall modern sensibility that borders on futurism. When you get the U-shape sectional versions of the Charlotte model, this will be the only piece of furniture you will need in the great room. This model is highly recommended for loft conversions that feature an open floor plan; if you add the sleeper option, you will not even need a bed.

    The Hollywood XL

    As one of our most unique pieces, the Hollywood XL redefines mid-century modern style with a design that looks like it could have appeared on the futuristic 1982 film "Tron." This is the kind of sofa that you want to get with all possible features, which include cooling cup holders, a wireless smartphone charger, and a large recliner function that turns one section into a comfortable bed.

    The Miami Big Fabric Sofa

    The perfect blend of roll arm and Lawson styles come together in this very large sofa that can easily seat five people. You can add LED mood lighting plus storage compartments on each side to make the most out of this sofa, which will always welcome designer throw cushions. We recommend placing this sofa in a living space with high ceilings for a more aesthetic effect.

    Learn About Other Sofa Styles from Sofa Dreams

    Would you like some interior design advice before choosing one of our sofas? Get in touch with our office at your earliest convenience to figure out which of our models will look better in your home or commercial space....

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