At one point, some hotels had a waiting room that later became a lounge. Today's consumers, however, are of a far more discerning breed and they want luxury in a room that's officially designated as a lounge. That being said, there's no reason that hoteliers have to do any remodeling. That's why you should take a look at these 4 best sofas for hotel lounges for interior design.

Best Lounge Sofas For Hotels

1) Baltimore L-Shaped Leather Sectional

Companies that want to maintain the overall layout of a traditional piece of furniture without sacrificing the luxury and the look of a futuristic ultramodern design can try the Baltimore, which is shaped perfectly for a majority of hotel lounge layouts. Considering that you can order it with a matching table, you shouldn't have any difficulty incorporating it into an existing room. 

The sturdy construction means that this lounge sectional maintains its general shape over the long-term. This is important for any hotel that does a lot of business. They have multiple customers going in and out of the lounge at any given time.

2) Emilio Italian Leather Sectional

Those who don't want to push the theming too far might want to look at the Emilio. The Emilio has a shape that's perfect for lounge furniture while still maintaining the luxurious look of a continental European couch. 

This sectional features adjustable headrests that are attached to a solid hardwood inside frame, so you can be sure that the underlying structure isn't going to wear out even if your hotel tends to see a lot of traffic on a regular basis. Best of all, the leather should be relatively easy to keep clean.

3) Atlanta 2/3 Seater Sofa Set

On the other hand, you might consider using a couple of pieces of furniture together. The Atlanta comes together as a set. One portion is a convenient two-seater while the other can seat three people, which is perfect for times when you have groups of people staying together for a convention. 

This sofa is also great for families, especially considering that it's every bit as attractive and futuristic as other pieces of ultramodern furniture. That can give your lounge a great look without forcing you to give up seating space.

4) Albany 3-2-1 Sofa Set

The Albany series was originally designed as a three-piece sofa set for futuristic homes. Despite that, you can pair it with lounge chairs and leisurely activity. 

Since all of the pieces are perfectly matched to one another and can even mount optional LED lights in the armrests, it looks every bit as good as a science fiction movie's set pieces.

Add Modern Designs To Your Hotel With Sofa Dreams

All it really takes to turn an existing lounge into a showplace is some high-quality furniture. If you're looking for a new couch, then all you need is the dimensions of your area and the SofaDreams catalog so you can find a perfect piece of furniture for the space.

Whether you run a small motel or a large lodging facility, make sure to contact us online today. Learn more about what kind of furniture might be perfect for you.